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They laughed at me. They mocked me. And I loved every word. My wife had invited a few of her girlfriends to our house to watch the husband she married become the sissy she lived with.

It was an evening of verbal abuse that ended with physical abuse. A gay male stripper used me like a real woman. After my wife found out about my feminine urges I told her that I had never done anything gay and my femininity was strictly for clothes. Getting home from work, I would trade my daytime male attire for the exciting feel of lingerie.

After pulling on my pantyhose, the glorious feel of nylon would press my erection against my stomach. I usually completed my makeover with a soft, filmy, My sissy husband captions gown that would flutter down over my lingerie. Then one of my several wigs would complete my look for the evening. Dressed like this, I felt entirely feminine, but I had paid a price. My wife and I no longer had sex and I had agreed not to complain when she brought home lovers.

She would humiliate me by having me dressed and telling these men I was her sissy husband who liked to watch real men fuck his wife. And she was right. In fact, it excited me. Whenever she brought a man home, I would sit on a chair in our bedroom and fondle myself through my panties, all the time wishing My sissy husband captions was me getting fucked on that bed.

This arrangement went on for some time, until one night when our doorbell rang after dinner. My wife answered it and five women came into the house. Standing there in all my feminine finery, I was embarrassed. I knew these women and, I knew their husbands. They were all our neighbors. As each one passed me, they gave me a disgusted look. Why are they here?

I invited them over to see what happened to the man that I married. I know them all……. They will probably comment and talk about what a pretty little sissy you are. Tonight, we girls are going to talk about what it is like to be married to a crossdresser; especially a crossdresser who says he has never had sex with another man. By the way, none of these women believe that. Embarrassed, but obedient, I followed along. Even though I knew all of them, Linda introduced me to each of the women, telling them I was her new live-in girlfriend.

Before sending me to the kitchen to get drinks for her friends, my My sissy husband captions asked each of them how I looked, and what they thought of my feminine attire. These women were all quite beautiful, their faces adorned with perfect makeup, and each had a glamourous hairstyle. At that moment, a strange feeling came over me. I was no longer embarrassed. As they walked around me, looking me over and commenting to my wife, I began to feel like one of them. Over my lingerie, I was wearing a lovely, soft dressing gown.

I had chosen a wig with long black curls that fell past my shoulders. Tonight, I should have been suspicious when my wife asked to check my makeup, which is something she never does. I had no clue as to what she was talking about and so I went off to the kitchen to make drinks for everyone. Glow: 65 chapters and there's only 23 on here? What's your updating schedule like for this story on Inkitt? I'm too broke for anything other than free Anyhow, this was a great read so far and I'm curious to find out how Isabella and Roman Sparrow : I absolutely love this book, the way it is written makes you not My sissy husband captions to stop reading it.

The details are perfect and I like how you can relate to the characters like they are real people. Keep yo shit up don't stop. Siti: Yea yea and a couple more friends and friends and friends who have seen me in the last few months and have seen her in a few places My sissy husband captions a few hours with a few people. Tahmeena: A very non cliche werewolf story. It doesn't sugar coat. Plus it doesn't follow the conventional idea of happy endings. Loved it.

Marietta Balogbog: Hi I like the story and lm looking forward for the next chapter pls. Up date me thanks and God bless. I enjoy reading it. The My sissy husband captions is interesting and I like it for that. Honey Lynch: Love it!!! MowMow I liked the most of the stories but I didn't love the second one with cousin.

My sissy husband captions it was very well written I just prefer when the males take initiative. I want to read what happens. Search Search. Fanfiction More Fanfiction. Write or Upload Story. Fantasy and Werewolves Join the Pack! How it works. I hurried into My sissy husband captions bedroom and called out to my wife. He could almost pass for a real woman.

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