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Hi, I'm a 45 year old mother of 2 teenage boys. In JanuaryI began to notice a soreness, and full feeling under my right underarm. Can't feel any lumps, but it feels likes I have extra thicking of skin. Saw a Breast Specialist in January, sent me for Mammo, and ultrasound of right armpit all normal. Blood tests and CA all normal. Breast Specialist wrote this off as hormonal, although it nevers goes away.

It does seem to get somewhat worse before my period. I do have dense breasts. I saw a second Breast Specialist in this month. Aprilas the soreness is still there. He did another ultrasound of the armpit, and reviewed my mammo films.

He does seem a few enlarged lymph nodes, but said they are not abnormal in shape, and said they looked "clear". Told me to come back in July if problem persists.

My question is this week, my left underarm is starting to feel the way my right underarm has been feeling for 4 months. How could this be "hormonal", if it Breast lump and lymphnode pain goes away?? Are there any other tests that I should be doing? My mom died at age 68 of uternine cancer, her sister died from breast cancer at I also had Guillian-Barre disease 14 years ago. Other than Chronic hives, and a hemi-facial spasm, I am in good health.

I hope I take Atarax for hives, and just began taking 25mg of Zoloft recently since this problem has me anxious and depressed. I've very worried about this, and appreciate your answer.

Thank you. Read 4 Responses. Follow - 0. Breast tissue will often become sore in the time preceding ones menstrual cycle and you do mention that this is somewhat worse at this time. During perimenopause, which may last from years, hormones can fluctuate quite dramatically even when periods may appear "normal. A related discussion, Pain under arm - Same exact symptoms was started.

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Cancer-Fighting Diet. Diet and digestion have more to do with cancer prevention than you may realize. From mammograms to personal hygiene, learn the truth about these deadly breast cancer rumors. Breast cancer is not an inevitability. From what you eat and drink to how much you exercise, learn what you can do to slash your risk. MedHelp Crisis Resources. A list of national and international resources and hotlines to help connect you to needed health and medical services.

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