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Extra Big Dicks: Osiris Blade is in the warehouse bathroom stroking his big cock when Aston Springs accidentally walks in on him. Osiris Blade and Chandler Scott are in the locker room when Osiris discovers he forgot to bring his towel with him to take a shower.

The scene opens with Jorden Michaels in bed writing in his Sex Diary. Fade out and into him and Osiris Blade in bed together naked and making out with each other. Hans Berlin and Osiris Blade have been chatting online swapping pictures of their cocks. Hans has been extremely curious about being fucked by Osiris next door ebony blade BBC.

Osiris shows up to his Osiris next door ebony blade since he only lived about twenty minutes from Hans. He pulls it out and Hans is even more excited. Hans begins to suck on the massive meat and it slowly begins to grow bigger and bigger inside his mouth. As it grows to full length he can no longer deep throat it but he still tries his best. Even Osiris next door ebony blade Osiris has a huge cock, sometimes he likes to take it in the ass.

Then Scott fucks Osiris again with his own cum. This is a hot scene! The night shift at the old theatre downtown can be a creepy time to work.

Osiris Blade is on duty tonight. He can feel someone…or something, watching from the shadows of the ornately adorned interior of the historic building.

Osiris waits in the dark to catch a glimpse of the phantom. Just at the right time, Osiris flicks on a stage light, illuminating the mysterious presence.

Osiris Blade is in his massage studio getting ready for his next client when he hears a knock at Osiris next door ebony blade door. Alan enters the room and they discuss his needs for massage and areas on his body that needs special attention. On this occasion, his good buddies, Bam Bam and Dylan Henri happened to show up to hang out.

Osiris pulls out a deck of cards to inspire a playful attitude and enjoy some friendly, competitive fun. Caleb King has given himself to be toyed with at the mercy of Osiris Blade, dungeon master. Caleb loves to be harshly treated, bound by restrictive clothing, and of course, fucked in the ass very, very hard.

Osiris Blade is interviewing Sean Duran for the new office assistant position that just opened up. Sean is multitasked and wants to show Osiris how great he is at his new job.

As Sean is taking notes of certain procedures that he must follow Osiris begins to walk towards Osiris next door ebony blade while pulling on his cock which is beginning to bulge from his pants. Osiris Blade is one of the hottest, hungriest cocksuckers around and handsome Theo Ford loves to get his thick cock serviced.

The two studs are a match made in heaven. Marxel Rios is horned up and he has no other means to satisfy himself except to call in for an escort. He tells the operator that he wants the man with the biggest dick they can offer. He heads home and eagerly waits for his big dick escort to arrive. Search Blog. XXX RubHim! Recent Posts. Recent Comments. OMG Blog!! Articles Featuring: Osiris Blade. Read More…. Join the Newsletter I want to receive news and special offers from WayBig.

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