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Views: Share Tweet. Join Alopecia World. Sign Up or Sign In. Any mention of products and services on Alopecia World Breast implants and hair loss for informational purposes only; it does not imply a recommendation or endorsement by Alopecia World. Nor should any statement or representation on this site be construed as professional, medical or expert advice, or as Playboy sherry arnett nude or endorsed by Alopecia World.

Alopecia World is not responsible or liable for any of the views, opinions or conduct, online or offline, of any user or member of Alopecia World. Powered by. I was wondering if anyone here developed alopecia after they got breast implants? I have had what my doctors says is alopecia working on three years now. I noticed that my hair loss started about 3 to 4 months after I got my breast implants. Then it stopped. It started Breast implants and hair loss about 5 months after that then stopped again.

This continued for about a year then it started to fall out more then not. I have read some things saying that breast implants Breast implants and hair loss sometimes cause hairloss. Does anyone else believe that this may be true? Thankyou so much for taking the time to read this, Hve a wonderful day!! Views: Tags: Like. Comment by anita martin rueda on September 30, at pm i thought the same!!

What do you think that the trigger was for you? Porn star sylvia saint nude think that mine screwed up my auto immune system. My entire health has gone down hill since I got them. Not just my hair, but my joints, I have lost so much weight since I got them, and lots of other things.

Do you still have your implants? I got mine taken out to see if I can regain my entire health. One was leaking and there was gunk floating in them and black stuff inside them I have no clue what that is. I have talked to alot of women who got sick and lost there hair and they too have breast implants Some of them have fully recovered once they Breast implants and hair loss them removed.

I no longer have joint pain and I have only had them out for 2 months so I really hope that with time my hair will improve too. Do you have any other health issues? I was perfectly healthy before and my hair was fine before my implants.

If so you might want to check out toxic breast implants. My very first symptom that I was sick from my implants was my hair. I had them for four years. I got a lift when I had them removed and they are little but much prettier then before implants.

If i was you i would just go to the website that i told you about there are so many more also and ask some of the women about what you are going through and ask if they went through it too.

Can I ask what types of implants you had? Surgery can definitely cause hair loss, it's the drugs they use. Keep in mind Alopecia is caused from 8 different genes in your body. Some things in life will trigger it I have heard a lot of concerns with gel implants I think it makes sense that anything "foreign" to our bodies could cause this kind of response.

I think the Humira I took for my psoriatic arthritis triggered this bought of hairloss for me. Then with the stress of seeing one's hair fall out in clumps, we continue to keep our bodies in Breast implants and hair loss vicious cycle unfortunately. I haven't any implants lol but I do think the introduct of foreign substances into our body could introduce this confusion Nude hot tamil outdoor aunty our immune systems.

I'm on a waiting list for joint replacement or Breast implants and hair loss surgeries of my big toes which have been destroyed from arthritis. I am avoiding the replacement and opting for fusion for very reason I'm afraid Breast implants and hair loss having silicon joints put into my feet. My immune system Breast implants and hair loss taxed enough.

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