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But when her enormous success as a model backfired into public hysteria, she had decisions to make. She could stand and fight, or she could run away. She chose to fight. In the wake of it all, Tula would become the first of many things, much to her surprise.

Life was good. But everything changed the following year. Indeed, Tula came into the world as Barry Cossey. Inafter years of hormone therapy and counseling as well as a breast augmentation, she completed her transition with gender-reassignment surgery at a London Model caroline cossey playboy. So she decided Model caroline cossey playboy tell it, to own it and become a poised, albeit reluctant, leader in educating the world about an ignored, misunderstood and often-maligned minority.

Over the next decade, Tula would pen two memoirs, battle the British government to change her gender on her birth certificate and talk about her transition on programs including The Howard Stern Show and The Arsenio Hall Show. She would also marry a wealthy businessman, who deserted her mere days after their honeymoon. As a beautiful Model caroline cossey playboy at the forefront of a sociosexual-rights struggle, Tula approached Playboy and asked to pose for the magazine.

We signed on. In Septembershe became the first transgender woman to appear Model caroline cossey playboy these pages in her own pictorial.

The pictorial reignited a media firestorm. ByTula had disappeared from the public eye. At a time when the transgender community is experiencing a historical and cultural turning point in acceptance, exposure and understanding, Playboy wanted to know what had happened to the groundbreaking model-author-activist. We found Tula, now 60, living a Model caroline cossey playboy married life in suburban Atlanta as Caroline Cossey, having ditched the pseudonym she adopted as a model.

Coincidentally, she was in the process of converting her best-selling memoir, My Storyinto an e-book for a summer release. In her first interview in 20 years, the Bond girl speaks candidly on a range of topics, from life after Playboy to Bruce Jenner to her own public persecution.

Was your retirement from public Model caroline cossey playboy voluntary or forced? My career had definitely taken a turn. I was being offered only trans roles on shows like Hill Street Blues. I felt Model caroline cossey playboy a circus act.

I was also on a tour for my second book, doing eight interviews a day. It became overwhelming, and I got burnt out. Two, three years into it I worried about my sanity. I wanted quiet. I wanted peace of mind and to fall back into society in a more regular manner as a loving and supportive wife. For that reason, I became reclusive for an awfully long time. How long have you been married? This year is our 23rd anniversary. My husband is Canadian, and we got married in a church in Montreal.

We have a little home here and a place in Florida on the beach. My sister is in America, as is my mom, and we spend as much time together as a family as possible. One time I did have a fan who got a little touchy. He followed me into the bathroom and kind of grabbed me, telling me I was wonderful. That freaked me out. But that was the only situation. Did you give it back?

I still have it on my wall. Your birth certificate still identified you as male when you got married. You had waged a costly eight-year fight with the European Court of Human Rights in the s for the right to change your gender on the document.

You won the case initially, but the British government appealed, Model caroline cossey playboy you lost on the appeal. Did you have issues living in the U. I got U. When I went through the process, one of the documents you have to produce is Model caroline cossey playboy birth certificate.

My heart sank. I asked if I could use something else, said that I had lost it, but they said no. When I produced it, I looked at Model caroline cossey playboy lady and gave her my birth certificate, Model caroline cossey playboy name-change form and my letter from a surgeon confirming my surgery. I expected her to leave the room and come back with a load of people behind her, but no.

It was amazing. It was actually harder for my Model caroline cossey playboy to get citizenship as a Canadian. You own a gun? When I drive to Florida from Georgia Model caroline cossey playboy sometimes travel through unsavory areas, so I have one in my car. They take your fingerprints and do a background check, and I thought they would find me mentally unstable or something as a transsexual.

I never had a problem in the States with any of those legal Model caroline cossey playboy. Do you have more allegiance to the U. I definitely feel more allegiance to the U. I know for a fact [the editors of] News of the World were vile and spent quite a bit of money to get access to my medical files.

I still have the home where I was born back in my village, but I would certainly feel much happier to spend what time I have left in the States. In you married your first husband, Elias Fattal. They summoned him, and you never saw or spoke to him again. Your marriage was annulled and you received no entitlements. Did you ever find out what happened? There was no closure. It still burns me. Sometimes it comes across my mind like, I need answers.

He knew I was transsexual because I gave him my book to read. Model caroline cossey playboy heart was broken. The whole thing is ugly. But you pick up the pieces and get on with your Model caroline cossey playboy. It was after that marriage ended that you asked to pose for Playboy.

I did Playboy as a Bond girl before everything about me came out, and I was very proud. With the fight I was dealing with, trying to get recognition and Model caroline cossey playboy, I thought it would be a great platform if Playboy would allow it. Model caroline cossey playboy had done pinups and calendars and glamour shoots, but to be the first transsexual in PlayboyI felt absolutely honored.

I remember being invited to the Mansion to meet Hugh Hefner. He looked into my eyes and I immediately Model caroline cossey playboy he felt my story. He felt my cause. In hindsight, did appearing in Playboy help the cause? It helped to no end. I wanted to fight for the right of recognition. And Playboy gave me the opportunity to ask for a whole hour on most of the talk shows.

And it gave people the chance to get to know me, to feel the situation and hopefully gain empathy and understanding. That was my goal, and Playboy was a great platform for that. Your pictorial sparked as much interest and controversy as it did because in the s there were few, if any, successful transgender actors, authors or activists.

Laverne Cox is so comfortable talking about it. You used to see a gay friend on a TV show only because it was fashionable. It was a bit of a shock, to say the least. But I saw clips in the days after. The guy is obviously going through a lot of pain and suffering. Why is that? But I would hate for him to lose his three-piece suite and live to regret it.

If you want to live that way, fine. I pray he gets the right counseling. Has the growing acceptance of LGBT people made life easier? When I look back at Model caroline cossey playboy all, what I went through was tragic. But how do you deal with pain?

You shrug it off.

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