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When Lily Holder woke up on the first Sunday of May, he was startled at first when she realized that for the first time in many years there was My friends grandma granny man next to My friends grandma granny. As her head cleared and her eyes focused enough for her to see her grandson sleeping soundly under the sheet, the immoral events that occurred the night before to put little Preston there came back to her. And he's your own flesh and blood.

He's a child. Lily shivered as she stared at the flaccid organ resting on the lad's hip, a penis that was anything but limp most of the evening as he had ravaged her over and over again, and the ache between her legs confirmed it all.

Lowering the sheet, Lily rolled over gently and got to her feet, and the moment she started to walk almost every bone in her My friends grandma granny reminded her that she was no teenager but a 64 year old woman.

When she clicked on the bathroom light the mirror in the back of the My friends grandma granny gave her another reminder of her age, and as she looked at the reflection of petite woman she wondered how anyone could get excited about having sex with her?

Always a tiny woman, she was now almost as child-like as her My friends grandma granny. According to the scale at the doctor's office she was only carrying 94 pounds on her barely five foot frame, and while she was assured she was in excellent health and in great shape for her age she longed for the days when she made heads turn.

Lily's hands went to her breasts, still tender from the almost constant mauling they had gotten from Preston's mouth and hands, and as her tiny hands managed to cup the once perky breasts she found herself wishing they still stuck straight out instead of pointing to her feet and there was more to the little hangers than areola and nipple. They didn't seem to mind though, they being her fellow widow and lover Alice and her grandson Preston, and as her hands went down her flat stomach to the mound that Alice My friends grandma granny insisted on shaving she winced when her fingers grazed My friends grandma granny labia.

Lily had always been self-conscious about the size of her labia because even when there was that faint wisp of hair around her sex the plump lips were still clear to see. Now denuded of the covering and swollen from My friends grandma granny been used so hard and so often they looked even bigger, the redness much richer as well. After Lily did her business she put on a robe and tiptoed into the kitchen to put a pot of coffee on, and as she waited for the perking to end she looked at the clock and the phone.

Too early to call Alice, because Voyeur videos on girls locker room would be at the Y working out. Lily would have been with her friend but canceled out since she was taking care of her grandson this weekend. Lily kept repeating that over and over again to herself because at least My friends grandma granny made it - different?

Better maybe from a moral standpoint, and the elderly woman shook her head when she looked at the old religious artifact on the wall and imagined herself at the pearly gates pleading her case for admittance.

The home health aide that had taken care of him had been his first! Preston - he started it all. He looked down my top for whatever reason and then he exposed himself to me. Insisted he had to show me that he wasn't a kid anymore. This going cold turkey without sex had been tough, which is where Alice had come to the rescue. After finishing her first cup Lily went to get a refill, and on the way back grabbed the phone and dialed Alice's number.

To Lily's surprise Alice My friends grandma granny up on the second ring, her gravely voice matching her coarse manner. Far from it. Want me to come over and give you what you need after he's gone?

Maybe we can sneak out to the garage for a quickie," My friends grandma granny suggested. Proud of you as a matter-of-fact, but aren't you afraid he'll tell his mother? He's nearly He got confused when he saw I didn't have any hair down there so I told him that you shaved it for me," Lily admitted.

I'm going to come over," Alice said but Lily said no. I don't think I could tell you this face to face. Lily asked. Without you I wouldn't be able to make it anymore.

I love you and ain't judging, that's for sure," Alice answered. Every single detail. This is the little critter that's always deathly sick? His mother home-schooled him and she must have done well because he's going to attend college. On-line at first because he still doesn't get around all that well. He's not a kid anymore. You keep telling me that. I get it. This is the boy in that picture on your My friends grandma granny The one that looks like that kid that kept getting left home alone in those movies?

He hasn't changed much though. Still an adorable baby-faced guy who melts my heart," Lily said. He has Renata. What that? She's his She broke him in? Helps him bathe and all. I dropped the dish cloth and after I bent over to pick it up I saw that Preston was looking down the front of my top," Lily said. He called them titties instead of breasts. Preston says Renata's got little titties too and he loves hers. I said that he could stay up if he wanted and then I went down to my room," Lily explained.

Nobody is ever here except for you, and I don't close it on you. Keep going. I was naked except for my panties, and so after I slip them off I scoop them up and toss them over onto the chair.

I looked up at the doorway and I don't know how long he had been there but there he My friends grandma granny. Standing there wearing the baggy boxer shorts and nothing else, staring at me like I was someone worth He was looking at me with his eyes bugging out, and after I got out of my own deer-in-the-headlights trance I tried to cover myself up. I needed more hands," Lily went on. He tells me not to - begs me to let him look at My friends grandma granny because he's always thought I was the most beautiful woman in the world.

I don't know what to say so he tells me Says that he sees Renata all the time. I asked him how and why and he said that Renata is lonely and she know he's lonely too, so she wanted to be his special friend when his mother isn't around.

He says that Renata thinks he's really special but wants to know what I think so he unsnaps the boxers and they fall the carpet. He's aroused. Preston's little willy got stiff over his grandmother's hot body? I mean, I haven't seen as many as you but the thing was enormous. I mean, I know my Henry was well endowed but this? I thought it because Preston's's so My friends grandma granny and skinny that it only looked big, but In fact I thought it was some kind a joke at first - some toy Preston placed on himself but it wasn't.

It just swayed around in front of him, as stiff as a board. Preston grans my wrist and pulls it down onto it. His penis is as hard as blue steel and It's a fucking cock," Alice grunted. I held it. It was hard and throbbing and so thick my hand couldn't get around it," Lily sobbed. He couldn't overpower me if I resisted, but I didn't resist. I let him, and then Preston was lowering his face between my legs to do something Renata said he was good at.

I let him. Was he good? Not as good as you but good enough. I felt like a pig looking down and seeing most of Preston's face burrowing into me with only his forehead and golden hair showing," Lily continued. Are you playing with yourself too?

Too sore. I could have stopped him. Should have stopped him. Instead he just smiled with those dimples and said he loved me," Lily said. The head of it is as big as a plum, and then he eased into me. I was crying and begging him to be gentle because he was so big, and the rest was a blur," Lily said. The next couple of hours I was like a rag doll while he took me in every position imaginable, and a couple that were new to me. He wanted to though. He's a machine.

I can't handle him but I would feel horrible letting you at him. He's still an innocent in so many ways.

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