Mobile vs. Online Betting Explained

mobile and online betting

There are many punters in New Zealand that beg to ask the question of whether betting on mobile is better than betting online, and it is a tough answer to answer considering everyone has their very own preferences.

Some people choose to bet on both mobile and online platforms, using whichever one suits them at the time, while there are those that are firmly for mobile or online betting sites.

More recently though, there are those that have argued that mobile is the future of online betting and therefore insist that it has to be better than betting on an online platform.

Probability and Mobility

Much like the name implies, mobile betting is performed off of a portable device like a smartphone or tablet, thus allowing players to access them from any place in the world with an active internet connection.

Online betting sites, on the other hand, can only be accessed from PC’s or laptops, and in spite of the fact that laptops are in fact portable, they are a lot harder to carry around, set up and use than mobile devices are.

While online betting sites may have brought winning opportunities right into the homes of New Zealand punters, mobile casinos and sportsbooks have put them in the palm of their hand, literally.

online betting devices


When it comes online betting, whether on sports or on casino games, the available options differ between online and mobile. While mobile often gives punters the chance to bet even more as they can do so from just about anywhere, mobile betting is not always the best option for those looking for a bigger selection.

Mobile platforms often offer a far more limited selection than their online counterparts, with mobile devices often having little memory space to make room for a collection of games.

Speed and Accessibility

Game speed in greyhound betting is generally faster than that of their mobile counterparts too, especially when punters expose themselves to exceptionally fast internet access.

Mobile devices require punters to download a game or alternatively use a phone’s built-in internet connection which often results in some issues, such as buffering or dropped connections.

Thus, as much as a laptop may take longer to set up and access, time could be saved with the lack of time lags and connection issues that come with online betting.

User Experience & Interface

One of the benefits that come with online betting sites is the fact that they come boasting far bigger displays due to the larger screens that they are presented on, which would essentially mean that the graphics are often better than on mobile devices.

However, with the latest smartphones and tablets appearing in stores today, the quality is quickly catching up punters in New Zealand have been able to see increasingly better visual displays, with the screens on mobile devices increasing in size as well.

It is tough to determine which is better between online and mobile betting, but one thing is for sure, both have proved exceptionally popular choices for New Zealand punters.