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We offer a safe, inclusive community for transgender and gender non-conforming folks, Girl wearing maxi pad in panties well as their loved ones, to find support and information. Join today! I've been thinking more lately about my feelings about wanting to be a girl lately and I think I've come up with a good idea for my next possible step. I feel this is a good idea for now because it is something I can do secretly.

I also think there is a chance that this alone may make me happy enough that I won't want transition Girl wearing maxi pad in panties. Honestly, a lot of my desire to change my sex is a desire to wear womens underwear and sometimes I kind of want to experience a woman's monthly visitor.

While I'm aware that there is no way for me to ever be able to menstruate, I feel that being male doesn't stop me from wearing the underwear I want to and at the very least wearing maxi pads for about 7 days a month. Now comes the part where I need advice on making this change. I have in the past attempted to wear panties and pads for extended periods of time, but the longest Girl wearing maxi pad in panties has ever lasted was about Girl wearing maxi pad in panties day.

My main problem is that I also get aroused by wearing them. Obviously, this has to stop and wearing panties has to become to me a normal thing. Does anyone have any advice on how I might achieve this? I've thought about either easing may way in and just wearing panties before introducing pads or just going for it right away and wearing panties and pads right off the bat. Either way, I would eventually get to keeping a period calendar to track when Ru boy ass naked would wear pads for my "period.

So, would either of these methods work for me or is there a better way? Also, what feminine Girl wearing maxi pad in panties would you recommend? Usually I get Always super long with wings and I've found them to be fairly good. I've also wonder if I should also Girl wearing maxi pad in panties overnight pads on hand to wear while sleeping and if wearing pantyliners while not on my period would be a good idea.

I kind of want to use what a typical woman would on her period so a pad that actually works even though I don't really need to worry about leaks and obviously tampons are out of the question for me. Wow, Girl wearing maxi pad in panties is quite a lot. I do hope this in the right forum, but if it is not please move it to the one most appropriate for this topic. Well Chrissy. First, I would recommend that you simplify your goals. In this, I mean, let go of the menstruation part of your experience at this point.

Yes, I do think it is a good idea for you to Girl wearing maxi pad in panties panties as often as you can. The arousal aspect, I would expect to fade away as you become accustom to wearing them. I never had the arousal experience myself. As you become comfortable with wearing panties and wearing them seems as normal wearing the shoes that you wear, the next step to consider is tucking. One thing at a time.

Get used to wearing panties. The next step will become clear to you. There are a number of different styles of panties - bikini, hip huggers, full, and all shades in between. You might Girl wearing maxi pad in panties to look into what style you are most comfortable with. While I happen to like bikini style, I've found that they just aren't that practical for long wear. And of course, there are unisex underwear. My spouse got me several that have no front opening. Try the different styles and see which is actually more comfortable for you.

And as Brenda has said, just give wearing various items, time. Eventually, like so many things that once you begin doing it regularly, it will become normal. Nothing wrong with being aroused, but that's most likely because you only wear them at special times.

So, you can always keep multiple sets, some for daily wear, some for special times. Chrissy - I had the arousal problem as well. I started sneaking into mum's underwear drawer as a very young boy 11? I still hunt for just the right pair in the morning, depending on my mood it's boy shorts, bikinis, or old lady, satin, spandex or cotton.

I might notice them while attending to my business in the restroom during the workday, but it will normalize. There are lots of levels of transgender, I think, I rarely go out en femme, but I have a few times. I'm in the closet to all but Anime lesbian sex porn wife, who knows, is grudgingly accepting a whole highway there, I've probably mentioned it elsewhere on the board.

I realized about two years ago now age 41 that I am a heterosexual transgender, specifically a crossdresser. I've thought about transition, I regularly shave my underarms, my chest, shaved my leg down to my toes and up to my blush this winter, and I love this! Sticking it to the man, in my own private way. It's a good step. I had a similar issue with the arousal thing, at first, but I promise it goes away quickly Girl wearing maxi pad in panties you've been wearing them full time for a bit.

I think it's more of a "I'm excited that I'm finally doing this" kind of arousal, not a sexual thing. It definitely becomes normal, but not in a blah kind of way. It just feels right As soon as I had enough to keep me going between laundry days, I tossed all the old ones out, never to look back again!

Be Girl wearing maxi pad in panties though, it can become an obsession really quickly. I can barely close my top drawer now, and I don't even own any bras yet. I left out that am also wearing ladies jeans and a tank top - not just sitting around only in my underwear. This is a slippery slope topic.

I know there are others besides MTF trans like me - so I have to take that into account. Plus, I did what I thought was cross dressing for 61 years. On the first part, being truly MTF - you discover that clothes simply become 'yours' regardless which part of the store you bought them - ladies or gents. So you wear what ever gives you the affirmation of what you are - and what makes sense. I would never wear boxer shorts, for example, now I wear my girl jeans all the time.

It just doesn't make sense to me. I found the high rise panties fit me fine - and I wear them all the time - and have adequate selection so I don't run out between washings. My biggest problem is not getting them mixed with my wife's mine are a size smaller - and that way Black woman pussy pic respect her Kaley cuoco wonder women property.

I threw out the obviously male briefs and boxers three years before I started transitioning - there are men's briefs that look and function like women's.

Girl wearing maxi pad in panties I went full time - I got rid of those also. Way before, I was always fearful someone would see - not anymore - it is so It's what I Girl wearing maxi pad in panties and what I wear. I also would once wear bras all the time. So I decided to wait until I fill a bra in naturalloy - getting close now - and only wear a bra when it makes sense - usually to keep from showing my nipples. Second apart - the erotic and self-gratification aspect of wearing women's underwear.

It is a part of crossdessing I sort of enjoyed, the secret thrill of it all, but it isn't that long lasting. After a while it just gets routine. If it makes sense to you, then use ladies underwear - if they are a pain to maintain or if you start to feel too guilty, don't use women's undewear. And it won't solve your gender dysphoria.

Underwear is just a part of dressing - and it just happens to be concealable. And that said - I think for me it is an affirmation of what I really am - a woman in mind and soul, changing my Girl wearing maxi pad in panties to match.

Panties are what women wear, so I do. Well, I've gone almost a full day now in panties. After the initial feelings, it is starting to feel more normal.

In fact, I don't know as I feel any different of person wearing women's underwear instead of mens. I think I'm still going to try adding maxi pads to what I normally wear, but I don't think that I'lll worry about trying to emulate the whole monthly cycle thing.

I think I'll just approach them like I am panties and just try wearing them for a few days until it feels normal.

If I decide that it doesn't feel right or that I don't like it, I can just simply stop. I don't Girl wearing maxi pad in panties if fuy transitioning to fully being a woman is for me as I do kind of enjoy a good mix of masculinity and femininty. This just feels like something I can do to add a little femininty to my everyday without having to go percent. What ever works for you and whatever makes you feel right, is the most important thing. I started out wearing panties, Chrissy.

No male underwear for me. After that it was a bra. I was aroused in the beginning but things settled down. Now, I am a transgenderist. Actually, I want to be a girl full time personally, i can't mix- I just Brazil sex nude manand yes, ive always had the desire to experience periods, especially with the tantalizing sanitary pads.

And, with panties, the arousal comes. Because its an amazing feeling, that's why. I've since dropped the idea of having a period, because from my girlfriend, I know that it is a horrific time indeed.

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