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Remaining in Ino's room with Naruto shippuden hinata and sakura hot Yamanaka, the first slave she had obtained for Naruto, Hinata smiled as she remained on Ino's bed, remaining naked as she watched her new pet redress. Though part of Naruto shippuden hinata and sakura hot hated Ino to have to hide off her seductive figure, she knew it Biggest black cock ever a necessary precaution to avoid suspicion, while also knowing the wait would be worth it when she, Naruto and their loving slaves would finally indulge in the pleasures she had only dreamt of.

And I promise I will have another woman slave that's as devoted to you as I am. Would you mind if I used your room? Everything that is mine is now yours'. Before you go and get a Kunoichi to join us, see if you can find Sakura and get her to come here. Why go to the prey when you can get them to come to you? I hope you are ready to see the new Hinata. Leaving her compound and starting in the mission assigned by her Mistress, the Yamanaka couldn't stop smiling as she made her way down the streets.

Eventually, the platinum haired blonde reached her destination, the Haruno residence, where she gained a sly smirk as she knocked on the door and waited for an answer upon the receiving end. Opening the door a moment after, Sakura stepped out, causing Ino's smirk to turn to a more innocent smile, where she called.

How have you been? Gaining a tick mark from hearing the blonde call her by the nickname she hated so much, Sakura gained a sly smirk and replied. Instead, the blonde merely smiled and offered.

She is still in her coma and it makes me wonder when she will finally wake up. Lady Tsunade is one of the toughest women around, it's just a matter of time before she is back on her feet. Thinking for a moment, and realizing she didn't have anything better to do, Sakura shrugged and said.

From Sakura's consent, Ino took Sakura's right hand into her own and eagerly escorted the pink haired Kunoichi back to her family's flower shop, which continued to perplex Sakura at Ino's behaviour, finding Ino not only holding her hand longer than expected, but she could swear she saw the platinum haired blonde checking her out. Is this a date or something? Get it together, Sakura. Ino is not into women, she Naruto shippuden hinata and sakura hot into guys, guys like Sasuke or Sai.

Why is she so keen on getting me to be with her? Naruto to thank for it. He can really do a lot with his Shadow Clones. However, before Sakura could finish her questioning, the pink haired Kunoichi felt a sharp pain on the back of her neck, just as everything turned black and she lost consciousness, leaving Naruto shippuden hinata and sakura hot on the floor, while Ino and the latex clad form of Hinata stood over her.

I was just expecting Sakura to come here herself. Thank you for leading her to me. It saves me the time I need to prepare. Groaning at the headache she felt, Sakura slowly regained consciousness, trying to think what happened, before her eyes shot opened as she realized two things.

The first being she was completely naked, the second was that she appeared to be tied up in a way Naruto shippuden hinata and sakura hot left her bent over, with her ass sticking out, while feeling something uncomfortable between her legs. What is Naruto shippuden hinata and sakura hot on?

Where am I? What happened to you?! As soon as I get out of here, I swear I will make him pay, I will With each Naruto shippuden hinata and sakura hot Sakura let out, her anger continued to rise, only for it to suddenly stop Fat chubby naked man Hinata lost her own temper and slapped her face, leaving behind a painful looking mark on Sakura's cheek.

And to make sure we understand each other, Naruto-sama doesn't even know about any of this. Hinata shook her head and corrected Sakura as she informed. Naruto-sama knows nothing of my actions. And this is no prank, it is my way to show you what you took for granted. And you aren't going anywhere until I am certain you are a good girl and will do Nudist fkk group blog I or Naruto-sama commands of you. Not wanting to play Hinata's game, but knowing it was the only way to avoid the Hyuga from Naruto shippuden hinata and sakura hot her again, Sakura gave in and thought for a moment, before something came to her, something she believed would satisfy Hinata's request.

He is a really good friend, and I am glad that he's in my life. Whenever you show Naruto-sama the proper respect, you will be rewarded. You must be punished for your past mistakes toward your Master. As Hinata continued in her actions with Sakura, Ino remained at the counter, keeping Naruto shippuden hinata and sakura hot calm expression and making sure none disturbed Sakura's training, as per the commands of her Mistress.

Just then, the door to the flower shop opened, getting Ino's attention as she started to say. But before she could finish her words, the platinum haired blonde found herself losing her ability to speak Pussy in the beach xxx the individual that just entered, being none other than her Master, Naruto Uzumaki.

Ino, meanwhile, found her eyes wandering up and down his body, for his jacket was opened, revealing the black shirt underneath, which easily showed off his muscular chest, causing Ino to moan internally. Why didn't I ever see it before? Naruto, everything is great, how have you been? I know it'll take a while before Konoha is back to normal, but it's good to see everyone doing what they can. I could sure use something to Naruto shippuden hinata and sakura hot. Believing Ino's lie, Naruto nodded, turning around and holding the door open as he escorted Naruto shippuden hinata and sakura hot platinum haired blonde out, making Ino smile at how naruto could be such a gentleman.

Once she closed up the shop, Ino then wrapped her arms around Naruto's, causing the Jinchuuriki to blush a little at her actions. If I didn't know better, I'd think she's got a crush on me. I bet she just wants you to ravish her as if she was in heat. Ino isn't like that. Little did Naruto know, those were the exact thoughts running through Ino's warped mind as images of her and her Mistress sexually pleasing their Master filled her mind, before she refocused and looked him in the eyes, asking with an eager tone.

Continuing to let out cry after cry, Sakura felt Hinata's hand continue to slap her ass, continuing to punish her, but Sakura refused to give in.

While Hinata knew she could easily manipulate Sakura with great amounts of pleasure as she had Ino, still wanting to set it in Sakura's head that she had treated Naruto unfairly, Hinata prepared her plans as she stopped spanking Sakura and smirked deviously. Sakura could only watch on as Hinata ran through several hand signs, before two clouds of smoke appeared by her sides, part of Sakura thinking Hinata had used a Summoning Jutsu to call upon a set of beasts to bring her continued pleasure and pain.

Once the smoke cleared, however, Sakura was left with a fair amount of confusion to see the forms of Naruto and Sasuke standing by Hinata's side, which made Sakura call the Uchiha's name the second she saw Sasuke, which bothered Hinata, not only at Sakura mentioning his name, but that she didn't include their Master's name.

Though the unprovoked actions upon her ass stung painfully, feeling it similar to Hinata's slaps beforehand, Sakura realized the truth. Just face it, he abandoned Konoha, he abandoned you. Sasuke is just misunderstood. Once he defeats Itachi, I know he'll come back to me. Keeping herself close to the the Naruto copy, Hinata asked in a Naruto shippuden hinata and sakura hot and enticing tone.

Just forget Sasuke and join Naruto shippuden hinata and sakura hot and Naruto-sama. Finding small traces of logic Naruto shippuden hinata and sakura hot Hinata's words, a tiny part of Sakura was tempted, but her rationality caused her to decline. I can't imagine being some kind of pet to Naruto is any girl's fantasy.

Sakura was confused as to why Hinata had brought up such a subject, but in her current position could only remain and listen. Every time you do good, Naruto will give you positive reinforcement in the form of pleasure, while Sasuke will be the negative reinforcement.

As Hinata continued to kiss Sakura, Sakura shifted around in discomfort, trying to escape Hinata's lips, but Naruto shippuden hinata and sakura hot her hold too strong. Sticking to her words, Sakura stared at Hinata and the Naruto double, wondering what they would say, only to feel Naruto shippuden hinata and sakura hot sudden pain come from behind, turning her head to see Sasuke had slapped her butt, while keeping his hand up to show he was holding a line of anal beads.

You are still the same annoying little girl I was glad to get away from. Maybe if you weren't so weak, you could've convinced me to stay. It wasn't Sasuke now was it? At Hinata's questioning, Sakura felt a small twinge in her chest, feeling some guilt at Wwe sasha banks fake porn pictures Hyuga's words, knowing that Naruto had his flaws but had spent most his time encouraging her and trying to show her kindness and respect.

You should have been honoured that you were part of his team, but instead you thought Naruto-sama to be a burden, but who was it that fought Gaara for you, who was it that fought to save us all from the Akatsuki, it was Naruto-sama. He risked everything for Konoha, and even as we speak, I am certain his is doing everything he can to restore the Leaf for us and make others smile.

Walking over to her, Sakura expected the copy of Naruto to strike her, but was left with some confusion when the blond set his hand on her face, gently cupping her cheek. The only thing I want is to make you feel good, Girls for fuck in sixaola let you know how precious you are to me.

But quickly remembering the truth, despite the enjoyable feeling she was receiving, Sakura managed to pull herself away from the kiss, which caused a confused look to appear on the Naruto double's face and ask with a sincere sounding voice. Looking past the Naruto double and at Hinata, Sakura gave a defiant glare as she said. With Lady Tsunade still resting and no missions being assigned, I have nothing but all the time in the world to spend with you.

So long as you remain a good girl, you will be rewarded. But Sakura just blushed and fell silent, which didn't go too well with Hinata, causing the Sasuke double to act on her behalf. He is really handsome Pleased with Sakura's reply, Hinata made Sasuke stop and allowed Naruto to step in, where the double of the Uzumaki walked behind Sakura and began to gently rub her buttocks, trying to relieve the stinging pain she felt, which made the pink haired Kunoichi moan at the soothing hand of the Naruto doppelganger.

But remembering that this was all Hinata's deception, Sakura shook her head and thought. C'mon Sakura, you have to focus You have to remember they are not the real Sasuke and Naruto However, glad to hear there was part of Sakura that desired Naruto, Hinata had to ask.

Because Sasuke is the one I love. You never learn, do you? Going all out, Sasuke's double pushed whole line of anal beads deeply into Sakura, making her scream out at the feeling of the sex toy invading her behind, before her cries were muffled as Hinata shoved a latex gag in her mouth, tying it around the back of Sakura's head and further punishing her. Where is Sasuke when you need him? And even if he were here, do you think he would help you?

He is obsessed with his revenge and Naruto shippuden hinata and sakura hot do anything to help you, unless it got him one step closer to finding Itachi.

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