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Robert was a pretty good cook, as it turned out; an interest that he and I shared. Neither Leslie nor Donna were cooks, but they were both bright women and, surprisingly given Leslie's introversion and Donna's overt sexuality, comfortable together.

Conversation was flowing freely, as was a pretty decent red wine. We talked about schools jobs, moves. They talked about jobs, previous marriages, and moves. Pretty clearly we had come to where we were To fuck somebody over very different backgrounds by very different routes. Leslie and I were young, early 20s, tag-teaming our way through grad-schools, early into our first marriage. We were intellectuals, a little short in the upward mobility department to be considered yuppies, but working on it.

They were people who'd seen a good bit more of life. Robert actually knew how to fix a lot of things mechanical and electrical, which impressed me a lot. Donna had had some acting experience in an earlier life, but had given To fuck somebody over on that and was working as an over-qualified secretary with a part-time rep theater hobby.

We did, however, share some things: physical proximity; a love of good wine and good food, a liberal outlook on life and intellectual curiosity. Beyond that, Donna was, in ways that I could not define but was definitely able to recognize, extremely sexual. Robert had a sexual outlook that would put the average tomcat to shame; one to which I aspired but had never been able to jump-start. When we met Robert and Donna, Leslie To fuck somebody over I had been To fuck somebody over for 3 years; lovers for 4.

Both of us had been virgins when we first bedded each other. Xxx photo big heiry was acutely conscious of the sexual revolution To fuck somebody over on around us at the time, and I had been wanting for some time to join in. Leslie, on the other hand, turned out to be a happy monogamist.

The most we could agree on was an open relationship: do what you want to do as long as you don't bring anything or anyone home with you. This was pretty easy in theory, but it was harder to put into practice since our lives tended to revolve around each other. For the first few years of our marriage I had tried to get Leslie interested in something extramarital, either with or without me. It just didn't work.

Aside from a greater tendency than I had to equate sex with love, Leslie's very strong introversion made it hard for her to meet anyone in a situation with serious sexual potential.

The farthest we'd gotten was one trip to a bar that she'd made by herself, from which she retreated when the first guy offered to buy her a drink. To fuck somebody over for myself, it's taken me another few decades to figure out why I was uncomfortable in the role of a male bent on sexual conquest, but I was.

Suffice it to say that at that point I was not much for hunting on my own in strange situations, and that our social lives tended to revolve around each other and our mutual friends. In my code you didn't screw your friend's wife unless it was a universally agreeable thing, and I hadn't yet found any friends like that.

By the time that dinner was over, there had been some more overt hints in that direction. I'm not sure how much Leslie was picking up on these because she was showing more effects from the wine than the rest of us. When we moved to the living room to continue the conversation Leslie tried to keep up with the rest of us, but she was clearly pretty woozy, and was having trouble keeping her head up.

Donna took her off to the bedroom so that she could lie down, and then rejoined To fuck somebody over and me in the living room where we continued to chat for a half-hour or so.

At that point Robert got up and said he needed to go to the bathroom and that he'd check in on Leslie on his way back. About To fuck somebody over minutes later, when Robert had not returned, Donna got up to go check on Leslie and shortly after that she beckoned me to join her at the door between the dining room and the bedroom. When I got there, the lights were off in the dining room and the bedroom itself, but light coming in from the hallway on the other side of the room gave us a pretty good view of the bed.

Leslie was lying on the bed and Robert was kneeling on the floor beside, kissing her. This was perhaps not completely surprising to me given the sexual hints that had cropped up in the conversation over and after dinner. What was surprising was that Leslie was not passed out, and far from resisting Robert's kiss, had a hand on the back of his head, running his fingers through his hair while she kissed him back.

Donna moved me out of the doorway and back a ways into the dining room and said "Are you cool with this? We're very into sex, as you've figured out by now, but we're not into rape.

If you want to stop this or Leslie wants to stop this, Robert knows how to stop. I can get him back into the living room, right now without a big scene. Leslie can come out when she's ready or you can go get her and take her home, and this will never have happened unless one of you brings it up.

My comeback was simple, and totally self-centered: "What about us? We're just a matter of when, not if. I'd like to be able to claim that my next thought was out of a sense of wanting to be there to protect Leslie if she did change her mind and Robert didn't.

That may even have played a part in it. But it could be that I just wanted to watch this thing happen that I'd been waiting on for so long. At this point I can't honestly be sure. Whatever the reason, the To fuck somebody over thing I said was "I want to watch this. Do To fuck somebody over mind if we wait until later for our fun and games? That's about the sexiest thing I can think of at the moment.

But let's not get too close. I think Leslie will do better with this if she thinks they're alone. Since she had small breasts and this was the early 70s, Leslie wasn't wearing a bra. By the time we got settled Robert had unbuttoned her blouse, exposing those lovely little tits. Her right nipple was fully erect. I couldn't swear about the left nipple because Robert had it in his mouth. Leslie was still caressing the back of his head, now with both hands, and her eyes were tightly closed.

After a while Robert switched his attention to her right breast, and moved his hand down to her belt and jeans button which he undid as easily as you'd expect from the experienced cocksman that he was.

Meanwhile I'd managed to get Donna's shirt unbuttoned and her bra unsnapped, and I was rolling her nipples between my thumbs and fingers. We tried kissing, but gave up on that because it meant To fuck somebody over one of us wouldn't be able to watch what was happening in the bedroom.

Instead, To fuck somebody over just held her from behind, playing with her breasts and eventually, like Robert with Leslie, working my way into her pants. She was very wet bythen, and I was very, very hard.

It would have been great to run off to the front bedroom at that point, but neither of us wanted to miss out on what was to come next in the bedroom. After playing inside Leslie's panties and kissing her for a little while, Robert got up off the bed and took off her shoes. He started to pull down her jeans and panties but ran into some trouble because Leslie was lying on them. Then something wonderful happened, something that she'd done often before for me but that I'd never seen from this angle.

Leslie put her feet on the bed and lifted her bottom up so that he could slide her clothes off from under her. Then she To fuck somebody over her bottom back on the bed and Robert was able to slide them off with no trouble at all. And there she lay, almost naked, with just her unbuttoned top on, legs parted. The light from Hot nude girls perfect body hallway brought out the highlights in her neat blonde bush, and glinted off the wetness between her legs.

The smell of her sex was beginning to fill the room. To fuck somebody over was one of the most erotic things that I have ever seen, before or since. I do not know how I kept from coming on the spot. Donna, who'd had the To fuck somebody over of my finger rubbing over her clit, did come at that point, as she half turned and gave me a mouth-closing kiss while her body shuddered against mine.

Robert dropped to his knees at the foot of the bed and started to lick his way up Leslie's thighs. I could have told him that this was a bad move; Leslie had never much cared for being eaten out, though she'd let me do it from time to time just to humor me.

But I couldn't, and I didn't have to tell him, because before he reached her cunt she uttered those magic words: "Why don't you just fuck me? Robert didn't need a second invitation. He quickly got up and dropped his shoes, pants and shorts, stripped To fuck somebody over his To fuck somebody over, and climbed onto the end of the bed. I didn't know if he knew that Donna and I were watching; later he told me that he was pretty sure he'd heard us and that he wanted to give us a good show if were.

So, he spread Leslie's legs wide, making sure that we had a good view of her wet pussy, and then he To fuck somebody over his cock to it so that we could see when the tip made its first contact. As he lowered himself slowly and she took his weight and his cock Leslie gave a short gasp followed by a contented sigh; and then she closed her legs over the back of To fuck somebody over and turned her mouth up to kiss him.

Robert fucked her slowly for a while, nice long slow strokes in and out, until Leslie started to respond with her To fuck somebody over and hands, urging him to go faster. He picked up his speed and she started to moan and gasp - To fuck somebody over always been pretty vocal, though not To fuck somebody over verbal as her orgasms mount. I counted two quick orgasms from her, and then after a little while she cried out in a third one as Robert slammed his prick deep into her, went rigid and gasped out his own release.

After that they just lay still for awhile except for their panting as they got their breaths back. Donna and I went to the kitchen where I cleaned up my pants as best I could with a paper towel and Donna cleaned up my cock as best she could with her mouth.

Then we went back to the living room and made a date for the following afternoon when she got in from work. In about 5 minutes Robert came in and joined us and about 5 minutes later Leslie, fully clothed, came in as if nothing had happened. She looking very tired, a bit puffy in the face, but not the least bit unhappy. I suggested that it was late and that I needed to get Leslie to bed, to which Donna rolled her eyes at me and mouthed a silent "I'll bet.

When we got back to our apartment I continued to act as if nothing had happened. I really was interested to see how Leslie was going to play this. I couldn't decide which would be more exciting: that she'd fuck somebody else and not tell me or that she would come right out and tell me all about it. We each To fuck somebody over our normal bathroom things and got into bed. We usually slept in the raw then, which is how we were that night.

Our routine then was to cuddle for awhile, then drop off to sleep if nothing pressing came up. This night, as Leslie rolled onto my shoulder she said, as a simple matter of fact, "I just let Robert fuck Amber michaels freepornstar gallery.

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