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I SEE naked people. It is because looking at naked people is part of my job. Twice a year for a month or so I find myself spending a great deal of time backstage at fashion shows. And few other settings come to mind in which observing or standing alongside or quizzing people who are wearing next to nothing is an occupational Picture interviewing Chad White — a model from whose torso statues could be cast — as a makeup artist strokes bronzing gel on his thighs, and the odd dimensions of the task become clear.

What is strangest, perhaps, about this particular form of employment — for which there is no comprehensive job description — is that being around rooms filled with unclad women and men is anything but stimulating. At least this is true for people in the fashion business, who are either puritanically decorous about nudity or so involved with clothes that often they can barely see the naked limbs for all the glorious weeds.

And it is true for me. And it was plenty exciting when once, in a backstage scrum, Helena Christensen brushed against me with her breast. Still it must be said Nude fashion models changing backstage, as in pro-sports locker rooms and on pornographic-movie sets, after a while you stop being shocked.

Blanks remarked in Paris last week. It is certainly true that the atmosphere at most fashion shows is weirdly unerotic. It may seem strange to say so, but even in a season like the one just ended — during which designers offered sheer blouses, peekaboo skirts, dropped crotches and bared breasts — sensuality seemed far from central.

The parts that were revealed seemed no Nude fashion models changing backstage than the parts that remained covered.

Nakedness was less provocation than another design tool. Zimmermann said. There were makeup teams and hairdressing teams and manicurists and pedicurists. There were house photographers assigned to capture the atmosphere, fashion photographers assigned to capture the clothes for Vogue, beauty photographers who sell their images to the wire services.

There were public relations people wearing earpieces and black suits. There were the security men known informally as les cravates rouges for their red ties. There were modeling agents and bookers and boyfriends and hangers-on and minders. There were the models themselves, of course, and it is probably worth pointing out that every person in that room had some kind of camera.

But it happens. Fairer said. They are imperfectly secured by the red ties in France and the house bouncers in Milan and the black suits hired to police the Bryant Park tents. Nude fashion models changing backstage, referring particularly to photographs of the teenage Lolitas currently much in favor — girls like Karlie Kloss, a St.

Louis native who is one of the big success stories of the season, and who recently turned Kloss said, as she waited before a show in Paris for her turn with hair and makeup.

View all New York Times newsletters. Roslyakova leapt from her chair, chased the woman into the street and tussled with her until she deleted the shot. As Ms. Kloss said that, as if on cue, the Polish model Magdalena Frackowiak wandered into view in a G-string and with her arms modestly wrapped around her bare torso.

Frackowiak, who just turned What is the point of being prudish, as the model Chad White once told me before a Duckie Brown show. Nude fashion models changing backstage the time, Mr. White was barefoot Nude fashion models changing backstage wearing a postage stamp bikini.

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