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He has encountered many such cases during his voyages. Here, he will write more about being nude in the jungle. The state of nude is natural to many native people around the world. The clothes are welcomed as a protection against the cold and other elements, including insects, it could also be cumbersome. But, even in civilized place, I have witnessed that being naked is nothing to be ashamed. I remember paddling on a Nudism family girl nudist river in west Madagascar.

After a hard day on the river, scorched by the sun in our wooden canoe, we have finally landed on a nice sandy beach. It is almost savannah, with scattered trees and lots of tall grasslands.

The clouds were already red and yellow from the Nudism family girl nudist sun. As we were pitching the camp, the people from the nearby village came. They were clearly peasants, poor, but proud. They greeted us and we greeted them. Older women started washing the clothes and dishes, while a group of young girls entered to take a bath.

They were around 16, maybe older, it was difficult to guess. Their slender, wet bodies glistening on the red sun Nudism family girl nudist darker than the milky brown river. I was astonished by their beauty, but more with the confidence and the total absence of the shame.

Such a scene is literally unthinkable in a western society. Ok, besides nude beaches and camps. This scene was so warm, not only from the pleasant evening and warm tones from the sunset. It was the scene of harmony with nature. I saw many times Nudism family girl nudist children happily swimming into the river —, not only Nudism family girl nudist Madagascar but also from Hot wife flashing pussy, Africa, Latin America.

It is a natural way, the human body Nudism family girl nudist the water is so harmonious, liberating with nothing sexual in it. Top 10 nudist beaches in Europe. Naturism in the jungles. Being nude is normal in many cultures, not surprisingly, mostly in tropical regions. Hot and humid climate discourages clothes. Amazon Indians are a prime example, but primordial naturism is everywhere. Share on social media:.

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