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My best friend, Tony, and I were walking home from school. We had just finished final exams for High School graduation. She tells me that we can go all the way after we are married. Sometimes she is drunk when I come Mom lets fuck grandma will never know from school. She hugs me and tells me she is so glad to see me. At times like this, she usually is dressed in a robe that often gaps. I can easily see her tits.

What happens? I watched Mom lets fuck grandma will never know in the kitchen pour another very strong drink for herself, then we sat on the couch together. Her robe was completely open and she leaned her head on my shoulder. My cock immediately became very hard. Then she took it out of my pants and looked at it with her drunken stare. She quickly bent down toward my cock. Her mouth had just covered my cock when I exploded. She sucked and swallowed all of it as far as I could determine.

That really is exciting. Did you like it and have you done it again? It was fantastic and mom lets me fuck her, too. She will only do it when she is drunk. You are a lucky guy to have a mom like that. I envy you. Are you going to fuck her? If she is drunk, I probably will.

Tony and I walked into the kitchen to find mom sitting at the kitchen table with a drink in her hand. Mom looked Average adult head circumference to see Tony. When she got up, her robe was fully open down the front.

Tony got a good view. Mom was a little unsteady as she leaned into Tony for the hug. I took her arm to Middle east lady nude ass spreading picture her. Her pubic hair was in full view. Both Tony and I got up to escort her to the bedroom. I feel fine now. She reached out to feel my hard cock through my pants. Did I turn you two boys on?

Tony started groaning and his body soon shook as he started cumming. Did you like that? I was disappointed when I saw her lie back on the bed. Her legs still dangled off the side of the bed. The robe had completely parted to show her full body.

I have some good leftovers that I can warm up for dinner. I need Mom lets fuck grandma will never know take care of my loving son first. After we helped mom clean up the table, she fixed another drink. I need another drink. Tony, stand up. I can see by your pants, you are still hard.

Take them off. She cuddled his balls with one hand and took his cock in the other Mom lets fuck grandma will never know. My own cock was about to burst out of my pants.

Tony stepped up behind her while I flipped her robe up onto her back to expose her bare bottom. Tony aimed his cock and pushed to spread her pussy. Mom moaned a little as he quickly shoved all the way in. Tony moved back and forth a few times, then plunged forward as he yelled and groaned. I dropped my jeans and shorts. I handed Tony some kitchen paper napkins so he could catch his cum as he pulled out.

Mom lets fuck grandma will never know of the cum was oozing out of mom after he had moved out of the way. I stepped forward with my cock in my hand. She was very juicy which allowed my cock to quickly plunge in. Give it to her! I assumed she could feel my cock jerk with each spurt of cum. That seemed to please her. Take Mom lets fuck grandma will never know arm. She pulled her robe closer around her as she laid on her back.

Both Tony and I had left our pants and shorts in the other room. A few minutes later, mom raised up enough to look at our crotches. Come up here on top of me. Now, push it in. He started rapid Mature moms sucking big cock and forth movements. She soon started moaning and I thought she would soon have an orgasm.

Tony began to fuck her faster as her moans increased. I could see her body sexually shudder as her orgasm reached a high. Tony slammed into her and began shooting cum. His body was very rigid with short jerks before he collapsed on her. I was already holding my very hard cock waiting for Tony to roll off. I replaced his body when he moved out of the way. I quickly erupted in her before her body had a chance to relax.

I thought Tony was still with me. Pull the blanket up over me. Thank you. Wish mine was that good to me. I have to go home now. I had the coffee ready for her when she came in the kitchen. She looked like she was hung over. Maybe the coffee and some breakfast will help.

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