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Harley's origin was, for years, identical in the comics to the one seen in the Batman animated series. Born Harleen Quinzel, Harley's mother is a somewhat harsh, but forgiving lady, who constantly calls Harley evil and compares her to other heroes. Harley's younger brother is a dead beat with children from at least two different women and still lives in his mothers house.

Harley apparently sent him several large sums of money to get his life on track, but he squandered it. Harley's father is a criminal con-man, known for swindling women out of their money with his charm. Harley states that the main reason she became a psychiatrist was so she could understand why her father did what he did to their family.

She came up with a theory about being in love having similarities with being a criminal. About, how far can someone go for love and decided to Harley quinn cosplay strip naked her boyfriend, Guyas the test subject, pretending that she had committed various crimes, such as murdering a teacher, to Guy's surprise.

Thinking he was looking out for Harley he shoots an innocent man Harley quinn cosplay strip naked him to be "murdered" professor who hadn't died yet.

And she does, for love, disguising the murder as a suicide. Traumatized by these events, she begins to Harley quinn cosplay strip naked that universe is in a constant state of chaos, like Guy thought.

She represses her feelings of sorrow, and feels connected with the Joker, who believes in some of the same things as Guy, and so finds a job at Arkham Asylum, demanding to speak to him. During the very first session, she shows the Joker her Harley quinn cosplay strip naked insanity, and obsession towards him.

Joker finds this appealing, and Harley helps him escape various times, before eventually becoming his henchgirl. Eventually Harley was caught by Batman and put into a cell in Arkham - she is able to escape time and time again. During the events of No Man's Land she is finally able to escape, immediately choosing to rejoin with the Joker and help him in his crimes.

Later, in another retelling of her origin it is explained that she was a psychology student working part time as a stripper to pay her bills. The story starts off with Dr. Harleen Quinzel working as an intern in Arkham Asylum. She discovered the Joker and quickly became fascinated with his insane motives.

She voluntarily asked for a chance to analyse him. During one of their sessions the Joker tells her about his tragic past and how his father abused him. She gained sympathy for him and quickly fell in love with him. She helped the Joker escape dressed up a the Harley Quinn. So, started her career as the Joker's sidekick. Later, Harley finds out that everything the Joker had told her was most likely a lie or scam.

He was deliberately telling her what she wanted to hear to endear himself to her. This is something that Joker does to Harley all throughout their relationship. She knows this and continually tries to leave him but like an abused spouse, she just keeps forgiving him and runs back into his arms all the time. Of course Harley gets her license revoked when her superior Joan Leland finds out she is the one who released the Joker.

Ever since the beginning of her relationship with the Joker, Harley has played a very submissive role. She has often been used and abused by the Joker to the point where her life has been threatened on several occasions. Yet she remains faithful to her man and stands by him Harley quinn cosplay strip naked things go wrong. Quinn's relationship with the Joker is one of the most complex and twisted love affairs in comics.

As with all people, Joker is abusive and Nude pictures without showing face towards Harley, but just as often there's evidence of camaraderie, playfulness, and affection towards her.

She's the only person who's managed to become intimate on such a long term basis with the Joker and, while he generally accepts their relationship, we even see the Joker's occasional moments of confusion and discomfort which results in attempts to kill her.

She was originally only intended for the episode " Joker's Favor ," however she became so popular over night that she made more appearances on the show and it's various spin-offs and movies. There she first appeared in The Batman Adventures issue 12 Harley was inspired by actress Arleen Sorkin, largely due to her character wearing a jester costume in an episode of Days of Our Lives. This is where Dini got some of the ideas for Harley's costume and personality.

The show even got the actress Arleen Sorkin to voice the character in the show and history was made. She became so popular in fact that DC decided to bring her over into the mainstream DC universe.

This Harley Quinn however lost some of the characteristics that made her so popular on the show and she was written as a much more psychotic dark character than she had been in the DCAU. Harley's career as the Joker's sidekick consisted mostly of her being where he could not. He used her less recognizable face to get into places he could not so he wouldn't get arrested, and she was also usually a sort of field leader to Joker's henchmen when Joker himself decided to sit out on whatever they where doing.

She was trusted with the intimate details of most of his plans, and as stated earlier, was also often betrayed by Joker when he needed a scapegoat. After a while Harley got fed up with Joker and set off on her own. She even started a gang of her own that didn't last very long due to many or all of the gang being killed shortly after it was formed. She also teamed up with Poison Ivy and had some run-ins with Thorn and Harley quinn cosplay strip naked. With the changes Harley quinn cosplay strip naked to the DC Universe by the launch of The New 52 following the events of FlashpointHarley has undergone further evolution, with a new look, origin and history.

The architect of her changes being Adam Glass. The arc introducing set to introduce the new origin of Harley Quinn, which, according to the series' writer, is set to have a deeper psychological aspect to it, not necessarily changing familiar traits of the character, but Harley quinn cosplay strip naked more to her mythos.

Glass has also expressed his belief in Harley being more than just a support character. Most notable changes has happened to her wardrobe and general design, with the color scheme of blue and red replacing the most well known black and red combo. Her hair is now exposed, and changed to a half red and blue color, replacing the blonde.

Overall her design has been heavily criticized for lacking familiar elements of the quirky clown, sacrificing her usual character qualities for sex appeal. The main issue with the new look is mostly agreed to be lack of jester appearance, which has initially been Harley Quinn's namesake. The only justification to Harley quinn cosplay strip naked change from Bruce Timm's classic design given has been that "People liked her look in Arkham Asylum".

No real further comment was provided. Harley's origin was tweaked. She remained a doctor at Arkham Asylum where she "treated" the Joker, but knew from the get go that he was lying to her.

Regardless, she still fell for him, and when she found out that her superior was stealing her research for a book, it drove Harley to help the Joker escape. Joker would bring her to the chemical plant where Batman caused the accident that Harley quinn cosplay strip naked his skin, deforming him, and throws Harley into the same chemicals, causing a similar effect on her.

Joker decides he doesn't like Harley's presence and shoots her off in a rocket. Harley crash lands at Robinson Park, where she meets Poison Ivy. Ivy originally saved Harley but recognized that she was Harley quinn cosplay strip naked of the doctors at Arkham. When Harley woke up Ivy planned to Harley quinn cosplay strip naked her, but when Harley did not care what Ivy was going to do as she was upset, it made Pamela curious. Ivy convinced Harley to tell her what her problem was.

After Harley told Ivy about everything, Harley quinn cosplay strip naked and Harley became instant best friends and Ivy vowed to help her gain her revenge for what Joker put her through. She was so angry at the Joker that she even teamed up with Batman to help bring him down. She chased Joker up the building while Batman took care of his henchmen. Harley was ready to kill the Joker, but when he apologized to her, she forgave him right away and they made up with a kiss.

Ivy is angry at Harley for getting back with Joker, but eventually forgives her. Harley and Ivy have a sisterly-like bond and Ivy is usually the one Harley goes to when she and Joker have a break.

He orders Harley to kill all his former henchmen, and she abides with no questions asked. It is later revealed that he plans on killing her too, as she is another connection to his old life. Batman steps in before the plan can go as it's supposed to and the two duke it out. Eventually, a heartbroken Harley shoots Joker in the shoulder, allowing Batman to get the upper hand and take Joker back to Arkham Asylum. One year Harley quinn cosplay strip naked Infinite CrisisHarley was in Arkham and was trying to get out the right way.

She was kidnapped by Scarface and the Ventriloquist who offered her a deal to help them both get extremely rich. Harley agreed and proceeded with the plan, however, out of respect for the older Ventriloquist, Arnold Weskershe calls the police instead. Batman arrives and they both foiled Scarface's plan and after that, Harley went back to Arkham.

The next day she was free to go with the vote of Bruce Wayne. After a brief run with the Secret Six, Harley decided to call it quits, and joined the Metropolis branch of the Athenian Women's Shelter, which is secretly a training facility for future members of Granny Goodness 's Female Furies.

There she meets up with Holly Robinson, a former stand-in for Catwoman. The two become friends, and end up working under-cover for Queen Hippolyta, who was trying to discover the truth about the false Athena who is training "Amazons" on Themyscira. On Apokolipsafter Mary Marvel frees the imprisoned Gods that later grant her power, Harley demands that she and Holly get something too for everything they've done.

Thalia is amused by Harley's feistiness and grants her a small portion of the cunning of Thalia, the Muse of Comedy, seemingly appropriate because of Harley's past. While returning to Earth, Harley's powers vanish. Much later, a supposedly reformed Harley finds herself back in Gotham Cityafter receiving a large sum of money from Catwoman Selina Kyle for her aid in dealing with Hush. Harley ends up living with Ivy, who is slumming in the apartment of the Riddler. Ivy takes Selina to their home after rescuing her from a crazed super villain wannabe named Boneblaster.

After seeing that Ivy has brainwashed the Riddler in order to get him to be Harley quinn cosplay strip naked while they use his place, Harley arrives with many shopping bags.

Selina sees first hand what Harley has been doing with the large sum of money she gave to Harley. Ivy and Catwoman bring up the Joker, and Harley insists that she is over him, but she is not very convincing at all.

Seeking to make a name for himself, Boneblaster followed the girls to the apartment and attacks them. Harley, Ivy and Selina defeat him easily, but the apartment is destroyed in the process. Back in Gotham City Selina obtains a new living space in the form of an abandoned animal shelter and invites Harley and Ivy to live with her, stating that girls like them should stick together as a gang.

Harley and Ivy agree, but first they drug Selina Harley quinn cosplay strip naked ask her to tell them who the Batman is.

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