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  1. Hoy te mando la foto de mi vergota va? para que te prepares;)

  2. Nothing better than an average looking, chubby wifey enjoying sex.

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What the!? I almost ended up in the canal. Dutch girls typically have fair hair and light eyes. They Getting laid in netherlands moderately attractive and friendly enough, but put minimal effort into their appearance. They also have no idea have to dress sexy.

I suspect the reasons for this is the sex ratio is their favour. The biggest problem with Amster-dames is actually finding them after-hours. Daytime is by far your best bet for picking up in Amsterdam.

The former has more options and is where we spent most of Getting laid in netherlands time. We hit well over half a dozens spots and the best place we found was a place called Pirates bar. Even more recommended is the nearest kebab place. Check out the Red Light District. In India also in Manali Northern Himalayan area we have good quality of marijuana which maybe available in Amsterdam. You hit Getting laid in netherlands nail on the head on Amsterdam, go get high for a couple of days and go home because the place get boring in a hurry!

I hear Trance music is huge over there. Starting this year and effective everywhere of is the weed pass… Some sort of pass you only get when your dutch, to keep out the tourists from the cofeeshops. So no more legal weed if your not dutch.

Thank you EU! Not a lott of people are happy about it here. Since you only get a pass in the city you live in. It depends. I fully agree on the fact that women put little effort in their clothing. So go away from these places. Places that I recommend: — Bar Italia on thursday nights not week-ends.

Lovely in the summer. No tourists at all. Great electro music. But not for picking up women — There are many outdoor festivals during the summer where 10s of thousands of young Dutch get wasted. Even the nice girls take it. I have noticed that Dutch women are not good in bed. But there are exceptions to the rule. Guys, I really enjoyed reading both of your testimonials. I had a lot of fun reading the articles about Stockholm and Oslo Naughty Nomad.

I would like to ask you both Nonsenser and Nomad what places Getting laid in netherlands you recommend in those cities and if a Sunday and Monday night could offer a nice and crowded venue in Oslo? Getting laid in netherlands only have 11 days. I would fly on a Thursday and go back on the following Sunday. My concern is missing strong nights in Oslo since I am interested in getting locals — not tourists.

Lads, does anyone know if Amsterdam is nice to visit during winter? There is no City Guide Getting laid in netherlands for Amsterdam! Explain why? Please Getting laid in netherlands Guide Ratings for Amsterdam! Tell me, if someone were to go to Amsterdam as a couple, what would your recommendations be mate? Someone please tell me does the weed is illegal for tourists Getting laid in netherlands Amsterdam? And whats the weed quality out there?

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A typical view A Second Chance. Monty March 5, at pm. William March 6, at am. Socialkenny PUA March 8, at am. Socialkenny PUA March 17, at am. I hear that Trance and Electronic music is large in Amsterdam. Rumor or what? Naughty Nomad March 17, at am.

Boom Boom May 5, at pm. Michael July 13, at am. I guess they can go to Washington or Colorado, Weed is now legal in both states… Reply. Jimi July 3, at pm. Gag her with bukkake long do you typically stay in a country, Naughty Nomad?

Naughty Nomad July 4, at am. TheNonsenser November 15, at am. Nice article. The Nonsenser Reply. Brazilian Shark September 10, at pm. Martina May 30, at pm. Completely agree with the Nonsenser, thanks for the bar places tips Reply. KingKong October 23, at pm. David January 7, at pm.

New Traveller October 6, at am. Awesome reading NaughtyNomad!! Mark Zolo October 6, at am. Madish July 13, at pm. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

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