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Everything about anal sex is awkward. It's not something that most people have a ton of experience doing, so when it does happen there's a lot of, "Um, is this it? We'd used a lot of lube and were really getting into it until we noticed a horrible smell. Instant buzzkill! My partner pulled his penis out quickly and got in the shower to rinse off. He was almost crying as all that liquid poop washed away from him while I was still cleaning off the mattress as I tried not to throw up.

This forever cured me of my need for anal sex. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that I had stopped by the Indian lunch buffet earlier that day and feasted upon chana masala and palak paneer, and I accidentally pooped on his bed after we did anal. Not exactly what he meant when he said he wanted to spice things up! Neither one of us had ever tried it before so we didn't know you probably need a lot of lube.

When he tried to put it in, there was so much, um, resistance that he got freaked out and left the room and didn't come back for over an hour. I just sat there wondering if I should go home. He was really into the idea of me pegging him, I guess because he was drawn to inverting our power dynamic. The first time we tried, however, he arranged himself in an eagerly spread position and I was greeted by a moderate amount Celebrities who have tried anal recent shit remnants in and around the opening.

In order to preserve his dignity, Celebrities who have tried anal out of a level of paralysis about what to do, I proceeded with the light Celebrities who have tried anal and was left with dirty fingers. We never made it to the next level. I'd always wanted to try anal and it was one of those Celebrities who have tried anal where you're just feeling up for anything. We started getting into it and all of a sudden, we hear the garage door Celebrities who have tried anal to open.

He pulled out way too quickly and a flood of crap started pouring out of me while he tried to go and bring his parents who'd just come home early upstairs before they could see me pooping all over their bed. Never again. Follow Lane on Twitter and Instagram.

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Celebrities who have tried anal From Anal Sex, Explained. The 10 Best Lubes for Anal Play.

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