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Matty Rich rolled straight out of Brooklyn after his first film and wound up in Martha's Vineyard, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, for his first Hollywood production, "The Adrienne- joi johnson sex scene the inkwell. That playful term is the nickname for a pristine Vineyard beach, occupied exclusively by wealthy African-Americans inwhen Rich's new film takes place.

Again, as in his low-budget, self-produced "Straight Adrienne- joi johnson sex scene the inkwell of Brooklyn," Rich is concerned with a son and his parents. But the world of "The Inkwell" is about as far removed from the Brooklyn projects as you can get. Spencer Phillips, the uncle and host of the young hero Drew Tate, owns a posh beach house and embraces Republicanism and its reigning president, Richard Milhous Nixon Tiny tits downblouse nipple whose portrait adorns the living room wall.

The most amusing moments in Rich's new film, co-written by Tom Ricostronza and Paris Qualles, come in the escalating battles between the rich, pretentious Uncle Tom, who calls himself Spencer, and his brother-in-law Kenny, Drew's dad, a former Black Panther who still favors rakish dashikis. Glynn Turman, puffing away on his long cigarette holder with an effete air, drolly sends up the overdressed Spencer in a far cry from his student days at "Cooley High.

In addition to his problems with the utterly bourgeois Spencer, Kenny also is going through a period of adjustment with his unhappy, conservative wife, Brenda, played with a sense of roiling disaffection by the Junoesque Suzzanne Douglas. And finding herself in the midst of a pampered sister, chicly played by Vanessa Bell Calloway, and a demanding mother, rigidly acted by Mary Alice, does not make Brenda a happy camper. So the focus falls on Drew, endowed with dreamy innocence by Adrienne- joi johnson sex scene the inkwell handsome Larenz Tate, who resembles Michael Jackson before all of his needless plastic surgery and cosmetic modifications.

At the outset, Tate depicts Drew as a shy loner, distant from his macho dad, and attached only to an odd wooden puppet who Adrienne- joi johnson sex scene the inkwell his confidante.

Both Kenny and Brenda feel that their only child is a nut case, a suspicion reinforced by a recent fire in their garage. The Vineyard visit is designed to pull Drew out of his isolation, but the kid cannot really measure up to his older, hotshot cousin, Junior.

He does fall in with an arty young woman, Lauren Kelly, played with teasing piquancy played by Jada Pinkett. Though it is only May, "The Inkwell" is strictly light warm weather fare, which might be called "The Summer of ' While his first real commercial venture lacks the power, grit and passion of his youthful debut, this time Rich affectionately presents a glimpse of African- American life beyond the dangerous projects and mean streets.

Rated R, this film contains naughty talk, much interest in sex among the young set, fleeting nudity and a sensual beach love scene. John L.

Demps Jr. Running time: minutes.

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