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For the kawaii-tasticness that is moe characters? Every show Cute anime girls hot at least one and they always leave a Cute anime girls hot impression on us. Below is a list of the top ten most kawaii anime girls in anime ever, made from the tears and moe-cries of anime fans worldwide. Asuna Yuuki from Sword Cute anime girls hot Online. They get married in the game and have a short vacation after buying a house, then return to the front lines to break out of this video game world.

They have a conversation about how real this is to them despite being in a video game. Part of the fascination with Asuna is the reality she got married to Kirito and how many fans were wishing they took his place!

Kanade is appropriately named Tenshi, or Angel, in Angel Beats! She starts out appearing as the antagonist in this afterlife world, battling against the main characters. It starts out with Otonashi, the protagonist, dying and ending up in this afterlife which centers on a school. He has no memories and ends up in the middle of a battle between the SSS and Angel. Is the shortest, yet sweetest little pie of an anime you ever did see and many people glow over Mio Akiyama, the bass guitarist.

Even people in the series came to love her and voted her to be Romeo in the play, much to our added fanservice! Add in a love for vampires and darkness and you get a whole bundle of charm! Since she started watching an anime called Full Metal Necromancer, she claims Cute anime girls hot be known as Reisys VI Felicity Sumeragi, an ancient vampire Cute anime girls hot has lived for ten thousand years. She likes to talk in an old vampire type way but slips back into her Kyushu accent often, much to her embarrassment.

Kobato joins too, despite being in middle school, and this band of misfits learn what it means to have friends and be in relationships. Mirai is a girl who has the power to manipulate blood and Akihito, a half human, half youmu student, stops her from jumping off the Nudeass junior boys photo Cute anime girls hot to her feelings of isolation because Cute anime girls hot her said powers.

Her beauty and character design really shines in this well animated, colorful series. The realistic character actions and reactions are also very Cute anime girls hot and might be just another cause to love Mirai.

Also, girls with glasses are dreamy. Kotori Minami from Love Live! School Idol Project. Love Live! Kotori and her friends attend a school with a declining school population, threatening to end the school for good. They enact the plan School Idol Project, a plan to become idols to raise popularity for the school and it proves to have its ups and downs.

Kotori is a dreamer but also the head designer, creating the delightful costumes we all know and love. She also was a famous maid in Akihabara, a dream come true for all of her fans. Shiro is another girl with a serious brother complex and because of this, never wants him to leave her side. They get a chess game request and end up being transported to another world, Disboard, where everything is decided by games. She seems fairly emotionless herself, has a very dry sense of humor and refuses to allow Sora be with other girls alone, as she becomes insanely jealous.

Something happened and Yuuta ended up in a contract with a moe-tastic girl named Rikka. This contrast leads to quirky antics and making a classically humorous duo. Taiga, of course, gets numerous love confessions, which she always turns down.

Now compiling the most kawaii anime girls into one small list of 10 might seem especially hard but there is definitely at least one girl in here for you, if not all of them! Born and raised small town Minnesotan, USA who moved to the nearest metro and thought it wasn't big enough, so she decided to pursue her dream of moving to Tokyo with her Cute anime girls hot. Likes to binge watch anime, American cartoons, draw, paint, or do anything creative, including having picked up the violin recently!

Has a lot of dreams, ideas, and half done Cute anime girls hot but is slowly but surely continuing each one, mainly her writing career! Previous Articles.

Top 5 Anime by Kari. Recommended Post. Honey's Anime. Anime Characters [Article Category]. Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats! Mio Akiyama from K-On! Shiro from No Game No Life. Rikka Takanashi from Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

Taiga Aisaka from Toradora! Tell us in the comments below! Author: Kari. Previous Articles Top 5 Anime by Kari. Anime Girls.

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