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May 28, Hi all. Over time it has evolved into an event that still combines a traditional marathon along with people running in costumes and nude, followed by tens of thousands of walkers, partiers and spectators filling the streets for miles. The event started shortly after I arrived at 7am. After most of the serious runners passed by and I began to see a few naked people walking, I stripped off and joined the crowd wearing nothing but a party hat, a backpack and shoes and socks.

The vibe at the B2B is great. LOTS of hot women of all ages, though most are probably collage age, and everyone is partying and having a great time. Even though floats were banned this year there were still many people blasting or playing music on the sidewalks and people dancing in the streets.

Imagine being at one big street party of 55, plus people, full of hot women in costumes, Public cfnm bay to breakers erection of them barely wearing anything or less. The entire day is just a feast of Public cfnm bay to breakers erection. From posing along the street for the many woman who ask for pics, to just brazenly walking naked past police and spectators and even news cameras.

I even stopped to give about a two minute interview to one reporter while fully nude. I just wish I had thought to ask which station so I could find Public cfnm bay to breakers erection. Not that I mind much. What can I say? At one point a woman backed up to me and began rubbing her ass against mine, so I leaned over and rubbed back. I had women come up and ask if they could pose with me, even one who was so drunk that when she wrapped her arm around me she nearly knocked me down on top of her.

One woman was wearing a sandwich board that said "forgot something? FriendlyFlasher I'd rather be naked. Nov 2, Just a MidWestern Guy. One ironic thing about the B2B was, after walking completely naked for nearly 8 miles and all they way across the city and through Golden Gate park, when I finally got to the beach I was told by the cops that I'd either have to put cloths on or if not I'd have to turn around and go back to the park.

I even had a couple of girls come up to me and ask if I was uncircumcised. I am and they told me they had never seen one like that before, so after I pulled back my foreskin to show them. One of them said "Oh that's how it works! May 12, Maryland. So were there many women naked or is just the guys who are naked at this event?

Did you see many guys with erections? There were naked women, I guess it depends on what you mean by many. I think there were 55, people who paid to register to be in the event plus I couldn't even guess how many spectators and people like me who just joined in. It is only a small percentage that get naked. There is a mixed male and female group of several dozen people or more called the Public cfnm bay to breakers erection to Brakers" that all wear matching caps and participate nude as a group.

Other than that, most of the women were either wearing running outfits or sexy Halloween type costumes. I saw maybe half a dozen that were completely nude, maybe a couple dozen that were topless or Public cfnm bay to breakers erection pasties, and LOTS of women in sexy see through body stockings or lingerie or bikinis.

I'm sure the weather prediction had something to do with how much skin was on display. It was predicted to be in the 50's with thunder storms and rain. But it actually got to about 60 and partly sunny with only a couple of short light showers. I'm sure if the weather had been better there would Public cfnm bay to breakers erection been a lot more nudes and topless women and I would love to go back on a much warmer day. Like everywhere else where there are nude ladies, there are lots more nude men than women.

I couldn't tell you what the ratio was. I read one webpage that said 5 to 1, don't Public cfnm bay to breakers erection if that's true or if the guy just picked a number. Most guys kept it hanging but there were a couple boners. One guy in particular I think had a permanent erection for the entire event. I saw him hours later and miles farther along the course and he was still hard. At least I didn't see anyone doing that, but no one cares if Public cfnm bay to breakers erection are naked or hard, and lots of guys were wearing cock rings or dick jewelry.

Since I was walking in the thing I only saw the people I passed by or that passed by me. It's impossible to see everyone that way so I'm sure there were lots of nudes of both sexes I just didn't see. In fact I took one picture of Public cfnm bay to breakers erection girlfriend and didn't even notice til I got home that there was a topless girl skipping past holding hands with another girl in the pic.

I didn't even see them when I shot it. Just search their page for something like Bay to Breakers, or B2B nudes and it would probably give you a better idea of how many women were there than I could. What the pictures don't really show is what a Public cfnm bay to breakers erection crowd it is. Just a total trip to walk past literally thousands of people completely nude and most of them don't even seem to notice. You can just walk up to hot women and ask to have a picture taken with them and almost all of them say yes or grab their friends to pose and take pics.

At the top of Hayes Hill is a small park just filled with people hanging around partying. There were a few guys on the side walk with drums set up and one woman was jumping around dancing and a few people stopped and danced with her, so I said what the hell, and jumped over the railing and did too.

At one point I got grabbed by a woman with a group of people who had a hula-hoop and she insisted I try it. Even though I hadn't touched one since I was a little kid I still manage to work it for about a minute, nude with my package flying around while she and her friends cheered me on! Bently I flash in my mind! May 1, DFW Texas. Loved the 'Free Underwear' girl. JanniR Go ahead. Flash my day. May 14, Thanks for the pics and posts, it must be quite an experience.

After a while, I suppose you must forget that you're even nude? You are right JanniR. It is quite an experience and after a while you do sort of forget you are naked. Women run up and ask if they can take a picture with you, sometimes groups of them.

I got a lot of positive comments about my penis size, having the guts to be nude, things like that. Nov 2, 5, OK first off let me say you fucking rock! On another level let me say I am not just a pervert. I consider myself a pervert conniseur. Something such as this is just epic. Public cfnm bay to breakers erection get a kick out of how if you did this at say Wal mart you would be branded for life. But if you do it in publicly sanctioned areas you can let your freak flag fly high Serena pokemon porno bilder proud.

When I was a college kid I remember similar events but the kill joys kept eliminating them. People need places to have outlets for their pent up lives. These were designed as a festival where you could let loose before you needed to get serious again. I don't see the harm. With all the wars and pain in the world why can't we have some harmless fun. Anytime I participated in any event like this I got mostly pretty good approval.

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