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I appreciate all the well wishes and advice for a first-time mom. You guys are the best fans ever! Our first family portrait. See the resemblance of Kevin and his son? Elizabeth and her brother Ellis. Favorite lamp near changing table 0 — Boy 2. Your little cuties had nine months to conspire! They are beautiful. Kids Samantha brown bikini picture the best!! I have been hoping you would take off enough time to have kids— you just seem to be the type Samantha brown bikini picture be a really good mom.

Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing Mommy Sam on Samantha brown bikini picture road. Congratulations to you and your husband! As a grandma of twins I could assure you, the day to day experience with twins is the most beautiful and rewarding of them all!!!!!

Your babies are so beautiful and you look radiant! Thank you for sharing pictures of the new babies! They are beautiful! Enjoy every minute!!!! Congratulations again to very well deserved parents! Beautiful babies…. Sam you take time to enjoy them, and rest when you can!! Keep coming with the pictures, love them! You are like family to me! How awesome for you and your husband!

I have a 3 yr old and I Samantha brown bikini picture every moment because the time really flies. Your two little ones are very Samantha brown bikini picture to call you Mommy! Looking forward to shows with the little ones. What beautiful, precious babies! I have three grown children, but when I look at your new babies, it seems just like yesterday that I brought each of mine home from the hospital.

The time really does go by in a flash! Take time off and enjoy your blessings! They are adorable, Sam! And Samantha brown bikini picture the looks on their faces, Samantha brown bikini picture is going to the the planner and Ellis will just follow along with whatever his sister wants him to do!

Wow — Congratulations to both of you! Those are two absolutely beautiful kiddos! I miss your European trips, hurry back. Hurry back! They grow WAY too fast, I pray you both can enjoy the little ones each and every day! They are simply gorgeous babies!

Congratulations to you and your hubby! Your babies are beautiful! May God Bless them always! Ah, such beautiful babies!! Yep, Ellis looks like his daddy and Elizabeth like her Mom for sure. What a treasure. You were very sweet and funny! Ellis and Elizabeth are gorgeous and they will have lots of adventures with you.

Your babies are so beautiful! I envy you just starting your family. The absolutely happiest days of my life were when by boys were babies.

I never had any postpartum depression, instead I was high on joy! Tired, yes, but I knew how fleeting babyhood is so I savored each moment. I remember standing at my washing machine crying one day because instead of onesies and pajamas I was holding Samantha brown bikini picture tiny pair of blue jeans. It goes so fast. Live in the moment! After I retired in I had the opportunity to tour the world with you. Then you were gone.

Now I know why. To have your beautiful twins. They are just adorable. Enjoy watching them grow. It is the most important part of your life. What a beautiful family you have. Congratulations on your new arrivals and I hope that you both can take much time to enjoy Ellis and Elizabeth — and a little peace and quiet too. I am thrilled for you both! They are precious! I have followed your shows over the last 7 years Samantha brown bikini picture have enjoyed your wit and adventures.

I was so excited when you became engaged and hoped that one day soon you and your husband would become parents. Both were meant to be and just seemed to fall into place…and both were worth waiting for. I was wondering where you have been. I guess you have been busy. This will probably cut into your travel time…a lot. Many congratulations.

My how things change. Congratulations, and welcome to the mommy club! I am totally impressed! Greatest congratulations to the rightfully proud parents! Samantha — they are simply just stunning little ones. Thank you for sharing. I wonder if they will be world travelers too. Stay tuned… :-]. Congratulations on your two beautiful babies! Now when you travel, your carry-on luggage will wiggle and squirm and be so much fun!

Bless you all. Congratulation Samantha. However, I have 4 grown children as well, so a very different experience…. The twins are precious. Thank you so much for sharing your family photos with us. You mean a lot to us Samantha. You and your family mean a lot to us now also.

Your little ones are so darling! Put new diaper down and change diaper on top, that way when you are Elisa rebeca bridges playboy you just pull out old one and then plop down on fresh. Just pull front of new one up and you should have less sprinkler like events. Used to work in newborn nursery in hospital, works like a charm. Love seeing the pictures of your family!!

The twins are precious!! I have 2 boys and I will tell you that your lamp will lose many battles!! Great Baby One pictures! Just remember to duck or while the sleepy you yawns in the middle of changing him….

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