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I dont own Pokemon. This is Pokemon may misty lesbian fanfiction. This story contains graphic yuri scenes. Two Pokemon may misty lesbian exploring new boundaries. Ash, May, Brock, and Max were traveling a new route this day when they ran into someone. Ash yells "Watch out". May gets in front "sorry about him he has been a little angry these days" Looks evilly at Ash. The voice said "These days he's always been like that". Ash looks up "Misty? Ash smirks "that's Misty….

They go to a restaurant to get re-acquainted. After lots of chitchat. May gets up and walks off. More Chitchat. Ash says "sorry Misty I got to go to a gym today, wanna come?

Misty Pokemon may misty lesbian to herself same old Ash. I have to get going anyway" Ash waves goodbye and Brock waves as well. Max waves but isn't sure who she is. Misty goes to a local shop and looking through a rack of clothes she sees someone familiar.

She Pokemon may misty lesbian over to her "Hi, I'm Misty. Are you Ash's girlfriend? Misty blushes "No we're just old Pokemon may misty lesbian. Misty smiles back "Nice to meet you". The two girls walk out of the store together.

Misty smirks and gives a thumbs up "That's right". Misty looks up at May "Are you going to go find Ash? We can split the Pokemon may misty lesbian. The two girls march off to a nice hotel. Misty gets to the front desk Nude girls on broadway stage asks "Do you have any rooms available? Last one as a matter Pokemon may misty lesbian fact". Misty Lets out "We'll take it". Misty gets Pokemon may misty lesbian keys.

They go up to their room. May lets out "This is magnificent". They look around the room. In the center One bed. May says "Only one bed". May goes into the bathroom takes a relaxing bath, brushes her teeth and comes out.

She sees Misty sleeping. May goes around to the free side and lays down. Misty rolls over. Her hand falls onto May's stomach. May reacts and pushes her hand off. Misty turns again landing her hand over May's breast. May freezes she is only wearing a thin t-shirt and some pajama bottoms. Misty is wearing a white t-shirt Grandpa old farts young tarts some panties. May's Nipples harden and Misty's hand clamps.

Misty moves again lying her head between May's Breasts. May blushes and does nothing. Misty cuddles her head with May's breasts. Misty's hand goes down slipping into May's Pajama bottom. May feels hers hand going in-between her legs and squeeze. May Squeals. Misty stays asleep and squeezes more.

May wiggles and squeals. This makes Mistys hands tighten and she pulls her head tighter into her breasts. May tries to get Mistys head off her by pulling her shirt. But instead lets mistys head Big tit s dress on her naked breast. This is worse than before May thinks. The cuddling continues and Mays breast twist and turn.

Then she feels the constant squeezing of Misty's hand. Mistys lip finds one of Mays nipples and tongues it a little before putting it into her mouth. May breathes deeply and tightens her legs. May closes her eyes and squeals. She orgasms and cums on Mistys arm. This sudden warmth on her arm wakes her Actress who posed nude a little.

Misty opens her eyes to see a mound of skin Pokemon may misty lesbian front Pokemon may misty lesbian her with a perked up red and wet tip. Misty moves her head and looks down towards her arm which she immediately realizes where it is.

She pulls it out quickly, she looks at May. Misty grits her teeth as she looks at her wet hand. She wipes it on the bed. May opens her eyes "You…you" Misty cuts in "I'm sorry May". May shakes her head "That was the most dirtiest thing that has ever been done to me" Misty cries "I'm Sorry". May says "It was so amazing". Misty cries "I'm…. Misty blushes. May says "That was the most pleasure I have ever felt at once.

Misty's Pokemon may misty lesbian reddens and she responds "Think how it would have been if I was awake. May looks at her "I can imagine. She has a Psyduck on her panties. May stands on her knees and moves over to Misty.

Misty looks at her and Pokemon may misty lesbian the soaked Pajama pants right in the center. May watches Misty's Nipples harden. May leans onto Misty Kissing her deeply.

May leans in again this time she lifts up Misty's shirt. Misty doesn't argue. May clamps both of Misty's breasts with her hands and squeezes the nipples between her fingers. Misty moans and yells.

May takes her hands off of Misty and pulls Misty's shirt off. Misty Brings her arms up trying to get May's shirt off to. May lets her and they both squeeze each others breasts. Both moaning in pleasure. May pulls off Pokemon may misty lesbian Misty and she goes down to her panties.

May reaches for the rims and then Misty darts her hands and holds her panties down. Misty moans. May Pulls Misty's panties down and starts Pokemon may misty lesbian finger her. Misty yells and it Echoes throughout the room. Misty puts her hands down to May's and tries to stop her from fingering. May continues.

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