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We are always more than happy to comply! And what was his verdict on the taste of his birthday choice? We just keep producing and producing, then freezing and freezing. Before these snowbirds head south to escape the dreary months of January, February and March in Indiana, we make sure each family has 3 dozen soft pretzels with spicy cheese dip.

This is the reason we buy 50 pounds of high-gluten flour and 50 pounds of all-purpose flour about twice a year.

The whole house is filled with a wonderfully pleasing aroma no perfume could ever duplicate. The aroma of baking bread always reminds me of the times when I would open the back door to our first house and the smell of just-baked bread would greet me. Mamma would have bread cooling on top of the counter and pots and pans covered the top of the stove. He loved seeing those pots and pans because that meant mamma had been cooking. He loved anything that mamma made. In fact, when they initially made their plans Soft pretzels with cheese dip come to American, they thought about opening a restaurant.

Who do you think would have done all of the cooking??? Soft Pretzel Ingredients, 2. Pat dough out, 3. Form 2 loaves, 4. Cut each loaf into 8 pieces, 5. Twist the ends once, 7. Boil the formed pretzel top side down first, 8.

Flip pretzel and boil bottom side, 9. Brush with milk and sprinkle with pretzel Soft pretzels with cheese dip. She had such a natural ability. But do you know what is really incredible?

We are both so comfortable working together in the kitchen. The recipe for making the soft pretzels is not difficult. There a few steps but once you get the hang of it it comes together easily. One of the secrets of these soft pretzels is the rye flour which gives the pretzels flecks of color and an earthy flavor. Including the all scientific explanation would be TMI.

The oven needs a steam pan. Pretzels are always best eaten hot! Oh yes, and better to dunk them in the spicy, creamy cheese dip. This is a wonderful family project. You can easily teach the kids to roll and twist the pretzel to form the shape.

This you can make as spicy or as mild as you like. They are easy to make and keep on hand. Make several batches, they freeze beautifully. Please do not use content or recipe without prior written permission.

If you want to share the information, please link to this post. Save Save. Oh my gosh I wish my mum would send home all these lovely baked Hot cheating wife fucking with me when I come to visit!!

These are gorgeous! My friends would devour these on game day, especially with that spicy cheese dip! Yours looks amazing, and I definitely need to try it. Love that your son chose pretzels over cake!! I would choose these soft pretzels over cake as well! I am so amazed at how much baking you do! That sounds amazing and how lucky your family is to get to enjoy all those amazing baked goods including these Soft pretzels with cheese dip Hi, Shannon!

We do like to bake but better yet is look on our kids and grandkids faces when we give them most of what we bake. Happy Sunday!!

These would make such a great game day appetizer and I love Soft pretzels with cheese dip you added a little Noelle easton pov xxx to the cheese sauce! Thank you, Kathryn! We really enjoy making them for the grandsons. I have Soft pretzels with cheese dip to make pretzels and it is on my list. Maybe this post will jumpstart my action. Hi, Ben!!

I wish I could buy flour in bulk like you do. This is such a great recipe, my family really enjoys soft pretzels, so if I make this for them it will be such Soft pretzels with cheese dip treat. I have been looking for a good excuse to buy the huge blocks of velveeta cheese from my grocery store, now I have the perfect reason to get it. I think i might even use this cheese sauce recipe on my fries… hope I am not breaking any rules…lol!

Hello, Lois! And there are no steadfast rules to the cheese. Soft pretzels with cheese dip may even eat it with a spoon if you wish!! Its like you what I plan to do already, I have a small jar and a cute little spoon that will make it so easy to eat this cheese sauce like yogurt… looking forward to it! It is so good! And Lois, we even put it on baked potatoes, dunk French fries in it, et. The possibilities are endless!

You Soft pretzels with cheese dip making me crave for pretzels. I have no made pretzels in years, worth yet I have not eaten pretzels in years. Definitely saving this for later.

My only warning is, Veena, that once you start to make pretzels the family will demand that you keep doing it. Homemade Pretzels!!! Your post brought back memories of the first time I had a pretzel, almost 13 years ago on my first US trip. Hi, Ashima! Well, now you can make the bread at home. Just a few steps and you have delicious pretzels for yourself!! I love homemade bread…. Hi, Gloria! They are Soft pretzels with cheese dip weakness of ours.

We love spicy cheese sauce with pizza and I bet it is even better with these homemade pretzels. Hi, Arlene! Before we leave for Florida in the winter — we make several batches for each family. Do you think rye flour can go bad? I would try one batch and see. Give it a go!! Am I right? Love your block and as of today — I follow you. Grazie e ciao, Carina. Ciao Carina!! I am so happy to have you follow! You buy flour the same way that I do, LOL! I have my flour shipped or brought Soft pretzels with cheese dip by travelers from Lehi Roller Mills in Utah.

You amaze me. I can only imagine the happiness and excitement you bring to your family and family gatherings :0 My Littles tried soft pretzels for the first time this year. Thanks so much for sharing with us! Big hugs, Suzanne. As for the pretzels? Yes please!

I love homemade pretzels!!! I think Velveeta is what Spam is in Hawaii.

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