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Mastech HYD-3 troubleshooting. Thread starter OldTechie Start date Oct 19, OldTechie Member. Today, a friend gave me a Mastech HYD-3 power supply to attempt to repair for him. My friend has four of these PSUs and all have the same problem. The issue is that one of the V supplies the Mastech power supply schematics only goes down to approximately 5.

Other than that problem, the supply seems to be working properly. I haven't checked Mastech power supply schematics for regulation at full load but all controls seem to be operating properly. A quick check at 1A load indicates that regulation is good. Just wondering if anyone here has any troubleshooting experience with these supplies, or if this is a common issue with Mastech power supply schematics. I have a schematic for a HYD-3, which is very Mastech power supply schematics, but it's kinda hard to follow and I haven't been able to locate any documentation having a theory of operation.

I can figure it out eventually, but it would be much easier to draw from someone who has worked through this problem. Mastech says they only help customers who bought directly from them, and refused to send the correct schematics. Since all of the units exhibit the same problem, I'm wondering if they have been modified for a specific purpose.

Possible, I guess, but no idea of what the modification involved. Thanks for any help. Dave Mastech power supply schematics. Hi, Maybe you can upload the schematic you have.

Where did your friend get Mastech power supply schematics power supplies? Four that do the same thing do indicate a systematic error of some kind unless they all were damaged by the same test somehow.

The voltage regulation scheme used by these supplies are not that straight forward but Mastech power supply schematics may be able to help if i can see the schematic you do have.

If there was a modification, then it would probably come in the form Angelina jolie wanted nude a changed resistor value. It may be hard to figure out but i think it is very possible to do this as long as the schematics are not Mastech power supply schematics different.

If someone can step forward with a schematic of the actual unit that would help too of course. Also, what is the difference between the supply schematic you have and the actual unit you want to fix? Such as different voltages or max current of the outputs? MrAl said:. Hello again, Ok that might help. As i said before, this could have happened due to a mod or that they all became defective due to a problem that caused them to exhibit this behavior, but let's proceed as if it was a mod because that is the most probable.

The simplest way to get this to happen is to increase or add the resistor on one terminal of the pot so that adjusting it only allows the total resistance on that side to go only so low. For example if we had a 5k pot and got adjustment from 0 to 5v but then added a 5k fixed resistor to the bottom terminal we might only get an adjustment from 2. So the first thing to check for is the two resistors that connect to the voltage adjustment pot.

That pot on your schematic is labeled "W5". You can also note that the "top" resistor is W6A, and there is no "bottom" resistor. However, they may have added a bottom resistor so you should check for that. To see how the top and bottom resistors are added you can look at the current adjustment pot which is W6 on this schematic.

Note the 'bottom' resistor is 1K adjustable, and the 'top' resistor is a 4. The top resistor usually limits the top adjustment range and the bottom resistor usually limits the bottom adjustment range but take note the functionality could be reversed. So look for the pot W5 or equivalent and try to find the top and bottom resistors.

On the schematic there is no bottom resistor, but they may have added one in series with the bottom terminal of the pot so look for that. On your supply they may actually have one anyway even if not shown on the schematic.

If you find a resistor addition modification then it becomes obvious that they added it and it has to be either shorted out or reduced in value. I would Mastech power supply schematics reducing the value first and see what the effect is on the operation.

There are other ways to get a limit on the low end, but let's hope they did it the simplest and most common way first. Even Mastech power supply schematics the power supply is different than the schematic the idea is the same on almost all power supplies like this.

So to recap, first find the voltage adjust pot, then find the bottom resistor, parallel with the same value resistor, test to see if the bottom end range has moved down lower so you can adjust below 5v then. If you can, the test was a success, if not, you have to take that resistor off and parallel the top resistor and test again. You must log in or register to reply here. Latest threads H. Mathematics and Physics.

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