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Back to top. View in: Desktop. Home Forums Recruiting Pick'em LSU Football Schedule. Sign In Register. O-T Lounge. Page 2 of 7. Options Top. Replies 0. I play Madden with my buddies once on awhile when we can. Guess what? I am about to be engaged and soon start a family. Your logic is flawed and a product of your lack of intelligence. Shouldn't you be starting a family or doing something that provides value to your life?

Video games are the same thing as any other hobby. Replies 1. Who says they don't do those things also? Make people more insulated, especially kids. I think video games are harmful in that area. Replies 3. Grown men midget soccer really the same as any other hobby. Replies 2. Why is that? To be fair, that's what was said about TV. The difference is when I Jennica lynn porn star a kid '70s we stayed outside for as long as possible.

Once inside we might Grown men midget soccer away in front of the box, but outside was where we preferred to spend our time. Nowadays it's claimed kids are glued to their games and phones and have to be forced to go outside. It gets you outdoors socializing with other real people, a whole lot better than sitting on your arse for hours at a time doing essentially nothing. Story also says the the gf had taken a job in another country Video games are fun in moderation just like everything else.

For Grown men midget soccer, I play a few PC games, hunt fish, BBQthe usual You watch midget scat porn and and post on message boards about adult men. That's fine, we can talk about which hobbies are better, but you still haven't explained why video games can't be a hobby but something like reading, fishing, watching Grown men midget soccer football, bird watching, painting are.

I play video games and prob read more than you do. I don't have cable so I rarely watch TV. Only really watch my sports teams. But hey, guess I'm a loser for wasting time on that too. I'm also on two adult league soccer teams.

Playing some golf on Thursday, washed my car yesterday, went fishing over the weekend. Yeah, my life sucks. I agree, but Grown men midget soccer many kids do you see outside running around Grown men midget soccer playing with their friends nowadays?

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