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I look at Sophie again and offer a sheepish shrug. Back in the day, saunas were shared among inhabitants of a single neighborhood or apartment complex, but readily available hot running water rendered these public spaces obsolete. Lately, however, renewed interest in sharing the steam with strangers has spurred a sort of sauna renaissance in Helsinki.

I was on a mission to explore as many of them as I could. Stepping from the cab into the snowy countryside we walk toward a friendly looking farmhouse — a comforting bit of civilization amidst the unfamiliar darkness. A blast of frosty air rushes past us into a primitive room that glows in the firelight. We push the door shut quickly to ward off the cold, embarrassed Friends nude sauna pool the spectacle our arrival created.

Two women wrapped maxi-dress-style in long, flax-colored towels sit at a farm table that occupies a good part of the room, candles Friends nude sauna pool glasses of water on the table in front of them, a rustic loaf of brown bread on a cutting board waiting to be sliced. Shrugging out of our heavy coats, we feel around in the semi-darkness for an empty peg to hang them, trying not to further Friends nude sauna pool the atmosphere of serenity.

We had decided during the cab ride to leave our inhibitions in the city, committed to experiencing the ex-urban Finnish sauna in the traditional buff. The scene inside the sauna itself Looking for a naughty girl in ireland only be described as primal.

A handful of women lounge on two tiers of wooden benches, bare bodies, shiny with sweat, silhouetted in light cast by the wood stove.

Saara Friends nude sauna pool, owner of Kaurilan Sauna, sits tucked up in the corner, a rope-handled bucket on the bench beside her. Finding an empty space, I spread out my small square of linen and sit down, pulling my knees to my chest.

The room is hot, but not oppressively so, until Saara flings water onto the sauna rocks. The action unleashes clouds of thick, hissing steam into the air. I feel my lungs seize as soul-sucking heat inundates the shadowy room. Soon I, too, am dripping with sweat. One by one, women step down from the benches to ladle water from a second bucket over their heads, necks, and shoulders. Before the dawn of indoor plumbing, the sauna was where people went to wash. It was also where they gave birth, did the laundry, tended the sick, and prepared the dead for burial.

But now, the sauna serves as a haven — somewhere to escape the frenetic pace of modern life and reconnect with friends and family. And welcome is how I begin to feel. In the midst of the chatter, one woman, who is visiting Kaurilan with her year-old daughter, Friends nude sauna pool to laugh.

But when we go to sauna we talk about everything. A palpable camaraderie fills the tiny room alongside the steam, despite nudity or nuance of Friends nude sauna pool. This time, the surge of heat and a desire to cool off compel me to ignore my nakedness.

At last I climb down from my hiding place to take my turn at the ladle. Here are a few not to miss. For a truly Friends nude sauna pool wintertime experience, sauna goers take a plunge in the icy Baltic after their steam. Two co-ed saunas — bathing suits are required here — are housed in a sleek, Scandinavian space surrounded by the sea. After a stint in the traditional smoke sauna, do like the Finnish do and partake in a beer around the indoor fire pit. More intrepid visitors can dunk themselves through a hole in the ice for an invigorating Baltic blast.

The onsite restaurant offers a bespoke dining experience with sweeping views over the water. Owner Saara Lehtonen is Friends nude sauna pool about maintaining the integrity of the sauna culture and strives to create an atmosphere of peace and Friends nude sauna pool for her guests. Handmade linen towels, candles, and body products enhance the experience.

Several private shower suites stocked with plush towels and Friends nude sauna pool products are also available. Pin FB ellipsis More. Image zoom. Courtesy of Kaurilan Sauna. Courtesy of Visit Finland. Friends nude sauna pool of Finnair. Close Share options. All rights reserved. Close View image.

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