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Also available as: Epub pdf mobi lit txt. It was a Mercedes sedan, the top of the line. Emma, who was quite taken with Lesbian hermione granger naked, insisted on keeping the beautiful snowy owl in the front seat with her and Hermione held Crookshanks on her lap. Harry and Hermione took turns scratching the half kneazel behind the ears, which Crookshanks appeared to regard as the right and proper order of things. Dan and Emma shared a glance when they noted this, a glance that gradually changed to a look of alarm as they witnessed the conversation that ensued when Vernon answered the phone.

They watched Harry cringe as they could hear Vernon loudly berating him for the inconvenience he was causing, even though he had spared them the trip to London to pick him up this year. They were both sickened by the change that had come over the friendly, well-mannered boy that their daughter thought so highly of, and eventually Dan had seen enough.

After pulling over to the side of the street, he reached out and beckoned to Harry for the phone. This is Dan Granger speaking.

Lesbian hermione granger naked sir, I assure you that my wife and I are just as normal as you are. I thought it would be more convenient than him having to call you to come all the way into London to pick him up. Dan turned to look at Harry. Dan paused briefly before continuing. Harry snorted. Lesbian hermione granger naked suppose he can be perfectly polite to people he wants to get in good with.

Dan and Emma shared another glance. Emma quickly broke in Lesbian hermione granger naked Hermione could get too carried away. It seems to me that keeping Harry dressed in shabby clothing is just a way that his family uses to make themselves feel superior to him. I think that a bit of shopping might be in order before we take Harry home. What do you say, Harry, would you let us treat you to a nice shirt and a pair of slacks?

Hermione could tell that Harry was feeling guilty about her parents spending Lesbian hermione granger naked on him, and broke in. Dad can help you pick out a nice outfit.

This is something my parents want to do for you. Hermione eventually selected a simple white sleeveless dress, with a V-neckline that was cut lower than anything she had previously owned. In fact, Emma had been correct that she had outgrown most of her old dresses — not in Lesbian hermione granger naked sense that she had gotten much taller, but that her figure had filled out significantly in the last three years.

The dress had an even deeper V-cut back, which precluded Lesbian hermione granger naked wearing a bra with it, but it was of a stretch knit fabric that gave her enough support. It was longer than she would have liked, but it would do for now and she would be able to shorten it when she got home.

The dress conformed snugly to her upper body before flaring at her hips to a full skirt. She was quite hopeful that Harry would like it. When the four of them joined up in front of the stores the two teens were momentarily frozen speechless.

Dan had helped Harry select a closely fitted dark green dress shirt and a light gray cotton-blend pair of trousers, which also fit perfectly. Hermione had never seen Harry in anything but baggy clothes or loose wizarding robes and it was a real eye-opener. She knew that Harry had grown up in recent years, but the broad-shouldered, narrow-waisted, tight-bummed hunk in front of her made her knees go weak. Emma quickly bailed Harry out.

Lesbian hermione granger naked suddenly realized what he was doing and nodded silently, staring at the golden trinket in his hand. Even though it was a fake horcrux, it would be too creepy to wear it knowing what Harry and Dumbledore had gone through to get it. Harry, realizing her discomfort, quickly put the locket back into his pocket. Hermione found herself standing next to Harry perusing the displays when her eye was caught by a beautiful jade pendant on a silver chain.

Harry, who had been watching her, quickly reached out and picked it up. Hermione protested just as Harry had done previously, but eventually gave in when he argued that they were getting something nice for him, so he wanted to get something nice for her in return. She finally accepted when he allowed her to count it as Lesbian hermione granger naked early birthday present. Dan quickly agreed to let Harry pay him for the pendant as soon as he could get some money Lesbian hermione granger naked. The rest of the evening went by all too fast as far as Hermione was concerned.

For his part Dudley never took his eyes Lesbian hermione granger naked of Hermione, which eventually caused a glaring Harry to move to block his view, which in turn generated a satisfied smile from the young witch.

At the restaurant, Hermione kept a close eye on Harry, subtly helping him out with everything. She was fairly certain that he had never been out to eat before in his life, and she could see the gratitude in his eyes for her not letting him embarrass himself.

The Lesbian hermione granger naked was fabulous, and their amiable conversation of Porn ebony big picture continued.

She could see her parents gradually becoming more and more impressed with Harry. Unfortunately, all too soon as far as she was concerned, they were eventually back at Privet Drive, where she decided to walk Harry up to the front door. I had an incredible time. It was unbelievable.

Please thank your parents again for me. Do you still have my number? Dan and Emma Granger were, to all appearances, a successful professional couple who lived in a well-to-do neighborhood, drove nice cars, and took long, expensive vacations when they could arrange the time off from their practice.

They were faithful members of their local church, got on well with their neighbors, took a moderate interest in their local Lesbian hermione granger naked, and kept up with the latest developments in their field. They rarely visited a nudist club, but mostly confined their clothing free activities to their own home and the resorts they visited at warm weather locations. This, of course, made them quite a bit different than their neighbors.

For the last several years though, it was becoming more and more obvious that it was a dangerous world that their daughter had become a part of, and somehow she was now caught up right in the thick of it.

Most implausibly, she had been part of a group of school children that had captured some of the most dangerous magical terrorists in the country a year ago. They also knew that the reason their daughter was so deeply caught up in the danger in her world Lesbian hermione granger naked her friendship with the boy they had just spent the afternoon and evening getting to know better.

Of course, their natural instincts as parents were to get her as far away from him as possible, no matter that he was one of the finest young men they had ever met.

They also realized, though, that they had no chance whatsoever of doing that. She had made it very clear, by both her words and actions, that she would follow him anywhere, and indeed, had already done so. Thus their discussion, as they removed their clothing upon their return home, centered on how they could best aid Lesbian hermione granger naked two teenage warriors, by any means possible.

After some time spent reviewing all that they had learned this day, Emma went to talk to Hermione and ask her to Lesbian hermione granger naked their discussion. While Lesbian hermione granger naked pondered, she began to disrobe, removing the white dress that had been such a Lesbian hermione granger naked, quickly stripping down to her knickers. At this point she paused as she stood in front of her mirror, and gave herself a critical evaluation.

Her breasts were of average size, which meant that, like most teenage girls, she thought they were too small. As she studied them, she wished, not for the first time, that she was curvy like Lavender. Her voluptuous blonde roommate certainly never had any trouble getting boys to notice her.

Of course, those three girls were all very pretty, with beautiful long hair, and had no trouble attracting boys. As she studied herself in the mirror, she decided she should shave her legs. Shaving would be a relatively simple matter, as one of the benefits of sharing a dorm room with Lavender Brown was learning lots of personal care charms. As she used her wand to do the hair removal charm, Hermione reflected on being a child of nudists, adjusting to living in a dorm with two other girls.

Due to her background, she had grown up without being the least bit self conscious about her body. In the Granger household it was perfectly normal to walk nude from the bathroom to the bedroom. While Parvati had come from a conservative Indian family, and had been shocked at this behavior, Lavender had definitely turned out to have some exhibitionistic tendencies. Eventually, after hanging around with Lavender for six years, Parvati had loosened up enough so that she no longer dressed behind her bed hangings, and was comfortable enough to walk around in the dorm room in her underwear, or emerge from the bathroom in only a towel.

Just like Cho the year before with Harry. How unfair, she grumbled in her mind; she got all of the blame but none of the benefits, since neither boy had moved on to her after the breakups that she allegedly caused. Once her legs were done she decided that she should also trim her bikini area, since she would likely be wearing swimsuits this summer. It sounded rather painful and she was very glad that she could do this magically.

She removed her knickers and was once again carefully performing the charm when her mum knocked and entered the room, while Harvard primal scream naked on a robe, which she left hanging open in front.

As was not uncommon for nudist Lesbian hermione granger naked, she kept herself clean shaven. Emma Lesbian hermione granger naked ruefully and watched her finish. Using magic will no doubt mean that I can just burn food that much faster.

Lesbian hermione granger naked had finally given up trying to make a cook out of Hermione, now trusting her to do no Lesbian hermione granger naked than boil water for Lesbian hermione granger naked. Hermione finished and straightened up, regarding herself once again in Lesbian hermione granger naked mirror with a wistful expression.

Her daughter nodded glumly. That dress you wore tonight certainly got his attention. With an appropriate swimsuit of course. At least at first. Emma gave her daughter a quick hug and then released her as Hermione reached for a robe. Northern Scotland was not the greatest place to work on a tan.

The drive led up to a large Lesbian hermione granger naked with a covered entryway, then continued around to the side of the house to a garage which was expansive enough to hold two cars and a boat. The front door to the home opened Lesbian hermione granger naked to a grand, two story entryway dominated by a large circular stairway leading up to the bedrooms on the second floor.

The front of the house had a large formal living room and dining room off of either side of the entryway, which were used primarily for entertaining business associates. A set of double doors led to the rear of the Sexstallningar for henne gratis erotk, which contained a kitchen equipped with Lesbian hermione granger naked the latest culinary gadgets, along with a breakfast room, immediately behind the dining room, and an expansive family room behind the living room.

This area was the part of the house that the Grangers actually lived in most of the time.

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