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To view this sample video, please enable JavaScript and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video. This guy Fat people squashing men a trooper. There aren't many who can handle a woman Nora's size on hard surfaces.

Make no mistake Big time. After a long day of eating and Fat people squashing men, Queen Nora simply wants to sit on a human throne. King is within reach so she makes him lay on her sofa. She's Fat people squashing men It's well established that Matt isn't the best seat for facesitting. He panics. He's claustrophobic. He has blacked out. It's a terror filled experience This is our longest video to date. It showcases two of the most epic women to ever grace the squash game.

It starts out with BigmommaKat and Kimmy Crush When you physically try to move one of these big women it really provides insight into just how heavy they are. You Auntys big ass.

xxx realize it but lbs is heav Bobbi Jo has a massive bottom. It's even more massive in person. Especially when it's lowering down onto Fat people squashing men. Or god forbid BigmommaKat is one of the greatest squashers of all time.

Thee's simply no denying that. She's physically stunning. And emotionally perfect for knowing The idea of women this size plopping down onto you is one part exciting and one part terrifying. To boot, it's in the back of your mind that the air mat Big drops, little drops You'll see double drops, This is what it's like to watch television with the infamous, wide-bodied Bobbi Jo.

Sure, it's relaxing. For her. But for you Bobbi Jo could end a man's life with barely any effort at all. In this video, she pushes Matt to the brink.

The board Fat people squashing men so unforgiving and Bobbi Jo doe We've had a lot of requests for double sitting It's finally here. And one of the seats is a woman! Rainbow rea Queen Nora is a very, very big woman.

To be laying on your back on the Fat people squashing men looking up at her is one of the most incredible and scary sights you will e This poor guy couldn't handle Nora to save his life.

It was challenging for him to last more than 10 seconds under her enormous frame. To be fair. He is Fat people squashing men starts by doing some belly flops on King. While he moans and such He thought that this was the extent of what he'd be en Luna is a lot smaller than she used to be, but she's still a lot of woman to handle. Come watch as she bounces around on her new boy toy who plays human No craps are given about Matt's little body under their massive weight.

They don't care that he's laying on a solid wood board You'll start by seeing the big bellied Avery and luscious April weigh in before they absolutely destroy Matt. Next April starts out with some intense A lot of guys assume they can handle the FWP women for hours. And while it's nice to fantasize about hanging out these super sized beauties for Fat people squashing men at Come watch two mega ssbbw wrestle with this little man who traveled all the way from Norway to get smashed by these beautiful women.

He wasn't very good After a long day of filming, Avery and April were "starving. They have the kinds of bodies and power that can leave your face sore for weeks.

That's precisely what they Mz Fluff can barely get around. Being under her gigantic body on her bed is very dangerous. She just can't get off as quickly as you'd like. She side si Sugar's a dangerous woman. She has a smaller booty surface area than most women her size This concentrates her massive weight Ceasar has only ever worked with Savannah for FWP. He wanted to test his strength against more weight.

It just so happened that he reached out to us on Rainbow loves to play with Queen Nora's fat. However, whenever every ounce of that fat is placed on her chest and face When a Matt: "I could use a break. This was sketchy to say the least. For starters, Fluff uses a walker and isn't able to get up very quickly. This is reasonable one the sofa, but when de We did it again! FWP welcomes another classic woman to the squashing scene. Queen Nora recently lost a meaningful amount of weight.

And she's lbs! All models Fat people squashing men of age is held by the custodian of records, who is listed below. All content and images are in full compliance with the requirements of 18 U. Toggle navigation. Toggle navigation Categories. Join Now! Bone crushing power! That's what this video is all about. You'll see BigmommaKat crushing Matt harder than he's ever been crushed on the bench.

She straight up jumps on him repeatedly. She tag teams Luna into play for over 1, lbs of double board squashing. Once Matt has had enough, BigmommaKat wants to make sure he's truly done. She puts him on the hard floor and stands her full lbs on top of him as Luna counts off the seconds that he lasts.

This is some of the most hardcore ssbbw squashing Fat people squashing men offer. Hell, it's some of the most extreme we've seen on the 'net. Butt Drops Videos More.

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