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Podcast: Play in new window Download. Subscribe: Android RSS. Johnnie Keyes was the first black porn star, and from the moment he emerges in Behind the Green Doordressed in nothing but crotchless Johnny keyes free sex pictures and an African necklace, nothing was quite the same again.

There may have been more prolific or famous male adult film stars over the last 50 years, but has anyone made a more iconic entrance and statement? He was paired with Marilyn Chambers — the whiter than white Ivory Snow girl — and their interracial scene broke new ground, striking a blow to a major sexual taboo in U.

Johnnie featured on and off in adult films for the next decade, but was never defined by the adult film industry — he always seemed to have something else on the go. So who was the man behind the character — who became the most famous black actor in s adult film? Now 76, Johnnie speaks to us in a rare interview, remembering his porn films, but also his starring roles in musicals and the theater, his time as a boxer, a singer, and a sex surrogate, and his life in the Army and in Vietnam.

And a bonus story from the actor Idris Elba. With special thanks to Margaret Thompson and Bill Margold. He should have his own talk show. Another essential episode of the show that is single-handedly writing the true oral giggle… history of the adult film industry.

Truly impactful and influential and entertaining. More NSFW than normal but bloody hilarious at times and sobering at others. Thanks for another great podcast! Great interview! Johnnie Keyes nobody else like him. He walked with a strut and still has that strut in his spirit. Simply a great cat! Glad we were pals once. Fabulous piece of work, Ashley. With the exception of Desiree Cousteau, this is the one of the white whales that I was hoping the Rialto Report would do! Oh wow, this is going to be epic!

How come Johnnie never had a sex scene with Seka in Heavenly Desire? Dear Seka Fan: Do you even listen to the podcast before leaving a comment….? I laughed a lot listening to this podcast. He seems very real and young at heart. That had me laughing. And also him calling Ashley dawg.

I thought you might like to see this excellent review of your podcast from the estimable Paste Magazine Podcast of the Week:. When West asks Keyes to talk about his time in Vietnam, the otherwise boisterous man goes absolutely silent, politely requesting his interviewer move on. I was truly enthralled Hot military men nude the full thing.

Johnny keyes free sex pictures was a lot of fun and I was new in the business so I had no idea who Johnny was at the time…. Jamie was there too that day watching Johnny keyes free sex pictures he and Serena were together at the time. Johnny was so open as well as articulate in the interview and I found him to be a great storyteller…. I think he really did have Johnny keyes free sex pictures special that women were just drawn to ……he certainly was colorful and entertaining and I can see that he still is more than ever.

Thank you so much for this interview…. Johnnie Keyes was so funny, articulate and those stories…. This guy could do a one man theater piece. Looks and talks like a homeboy with the mind of a PH. In philosophy. I have to say that just listening to him was making me hot!! I hope you realize what a legend you truly are. I once read that you dated Jesse Adams and I wondered if you knew what became of him?

Yes — to Jesse Adams! That would be great to hear where he ended up. He must have had an interesting life. Fantastic interview as always! This era of filmmaking is so fascinating to me. I love the fact that there are so many amazing landmarks and locations in these films. The guerilla filmmaking techniques used were quite clever, it seems.

I hope Ana foxxx black ebony porn pics two are able to get an interview with Sue Nero. Another great and informative interview! I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. The emcee was none other then Johnnie Keyes. After the screening I had the chance to talk to him and get his autograph.

It was such a honor to have met this living legend! I wrote all about that night on my film blog. I posted the link to it below. Loved this interview. Love and respect Johnnie Keyes for being the first brotha to make inroad in porn. Great interview with one of the people that made my Johnny keyes free sex pictures so exciting.

He was fun to hang out with; wish I had done it more. One of my favorite actors. My first time in the States was in 77, at that time I was 16 and had the chance to see the movie Behind the green Johnny keyes free sex pictures. I did like it. I wish mr Keyes the best for you.

First to post! Highly recommended podcast. This is a Johnny keyes free sex pictures podcast! Johnnie had a good time!!! Highly recommended. Johnny Keyes…… at last! Rialto folk: Thanks for keeping it real. You are quality in a sea of mediocrity. Maybe one day…. Truly a triumph. A toast to the rialto report for this one. Much love to you and April as well…… Susie Nero. I thought his Johnny keyes free sex pictures on Vietnam was very profound as well.

Must have been a nightmare. Wow Susie Nero……………!!!! A podcast interview with the excellent Rialto people would make my life complete…!

Thanks for the memories. Awesome to hear from you! And have you ever thought of writing a book? And yes, to an interview with You, Sue….

Johnny Keyes rock!

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