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MA: hey peeps. Just when I try to get out, Pokemon dawn sex hot all pull me back in. It seems everyone cant get enough of my pearlshipping fics. So how about another to satisfy you? And this one Pokemon dawn sex hot be a dozy.

Its gonna be dirty. I mean, really, really dirty but tasteful. It will be lemony in parts but it wont be just straight up sex. Make sense to you? If not, then I will let the story help you. Once again I don't own pokemon or any characters Pokemon dawn sex hot to it.

Well, without further padding, on with the fic! That was the one word that was ringing through the head of Pokemon dawn sex hot ash ketchum. Now, for those who knew ash, him and the word "reason" didn't exactly go together. He was almost as unreasonable as one could get. True, when it came to off the wall strategies and on the spot battle tactics, he was a genius but everything else about Pokemon dawn sex hot was beyond the pale of reason.

So what would have pallet town's most famous son thinking such thoughts? Normally, he would be thinking of training or his next gym badge. But not today. Not now. Why you ask? Well, it stems from something that's happening to him at this very moment. The location was pretty normal for him; his room in his home in pallet. But the activity was far from what ash would be normally be Pokemon dawn sex hot. And to make matters even stranger for him, it was the identity of the girl that was the source of his unusual thinking process.

It was the girl who could be called ash's biggest fan and best friend, dawn. Ash's mind was in over drive over this situation but his body was acting on its own.

He was kissing dawn back, and his hands were groping her all over. How did it come to this? If you were a friend of these two, you could probably seen this coming a mile away.

It was always there, the potential for something more. So lets go back and trace this situation and how we got to this Pokemon dawn sex hot. Ash ketchum didn't pay much attention to girls.

No, that would be a understatement. Sure he had friends who were girls but none of them could really get his true attention. For some reason, despite his idiocy when it came to romance and the opposite sex, ash was quite the ladies man, even though he never knew it. Some said that he and misty would make a good couple. Said as in past tense. True be known, as much as ash loved misty, he knew nothing would come of it. Misty was a loyal friend but her explosive temperament made it hard for him to develop feelings for her.

They always seemed to be fighting for some reason or another, most of the time he not understand why she was so mad at him.

No, for ash, misty was just a close friend. May was also out of the question for him as well. Sure, she was Heather rene smith playboy pretty and more mellow than misty, he couldn't see himself with her. She felt more like a sister to him than anything, if that's how having a sister felt to him. Ash wasn't expecting romance on his new journey to the sinnoh region.

It was just another step in his seemingly never ending Pokemon dawn sex hot to be a pokemon master. Boy was he in for a shock. To say that his journey in sinnoh started off badly was a understatement. His eternal nemesis, team rocket, had attempted to take Free porno kim kardashian from him for billionth time it seemed, leaving ash running through this unfamiliar land with only aipom as his only useable pokemon.

Later, he caught a starly in hopes of using it to find his friend. To his surprise he ran into his friend brock, who was chasing yet another girl and once again, got shot down. Eventually after a few events, ash found himself face to face with yet another one of team rocket's giant Pokemon dawn sex hot and once again, ash found himself spitting in the face of caution, leaping on the robot and climbed up after his small rodent friend.

All the while, behind all the chaos and laugh of the terrible trio, he kept hearing this voice, calling out to him in worried and surprise. Ash didn't get a good look at the girl as he made a beeline to the massive mecha but he did catch a flash of blue hair. Even when he was climbing up the robot, he kept going back to the color blue. Strange thoughts to be having while climbing the side of a giant robot. After freeing his friend, ash was happy to send them on their way with a well placed thunder bolt, leaving ash, brock, pikachu and the girl who seemed to have protect pikachu in his stead.

After dusting himself off, he finally got a look at the girl Pokemon dawn sex hot what happened next was something that never happened to ash before: he was speechless. This girl was pretty.

On the outside, he and her were making small talk, but on the inside, ash was taking her all in: her Pokemon dawn sex hot blue hair that seemed to flow out of her head like a waterfall, covered with a nice white cap, a pink scarf around her neck, Monica santhiago big cock black top, simple but it suited her, a pair of pink boots with black knee high socks but the one thing that he noticed was her eyes.

He had never seen anything remotely close to the blue of her eyes. It was like he was looking into the Pokemon dawn sex hot, clear and clean, just begging for someone to dive into. Then she told him her name: dawn. It fit her like a glove. She almost glowed like the dawn of a new day. It would be very fitting saying as it was the dawn of a new chapter Pokemon dawn sex hot his life.

Ash and dawn seemed to click almost immediately. He found her easy to talk to, a great listener and in some ways, he saw a little of himself when he first started out. She had loads of confidence but clueless on Big tits beautiful women things, like how to catch pokemon. Not that he minded when she asked for his help. In fact, he enjoyed it. And then their were her little quirks.

How she was a bit obsessive with her appearance. He remembered how she nearly bit his head off when he wanted to come into her tent. Apparently she suffered from a bad cause of bed head. Hair care was the last thing on ash's priority list. He'd normally just roll Pokemon dawn sex hot of bed and just slap his cap on his head and that would be it. Not dawn. She never let either him or brock see her until she tamed her hair Pokemon dawn sex hot the morning.

It wasn't long before she found out that her Pokemon dawn sex hot bubblebeam did a good job at taming her hair and of course, he was the first person to Pokemon dawn sex hot the results. She twirled around in front of him, letting the morning sun sparkle on it, giving it a heavenly glow. God, he loved that hair, but you'd never hear him say it out loud.

They had their fights, like he Pokemon dawn sex hot with misty and may but they were never very bad, usually ending with both of Indian desi sexy stories making up a few minutes later. He hated fighting with her, and so did she. Even Xx bp simrana boobs pokemon hated when they argued, almost like children who hate when their parents fought.

It almost felt like their pokemon where their kids. Pikachu adored dawn, as did the rest of his growing roster of pokemon and he in turned loved her pokemon.

But what really sealed it for him was her first contest. Ash's experiences with Pokemon dawn sex hot contests were limited to the contests he saw may in and the one he was in before the two parted way.

He certainly didn't know that in sinnoh, coordinators dressed up in costumes. So he wasn't expecting dawn to come out in a pink and white dress. Just when he thought she couldn't look any more beautiful, she had to break out that dress.

At that moment, Pokemon dawn sex hot was official: ash was attracted to dawn, very much so. But what to do about it?

Should he act on his attraction? He certainly didn't want put their close friendship in danger by trying something. Not to mention, Pokemon dawn sex hot was unsure how dawn felt about him.

He knew she admired him and was probably his biggest fan and supporter.

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