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What does being on top have to do with liking or disliking anal? Just not sure what u mean Because anal is for submissive girls only, dominant girls love to be on top, they don't like rear entry positions. Someonesmartt Xper 5. Why Jennifer Lopez and Kim kardasian are Having j lo sex into anal sex? How do you Having j lo sex know when all Having j lo sex showing is their ass. Share Facebook.

Add Opinion. If Kim Kardashian should like anal so much she would not get pregnant, not all woman that have a big ass and like to show it are into anal, and not all man that like woman butts are into anal, some man just like to touch it and look Having j lo sex it, nothing more. Show All Show Less. How can you be so sure that they're into it?

I haven't seen any news elsewhere that they both love anal sex, so you're just making an assumption. Guess you chose them because they have bigger bums? Because they are whores. Girls dont get pleasure from anal. Only pain. A guy gets pleasure from their anus because guys have prostate there. Vetsin Xper 6. The real question is how do you even know? Do they invite you to watch or something? Sign Up Now! Related Questions. Electric toothbrush orgasm?

Is it Safe? Do guys like it when girls are dominant in the bedroom? Have you ever gone topless on a beach holiday? Sort Girls First Guys First. Mac2Nite Xper 3. I sense jealousy here! MisterDude Xper 5. It's just a trend doesn't mean they like getting fucked in the ass. DeenaGupro Having j lo sex 4. I doubt that, I dont know about Kim, but I've heard that J. Lo is dominant, she likes to be on top. Showing their ass doesn't mean they "like anal".

TheAngryBanana Explorer. TonyRyan Yoda. In my experience, a good deal of women are, it's fun. Because they're trashy and gross. That's an Naruto sakura futa comic one.

How do you know they like it up the poop chute? How have you reached this conclusion? How do you know they are? Simulacrumb Xper 3. Related Having j lo sex. Once a player Not always a player? My encounter with Jell-O play edible sand. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

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