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Shortly after Essence magazine published Dr. Jackie Walters ' excellent writeup about Kim kardashian en penetration vaginal vaginal odors, a blogger dug up an old interview in which Brandy 's brother, Ray Jdescribed ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian 's offensive feminine body odor. In the interview from Kim kardashian en penetration vaginal, Ray J recalled begging a doctor to evaluate him for an STD because Kim's vaginal odor was "ridiculous.

Ray J was being open and Kim kardashian en penetration vaginal when he recalled Kim's putrid vaginal odor. Why would he make that up? We know as far back as that Kim Kardashian had gynecologic problems.

Sharp-eyed viewers of Kim's Naked heleen van rooijen tape noted her vagina was as dry as the Sahara desert. A healthy vagina should be moist with a slight, yet pleasant aroma -- not as dry as sand and reeking of decaying flesh.

Sources say Kim reached out to Ray J this week, begging him to retract his embarrassing statements about her offensive feminine odor. Ray J took to social media to blast the blogger for digging up the "old ass" audio. But Kim should be glad that Ray J forced her Kim kardashian en penetration vaginal address the problem in ….

At least we hope she addressed the issue back in If Kim still has problems with feminine odor, that could be why she lives with her mother while her husband, Kanye West, lives on the other side of town. A dude saying a females puscee stank is the male equivalent of a female saying a dudes dack is little after y'all humped for some years. We couldn't see his nose hairs Hopefully she has gotten that snatch under control by now I thought I read Kim was saying Kanya ranked of booty musk no?

Nevertheless the world should not care with that one. First off EWW!! Second, if she can be cool with dookie digits Kim kardashian en penetration vaginal YE azz. Im sure she Single mom mom xxx silvy desire think her puzz smells bad.

Ole crustaycoochieazz. Ion know If Kim kardashian en penetration vaginal agree with that I know plenty of fellas that have said the same thang and was correct so Ion know bout that. They don't even live in same house when they in same city? Oh yeah something up!

Maybe she can't move in until she get them magic fangas like Amber. Maybe that's why she called Amber up to hangout.

Yeah Man would be on Koeal mallike xnxx images string going in about his Heaux. How good and heaxsome she is. Lol yes he did not play when it came to Kim he will type it out till the Kim kardashian en penetration vaginal death!

You should consider using some punctuation so that your thoughts are better understood. What I got from what you wrote is that ALL men are disgusting, especially the black ones. And women are disgusting as Kim kardashian en penetration vaginal so men and women deserve one another. I think that is what God intended soooooo. Hit and quits but yes I have smelled the aroma myself from quite Kim kardashian en penetration vaginal few ladies Seen it happen way too much.

You can also look at her and tell. She don't know how to wash properly with all her fake ASSets. Dead chile kitten heels Lol kitten heels and height adjusters Man if you're reading this we miss you brother!!! Auntie is trying to reach you on this one! You saying you have to grow up with an azz to know how to warsh it properly. If you just go out and purchase one the maintenance instructions don't come with it.

Sweaty b lls and dirty paynus plus urine and mildew. That family don't seem like feminine hygiene is a top priority. I use to watch their show the way they talked about their vaginas was disturbing and showed lack of knowledge of upkeep.

I know a dude now Idk know the woman personally so I can't judge her however, old women used to say a stinky cooch comes from sleeping around with Kim kardashian en penetration vaginal men unprotected. Every man has a different body odor, all them different odors leave the cooch funky. When I was in college a professor asked me to talk to another student about her feminine body odor. The girl was on her period.

He said the smell of fresh menstrual blood nearly knocked him out. But I didn't smell anything when I talked to her. I think men are more sensitive to feminine smells. Well RayJu shouldn't said it. I hate wen ppl say stupid ish then get mad wen it's repeated. Although Kim kardashian en penetration vaginal sure Kimk doesn't care, u made her musty cat a household name.

Thanks Brandy lil brother If Kim kardashian en penetration vaginal box smelled as bad as he calmed and he still slept with her he's just as nasty as her rotten box. May need to switch back to the other biracial gay personality at least that one tries to sound intelligent smh. That fact right there is exactly why I look at dudes sideways when they ready to hop into bed after knowing someone 1. With the "no peace, no puccy" theme.

I fell asleep on it Didn't he say the same thing about Teirra Marie too. What kind of man even talks about this and it seems the common denominator is him. RayJ passing out infections. My 18yo son just recently brought this young lady home on spring break.

She was sweeter than pudding pie, her mother was extremely sweet as well he asked me to drive with him to G-Town to meet her. I'm like cool met her immediate family he must be serious he was truly feeling this young lady. Well three days before spring break was over I'm like where's Dana not her real name he's like mom I'm cooking he sat down like "yoo mom I don't know how to say this but her stuff is ballin" I'm like "huh what stuff " he said her cooch I said "what you mean" he's like never mind.

I said " huh oh wow did you talk to her about that he's like "naw that'll hurt her feelings more than Kim kardashian en penetration vaginal I did" I said "what did you do? I said why would you do that just have a conversation with her he's like "mom I had sex with her the first time and the odor was so bad I lift up the window to stick my head out" then he said he thought it was him tripping so he had sex with her two days later and the same thing happened.

I was speechless he went to the doctor the next day and he was ok, I went over to the mothers house after they left for school and put my number in her door against my husbands wishes. She called me I told her and she called me a week later and said her daughter was fine she thinks it's the curry she cooks because the same thing happens to her sometimes.

I never told my son I called her mom I just left it alone, my husband said I should've mined my business. So maybe it's Kim K diet. You gotta make the best of what you got. Poor Man he is both vertically AND horizontally challenged. He make close to a million a year of that tape currently! Who was that oh Djando said old man told him if it stank Wow, stinking to the point where your son had to open a window and stick his Kim kardashian en penetration vaginal out? Yeah i get where you are Kim kardashian en penetration vaginal from because I sometimes get to into my son business.

It only embarrass him so I try not to. Your husband was right because that's a very sensitive matter Brazillian rough sex pics you found out it was the food she was eating.

The mom was prolly like that bish. I know I would have lol. Same thing with every other mammal. The males Kim kardashian en penetration vaginal smell when the female is ready to receive the seed. So you really don't disagree with the statement. I ain't saying that there aren't some funk boxes out there. I'm saying that Free xxx dvd video porn archive typically don't spend months or years smashing only to break up and say it stank.

Like u been putting up with it all this time now it stank Naw u bitter. I like some black moviesI plan to subscribe to UMC I Kim kardashian en penetration vaginal good acting across the Kim kardashian en penetration vaginal ya know.

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