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My wife, Kim used to be very demure and conservative. Then all of a sudden, almost without warning, she blossomed. I had been subtly trying to get her to show off more since we were married thirteen years ago. Finally she relented one evening and, by the See thru bikini ass orgasms she had, I'd say she enjoyed it. Since that she has See thru bikini ass dressing sexier. She does not wear see through tops or ridiculously short skirts, but her wardrobe has become more daring.

Kim bought a few more thin sundresses and shorter skirts. Her blouses have gotten a little thinner and necklines a little lower, and bras have become all but unheard of. We visited Tina and her boyfriend Larry. Tina and Kim See thru bikini ass co-workers. One day, after Tina caught Kim in her office half naked, they formed a little club. The Pantiless Sisterhood. It is a club of See thru bikini ass. We had invited Larry over a few weeks ago to watch a football game and things got a little out of hand.

Kim had walked See thru bikini ass in a towel in front of Larry. She had got so excited teasing him, she ended up masturbating in front us. Ending in her having an earth shattering orgasm on the couch between Larry and I. The four of us used to be pretty close. We had often gone to dinner together and to movies. I always thought that Kim had a little crush on Larry, but she never See thru bikini ass on it. Larry's wife, Tina, has always been fairly attractive.

She is a small girl, with blond and a pleasant face. It is her very large breasts that really make men take notice. That coupled with the fact that she has always worn clothing that accentuates her figure, usually has me trying to hide a growing erection. So, I have always had a little thing for her. We stopped by one weekend for a visit.

After some See thru bikini ass, Larry gave us a tour of their house, which included a new pool. We sat around the pool for a while, having drinks and talking some more, when Tina suggested we all go swimming. Neither Kim nor I had brought a swimsuit. Tina See thru bikini ass us not to worry, See thru bikini ass they had extras.

Now, Larry Sasur bahu hindi porn comics roughly the same build as I am, so the suit he lent me was fine. When Kim came out See thru bikini ass putting her borrowed bikini on, she had put her t-shirt on over it.

She had a strange sheepish look on her face as she came over and sat next to me beside the pool. As Larry and Tina were getting more drinks, Kim leaned over and whispered in my ear. I'm sure yours looks fine. Now I had to see how the bikini was fitting her. I'm sure it's not that bad. She was right. Kim is much less amply endowed as Tina. She had the yellow bikini top See thru bikini ass as tightly as she could, but the cups fit her very loosely, allowing you see a good portion of her breasts under the loose cloth.

As for the bottoms, they just barely hung on Kim's hips since she has thinner hips than Tina. The bottoms hung from her hipbones and gapped around the crotch.

After some more drinking and talking, Tina suggested we cool off in the pool. Tina's red bikini fit her better, tight See thru bikini ass all the right places while still allowing her to bounce enticingly. Kim pulled back, mumbling something about not wanting to get her hair wet. Tina wasn't listening and pulled at Kim's shirt, lifting it up past her boobs. After all this is a pool party. Kim, rather than cause a scene fighting to keep her shirt on, just shrugged and pull the shirt the rest of the way off.

Kim stood there trying to explain that the suit did not fit very well. Tina took one look at Kim and her eyes went wide. The bikini top had shifted a little and one very erect, very pink nipple was peeking out. Kim crossed her arms in front of her chest, "See I told you it didn't fit! It fits you better than it fits me. Her breathing was getting ragged and I could tell she was excited. Her eyes locked onto Larry, as she slowly pulled the top back into place hiding her erect nipple. Now that she had Larry's attention, I wondered what she was going to do with it.

Turning around, she complained about the fit of the bottoms. The fabric was hanging low on her hips, exposing a good portion of her pale belly.

A distinct tan line ran across her ass, and the loose bottoms gapped enough to exposed a good four inches of flesh that had rarely seen the sun.

But unlike Kim, she did not have a tan line. Either she tanned wearing a thong, or nothing at all. I was still processing the image of Tina lying by the pool in the buff, when Larry interjected. Your top still fits but Kim's doesn't," he stammered out the last part, his eyes fixated to Kim's bikini top. It had shifted again, allowing about half of her nipple to bask in the sunlight. Kim glance down, but made no move to fix her wayward top. Either she had missed seeing her exposure, or she was deliberately teasing Larry.

Just in the interest See thru bikini ass making you more at ease, Kim. She loosened the strings and retied it behind her. Now her red top was literally draped over her breasts, the See thru bikini ass barely See thru bikini ass around her back. Her nipples, hard and very evident beneath her top, were dangerously close to popping out.

This was getting good. Kim shot me a smile, her nipple still half exposed. She and Tina turned and jumped into the pool. I looked at Larry and we both shrugged and jumped in after the girls. I swam up to Kim and hugged her from behind. My erect penis nestled nicely between her bare ass cheeks. Her bikini bottoms had slid down when she dove in the water. She leaned her head back and whispered in my ear.

It was an accident," she said sheepishly, biting her lower lip for added effect. She kissed me, quickly pulled her bottoms back into place and swam off toward Tina and Larry. Tina was busy trying to splash Larry. Her bikini top was doing nothing to hide See thru bikini ass very bountiful breasts.

With each splash, she bounced and jiggled. Finally, Larry grabbed her by the shoulders and dunked her. After a second or two, she came up sputtering. Her top had slipped down, exposing one of her huge globes to the three of See thru bikini ass. She stood there clearing her wet hair from her face, not realizing the show she was giving us.

Her exposed nipple was as hard as a bullet and like her ass; there was not a tan line to be found. She was no stranger to tanning nude. She followed our stare down to her uncovered breast. Letting out a yelp, she plunged back under the See thru bikini ass. Larry and I started laughing, as she slowly reemerged tying her top back in place. Tina's face was bright red with embarrassment, but her nipples told a different story. They See thru bikini ass hard as pebbles under her bikini top.

The two of them huddled together for a few minutes, before diving under water and swimming over to us. Larry and I watched as Kim swam up to Larry and Tina swam up to me. Still See thru bikini ass, the girls grabbed our swimsuits from behind and tried to pull them down. I was able to fend off Tina pretty well. She only got my suit down to just below my hips.

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