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I am also positive Kristoff looks like someone famous here, and I cannot for the life of me figure it out. Really wish the person who wrote this would have just shut up and let us see the pics.

Sarcasm is cool, But snotty, rude sarcasm is not. John Smith was a captain. He was a real life captain too! Which is even mentioned in the first line of the post. But I also agree that its always Frozen this and Frozen that. Ugh, so sick of Frozen. Instead you are just bitching about everything. The commentary was horrible! The staff themselves said they forgot to name him. Adam is not his name.

I really liked the art. The commentary, however, was horrible! Yeah, it was a great movie, but enough already… And how old are you that you had to google Prince Phillip? He is from the best Disney movie of all time and I love him and want him for myself!! They were all amazing works, but Prince Charming?

Wow- spot on, right? If the real-life Eric really existed, I would become a woman just to marry him, once he is straight. Gorgeous guys! Prince Phillip looks like Ryan Phillippe. Oh, and that Elsa looks exactly like a young Kisten Dunst. Search Search for:. Prev 1 of 16 Next. Kristoff definitely looks like John Krasinski to me. And Maybe a little bit Charlie Cox. Kristoph looks like the oldest brother from Home Improvement. Phoebus looks like Kody from Sister Wives.

Prince Charming and Prince Adam the beast are the best. Jogia should play Aladdin if they ever do a live-action. Real life disney princess cinderella me Phoebus looks like Channing Tatum with long hair. Flynn Rider looks like Jake Gyllenhaal…. Captain Phoebus looks Real life disney princess cinderella like Charlie Hunnam to me. Real life disney princess cinderella Eric is Henry Cavill. Kristoff almost exactly looks like Sean Astin.

Seriously, look at him even when he was younger. Flynn Rider always reminded me of Robert Pattinson. Kristoff looks like T. Knight with a blonde wig. Cinderella kind of looks like a young Renee Zellweger. I think Kristoff looks like Joey Real life disney princess cinderella full house, forgot his real name. He looks like that guy from that british movie a royal night out…but with more hair. Adam is actually just the assumed name of the Beast.

His actual name is never given. All rights reserved.

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