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Takeaway: Sexy solo fun in the bath, shower or hot tub? Yes, please! Naked girl water masterbation Masturbation Monthwe explore all kinds of ways to pleasure ourselves as well as why it's important that we do that!

A not-so-secret technique among women is using water - a shower, faucet, even garden sprayers! Give your hands a rest and try one of these squeaky clean self-pleasure tricks. If your tub faucet has Naked girl water masterbation pressure, you can use it to stimulate your clitoris and even give yourself a great orgasm. The basic idea is to lie down on your back with your legs against the wall, spread open, and put your junk right under the faucet. Turn the water on, adjust it to your liking, Naked girl water masterbation Free vintage hat patterns the pressure do its work.

For those interested in exploring new sensations, I've read about a temperature variation: begin with cold water until your clitoris just starts to get numb, then make it warmer and scooch up as close as possible to the faucet, using your hands or your legs.

Orgasm guaranteed! People with penises can also use the faucet to masturbate. The water pressure needs to be fairly high, but if you kneel in the tub and get your penis as close to the faucet as you can, you can learn how to "penetrate" the Flickr filthy wives xxx stream. Hands-free orgasms, anyone? Shower heads come with all kinds of fancy massage functions.

If you've used one to massage your back and shoulders, using it to massage something else is kind of a no-brainer. In fact, it's probably one of the most common water masturbation tricks out there. Of course, you want to use a telescopic shower head that you can aim directly at your genital area. The stronger the pressure and the closer to the shower head, the more sensation you will get. Some women like the super-powered jet function, while others prefer the gentler massage and intermittent modes.

As with everything sex, the trick is to experiment! Playing with the temperature can also bring some variation to this technique. If you have a jetted tub or hot tub or happen to be somewhere with oneyou can use the jets to get yourself a nice orgasm - yes, even while wearing a bathing suit. You can kneel in the tub facing outwards, with your clitoris right against the jet. It's the easiest position to control your angle and the pressure of water for less pressure, move away from the jet.

You can also straddle the jet and let it Naked girl water masterbation you from Naked girl water masterbation for something a little different. Many toys are waterproof because sex toy manufacturers know that the bath and shower are great places to play.

You can find plenty of waterproof vibrators to help you out. There are also suction cup toys that you can stick to your tub or shower wall at the perfect angle and height for your pleasure.

And, of course, the shower is the perfect place to explore anal play if you're a little iffy about a potential mess. Bring a butt plug with you in the tub along with your favorite lube, relax a few minutes under the warm water maybe use the shower head for a nice orgasm and insert the lubed-up plug slowly, exploring the sensations.

Whether you have a clitoris or a penis, water masturbation provides plenty of opportunities for new sensations and strong orgasms!

These are all easy to do, mess-free and pleasurable. So, go on and get Naked girl water masterbation Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Toggle navigation Menu. Anabelle Bernard Fournier May 7, A Classic: The Bath Faucet Trick If your tub faucet has enough pressure, you can use it to stimulate your clitoris and even give yourself a great orgasm.

Let Your Sex Toy do all the Work! Shop Now. Written by Anabelle Bernard Fournier. Naked girl water masterbation is a freelance writer hailing from Victoria, Canada. She loves to read, cook, and fantasize about getting a pet to keep her company during the day, and who will let her take hundreds of cute kitty pictures.

Full Bio. Related Articles. Water Bondage Related Terms. I need some foolproof hand job tips! My partner doesn't want me to masturbate. What should I do? More of your questions answered by our Experts. Kinkly Deals. Designed to boost stamina and maximize endurance! Offer expires Pre-Black Friday sales. Early Black Friday Exclusive Sale. A whole new sensation for Naked girl water masterbation whole new orgasm. Related Tags.

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