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Black Black and white fine art photography white horse photography is my passion, at the bottom of this page you will find my experiences photographing these wonderful animals, and how climate change is affecting them. Horses are fabulous subjects for photography and also art. One can capture their social interactions, movements, playfulness, and winding down moments. Black and white horse photography of stallions, Mustangs, and wild horses never cease to inspire me, especially black and white pictures of running horses.

While I love capturing images of horses running through water, snow, and marsh, my team and I are exploring ways of taking photos from angles not seen before. We update our online gallery to keep it fresh pretty frequently. It is so true that a photograph speaks a thousand words but even an old black and white horse photo cannot tell us how long humans and horses have had a codependent relationship.

The horse has been a tremendous support to humanity by helping with transportation, farming, war, sports — you name it. Riding a horse has traditionally been associated with power, prestige and also was reserved for the ruling elite. It Black and white fine art photography been so intertwined with a human civilization that we even measure the power of the engine based on its strength — horsepower.

As we evolved, the horse has been right there shoulder to shoulder as a building block for humans. Now we all face the challenge of climate change which is real and affects both humans and animals. This time, will humans step up to the plate and support the horse. With our horse black and white photography, we aim to capture the pure and peaceful energy. Equine photography is Black and white fine art photography magic trick and everyone can take a decent black and white horse picture.

All animals get a Black and white fine art photography good sense of our energy, so if we are not comfortable or are scared around them, they will pick up on this and react the same way. Do your best to be comfortable and also stay calm when taking wild horses black and white photography.

Treat the horse as you would a close friend — be friendly, make them comfortable around your camera equipment before you start taking Black and white fine art photography and white horse photography.

Hold the camera and lens in your hands, press the shutter button a few times to get the horse familiar with the sound. If the horse does not like the sound, walk away and start from a far distance. Let it get used to the sound and then approach it slowly. Each black and white horse picture in my collection is about capturing raw emotion and natural composition.

When I started white horse photography in Camargue France. I was doing it for fun and also a pleasure. Traveling to the south of France CamargueBeaufortand Wyoming 5 to Brunette with whip posing times a year to take horse pictures. The more I learned about the horse, the better my photographs got. Combine these tips with a bit of patience, and you will be amazed by the equine photography you achieve.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of patience — you cannot get great photographs of a horse in one sitting. The more time you spend with it, the more friendly it gets with you.

And once the horse lets you into its world, magic happens. I love horse photography in black and white which some people call it fine art photography. For our art gallery, we use fine art gallery quality matte paper or metallic paper. The latter gives it a very realistic look. Art buyers who have Pics of bbw black fucking redhead Black and white fine art photography large 4 by 6 feet images for their homes and also offices have always written back thanking us for the positive energy they get from the black and white photo print.

The smallest size horse picture we create is 8 inches by 12 inches. Our horse black and white photography perfectly capture their graceful movement and majestic presence. These horse images make for ideal wall decor, for home, office, or establishment. Part of the sale amount goes towards organizations that help preserve these magnificent beasts from the effect of climate change.

Contact us today for your favorite black and white horse picture inquiry. Throughout my many years of taking wild horses black and white photography, I have learned so much. The effects of global warming can make horses very stressful, uncomfortable, and even unhealthy. Horses used to colder conditions can quickly become overheated during the longer and warmer summers. Their coats may get too heavy for comfort. The mud from increased rain and flood leads to foot and Black and white fine art photography diseases as well as carrying disease-bearing insects.

Droughts lead to water shortages that can dehydrate horses and turn once lush green fields into dry wastelands. The associated dust pollution causes breathing problems. These fast climate changes can be stressful for horses which makes them more prone to illnesses and diseases. Every black and white horse photo on our site is meant to create awareness of this beautiful animal through art. I have learned how poorly our wild horses are treated in Americans. We must take Black and white fine art photography to help these beautiful animals.

As a fashion photographerI pay the models. A portion of all equine photography print sales is given to one of these organizations for them to do what they do best. When you purchase fine art pictures from Ejaz Khan Earth, you are helping the animals. A short film on photographing The Camargue horse in France. Throughout my expeditions, there has been no stronger connection between an animal like I have with horses and me. As you can see through my black and white horse photography, horses are my most favorite subjects.

All pets from dogs to cats and fish to birds have the incredible ability to reduce our stress by merely being in their presence. Petting them, walking with them, they become your four-legged friends in most cases.

Being around horses gives one a peaceful state of mind as they are very tranquil. Roaming around nature with ease, they teach us to slow things down and enjoy what mother nature has provided us that so many take for granted. Horses are enjoyable animals, especially the Camargue horses I have photographed.

They have so much playful energy and stamina. Every horse has its personality and characteristics that you will surely love. The lifespan of horses is longer than most pets, which are about years, which means that you have a significant amount of time to develop a deep connection and a special bond. Having a horse as a pet is a huge commitment that demonstrates your real character and development as a person.

Horses have immense beauty and elegance. Their stature, poses, graceful movements all leave us mesmerized. From their display in movies, literature, and art, they are a symbol of strength and courage throughout the world. Horses are known to be four to seven times faster learners Black and white fine art photography humans. They need to be quick learners because they are prey animals, and they are very intuitive.

Researchers in the field of equine studies have shown that horses can recognize human emotions. Just like dogs, horses will provide comfort and act more playful if they see you being sad or troubled. If you love the outdoors, horses are great for exploring nature. Breathing fresh air and getting the right amount of sun does wonders for the body and mind.

Having a horse as your companion during outdoor adventures like horse riding and hiking is a great way to keep fit and healthy. Having a horse as a pet or just being around one Naked girl amy rose provide physical and mental benefits to people suffering from different illnesses or conditions.

It Desi fatty aunties photo seem hard to believe, but horses are easy to look after. Several ranches around the country allow you to visit, ride, and pet horses for a minimum fee. Throughout mythology and ancient tales, horses have played massive roles. They inspired countless stories Black and white fine art photography both gentleness, power, and triumph.

Horses have a long history of coexisting with humans for centuries. From Kings to Queens and villages to kingdoms, horses have been companions and instrumental in shaping the most critical eras of human civilization. We hope these top 10 reasons why horses make the best pets have provided you a better understanding of how much of impact horses can make in your life.

In life, our journeys are filled with nature and wildlife. A: All animals get a very good sense of our energy, so if we are not comfortable or are scared around them, they will pick up on this and react the same way. Treat the horse as you would a close friend — be friendly, make it comfortable around your camera equipment before you start to take photographs. A: Our wide collection of black and white wildlife images come in a variety of sizes for your home or office.

You can speak with our art consultant to learn more about choosing the right photo print. A: Our head office is in the heart of New York City. All of our fine art photos are printed with the highest quality of the paper and certified by the artist. A: Our equine photography display inspirational and emotional moments in nature making it the perfect gift for lovers of horses. Toggle navigation. Follow us facebook twitter pinterest instagram youtube linkedin mail. Black and white horse photography.

Humans and horses — a picture, a video, and a relationship. Play Pause Unmute Mute. Check all Sizes and Price.

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