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Bondage Bondage techniques. Breast bondage Tied nipples Blindfolded. The girl lies flat on her back. The girl is tied to the four poles of a bed with her arms and legs Bed tied spread eagle wide apart, the socalled spread eagle position. Different rope-like items Bed tied spread eagle be used for Bed tied spread eagle handcuffsrope, stockingsties and others. In most cases the girl is additionally blindfolded in order not to let her see how he is teasing her.

After she is tied, she is teased by her partner. Her position allows easy access to almost every of Indian desi sexy stories erogenous zones. The tease ranges from skin contact and tickling to nipple stimulation and clitoral stimulation with or without sex toys and can include eating pussy. It is also common to fuck the girl at the end in the missionary sex position while she is still tied to the bed.

It is Bed tied spread eagle quite common to take several photos of her Bed tied spread eagle to submit those photos to Voyeurclouds. The girl lies down on the bed. Her hands are tied behind or above her head. Then her legs are raised and tied to the backwall of the bed or the wall behind the bed.

Usually her legs are cuffed or roped around her ankles. This pulled-back position of her legs gives him excellent access to her pussy and even her anus depending on how much her legs are pulled back. She is unable to stretch or unfold her legs and feels "being owned" by her master.

Very often this bondage position is used to tease and stimulate her clit and her pussy with sex toys. The girl lies down on the bed with her face down. After she is tied, she is usually teased and stimulated by her partner. This position mainly allows access to her anus and partly her pussy.

Her tits cannot be accessed. In order to allow easier access to her pussy, a cushion might be placed under her belly thus elevating her crotch. This position is also called tied reverse spread eagle. There are several common methods of bed bondage Bondage General articles Bondage Bondage techniques.

Tied to bed with a blindfold. Category : Bondage position. Personal tools Log in. Contents 1 Tied to a bed in spread eagle 1.

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