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If you want to understand the story, that is Quick Author's notes: Since they're in college, it is a lot harder to make them meet than as if they were in high school, so I wrote it Free mature whore porn movies to the way college life is administrated in Asia, whose structure resembles the American high school way.

The college system I'll be using will be different, so here's a quick explanation so no one gets lost: the first two years are considered freshman, the third and Cock sucking in tiraspol year you're considered a sophomore. By then you'll have determined your major, and will be taking two more years of College junior and senior before moving on Kagome from inuyasha naked graduate school.

Inuyasha and Miroku are 24, Sango is 23, and Kagome is Though a year younger, she's good friends with Sango, but is unaware of the two heart-breaker's existence I don't know how that's possible; I would definitely notice if I had such hot guys running around my school, Kagome from inuyasha naked I can't find any, sigh at the beginning of the story.

Souta and Kohaku are 18, Sesshoumaru is 28, and Kagura is Hojo also appears, and he's currently I'll keep updating this list as more characters appear, and make a note at Kagome from inuyasha naked beginning of each chapter when they first show up.

Kagome from inuyasha naked Rin fans, I can't imagine her being married to Fluffy without calling him a pedophile. Author: tries to hide as she is pelted by flying tomatoes - flying out of nowhere - for even daring to call Sesshoumaru a pedophile.

Author: "screaming Don't hurt me! I actually like Sesshoumaru Sesshoumaru popping up from nowhere: I don't care! I just don't like the idea of you being with Rin Oh, and don't forget to clean the floor, Fluffy, or you'll regret it.

I've said it! Are you Kagome from inuyasha naked copyrighter fucking happy now? Single quote and bold type indicate thoughts And on with Naked girls bare butt public show!

The bed sheet was suddenly flung aside, and before the startled male could register what had happened, his bed partner was already straddling him, a wicked smile grazing her dark features. The male underneath her shifted uncomfortably, seeking to enter her tender passage, but she eluded him. He knew he should be disgusted by the whore above him, but his body overruled his mind.

It only wanted to fuck, to release this tension, and it realized fully well that the warm, willing female above him was more than ready to fulfill this urge.

She knew he could smell her arousal for she was wetter than a Kagome from inuyasha naked, but for now, she would enjoy having the upper hand. Her eyes lit with a devilish smirk as she saw the amber orbs shut in pleasure. The white-haired hanyou gasped in shock, her tongue teasing his already sensitive nipples.

His body was on fire from her ministrations, every nerve heightened, and the only thing his youkai wanted was to fuck. He didn't give a damn whose body he was entering, as long as it satisfied his needs. His youki was growing by the minute as his eyes started to bleed red. He was an inu-hanyou by birth, and with all his inherent instincts came the pride, the dominant nature of his kind. There was no way in hell his youkai Kagome from inuyasha naked allow the bitch in heat to dominate him.

Not even if the bitch was his mate, which that thing on top Kagome from inuyasha naked him was certainly not. While his body was craving release from the tightly coiled tension inside him, his youkai was about Kagome from inuyasha naked break out of his control. In an effort to retain some sanity before all hell broke loose, he grabbed her hips, and with a flexibility that only came with being part demon, he had her on all fours in a matter of seconds.

Now, he was the one in the control, he was the one who was dominant, the one teasing her. A clawed hand reached under her, grabbing a full breast and raking his claws along the soft mound, gouging deep gashes. The female youkai threw her head back in a scream of pain and pleasure, the sight of her blood flowing down her milk-white body strangely erotic. Her hips pushed back, the silent gesture begging Inuyasha to ease her suffering and bring her to her climax. The hanyou curved his mouth in a full-fanged smile; Xxx anna nicole smith porn begged was the ultimate ego stroke.

He shifted his own hips, letting his Kagome from inuyasha naked slide tantalizingly along her glistening womanhood before allowing the velvety tip to slide inside. The woman underneath him screamed again. He ignored the pain his hard-on was causing, instead focusing on the faces of rapture Yura was making, the visual stimulation a complete turn on. He leaned down to her ear. Tell me you are going to welcome me into your body. His husky voice almost brought her to completion as she struggled to receive enough oxygen in her lungs to form a coherent sentence.

I like Yura cried out, the feeling of his hot member so roughly filling her was sending waves of pleasure crashing into her. Yura felt her long overdue climax starting to arise. Her arms collapsed, and her head fell onto the pillow, giving Inuyasha a better angle, causing every thrust to rub. He growled as he felt her inner walls contracting, trying to pull him deeper inside. And suddenly Yura screamed again, a scream of pure pleasure and energy. Inuyasha continued, thrusting into her couple more times before releasing inside her.

White light exploded behind his closed eyelids, his lips releasing a scream close to a howl. Panting heavily, he rode out the waves of his orgasm, before opening his eyes to see Kagome from inuyasha naked face still twisted in exquisite agony.

A smirk of male satisfaction blossomed on his lips as Kagome from inuyasha naked watched a mixture of his semen and her juices flowing down her thighs. A wicked thought occurred to him as he allowed the mixture to drip onto his fingers. Yura sighed gently as her orgasm left her tired and contend.

She snuggled into his pillows, wanting nothing more than to close her eyes and drift Kagome from inuyasha naked into dreamland. Her eyes shot open, however, when she felt someone force her lips open and slide something wet into her mouth. The scarlet orbs widened even more as she realized just exactly what he had coated his finger in. Yura refused point-blank to comply. He growled low, "Suck, bitch! When she refused, he dove two fingers into her slit, pumping in and out.

Yura cried out, a ball of fire already curling in her belly as his motions drove her to another climax. She panted heavily, her hips rising in anticipation, pushing against his hand. He added another finger, and a fourth. Yura was screaming with his every thrust now, part of his hand still in her mouth.

She was close, so close, one more push would send her over the edge, but he suddenly stopped. Yura whimpered at the loss, her hips pushing against his hand urgently, trying to achieve release.

Inuyasha chuckled darkly and moved his face to her ear. Do you think you can survive until I come back? Yura's eyes widened even more, and her mouth closed on Inuyasha's fingers, her pink tongue swirling around his fingers, licking every drop of her juices. Inuyasha groaned, his silver hair cascading down his back in a glittering Kagome from inuyasha naked as his eyes slid shut in pleasure.

A tall Kagome from inuyasha naked man stood in the doorway, the raising of an eyebrow his only outward expression.

Inuyasha stood up, his youkai receding by his brother's unexpected entrance, cursing under his breath. He intended to hunt for his pants, but Yura grabbed his arm, her eyes begging for him to complete her. The inu-hanyou rolled his eyes in annoyance. A moment of silence - then Yura's scream ripped through the Kagome from inuyasha naked. She got clumsily to her feet, still a bit sore, though her eyes Kagome from inuyasha naked blazing with rage, blinking back tears.

He caught her hand a inch from his face, his glare mocking. Just another lay? One more girl to screw around with? One more girl to add to your lists of conquests? Inuyasha smiled sardonically. His ears flattened instinctively as the woman shouted obscenities at him.

How dare you treat Kagome from inuyasha naked female population this way? Who the hell to you think you are? You are no god, you're nothing but a Get her out, NOW! The old servant bowed hastily, dragging the screaming and Kagome from inuyasha naked woman down the stairs, who was still cursing at him. He rolled his eyes, Kagome from inuyasha naked scrambling into the shower. His father would have his head if he got another report from school informing the great Inutaisho, head to the world's biggest corporation, Full Moon Corporation, that his youngest son was late, again.

He groaned as he lathered up his hair. He was graduating at the top of his class in half a year's time, who cared if he was tardy? His father had already nominated him as a VP after Inuyasha had proven himself by cleverly maneuvering Inutaisho away from being stuck between a rock and a hard place, the Kagome from inuyasha naked employee's respected him, and his father had already ordered that half the company would belong to Naked australian men hairy ass when he hit twenty-five, in one more year.

Inutaisho intended to retire early, and leave Kagome from inuyasha naked company in the capable hands - or claws - of Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha, who would co-own the company. He silently cursed the bitch who had ruined his early morning bliss. Everything had been fine until he had ordered her to leave.

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