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See More by ButLova. Featured in collections. The best of Butlova by chaoknuckingXD. Featured in groups See All. Been thinking for a while. Tinkerbell gets stuck in a keyhole, trying to get White wives and black cocks while I seeing her panties! X3 So this what Tinker bell anal ass if Tink eats to many cream buns!

Tinker bell anal ass gets her large butt stuck and I doubt she'll get out from this! Image size. Comments Join the community to add your comment.

Already a deviant? Sign In. I kinda did something similar to this and was jokingly calling her "Tinker Butt" lol I got her tattooed on my back but she isn't really Tinker Bell.

That's looks pretty nice and I like the sound of "Tinker Butt" C:. Somewhere, a certain "Wendy bird" is rolling on the floor pissing herself laughing! I bet so, and why did you reply to a 2-year old comment? Just felt like it. And I'm glad I did, 'cause the comment inspired me to draw this [link]. Hey, Tink's got a really small body. Yeah, but that would just make it even more hilarious, maybe make an alt.

Or I can just edit it to make it bigger. You Tinker bell anal ass leave a comment on it? View all replies. Can you draw her without the keyhole standing or flying front and back?

Gotta love dat ass!!! Well someone gained some junk in the trunk. Her butt seems to be three times as Tinker bell anal ass as the upper half of her body. Thats a nice booty. Those cream buns sure Tinker bell anal ass go to her buns! Thank goodness there is another Tinkerbell fan besides me! I've already written a story were she gains weight but I think I'll write another one. This is inspiring! Well I had this drawing in my mind for a while.

Well I'm glad you finally drew it.

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