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Cheerleaders can be found on the sideline at a variety of sporting events throughout the world. They are at the high school, college, and even professional level seemingly always ready to lend their vocal support to a team in need. For some, they are incredible athletes, for others, simply eye candy. In pop culture films, they are often portrayed as the cool girls and can generally be counted on to be among the most attractive females on campus.

While this is clearly a stereotype, many people have encountered cheerleaders in real life situations that fit the bill. Conversely, they can also be some of kindest Cheerleader panty crotch shots you will ever encounter. In this article, we will see quite a wide variety of cheerleaders. Cheerleaders, like most athletes or people in generallike to be photographed when they look their best or when they are performing at a high level.

More often than not, cheerleaders can be seen smiling on the sidelines. However, in this particular photo, we can see a variety of different facial expressions. In fact, a couple of the ladies even have their eyes completely closed. There is also a girl sticking her tongue out. That being said, the girl in the middle definitely wins the prize for the best face in this shot. If one attends a cheerleading tournament, they should expect to be dazzled Cheerleader panty crotch shots a wide array of routines.

These routines will often include things like dancing, tumbling, stunting, and of course Although it looks like he might not be Cheerleader panty crotch shots on the right thing in this particular instance. The female cheerleader looks ready to fall to the ground, as the gentlemen holding her appears to be conducting a thorough uniform inspection. In all likelihood, it was probably just Cheerleader panty crotch shots case of a photo being taken at a bad time.

That being said, it still makes for quite the awkward image. Readers in search of the most disgusting photo in the article have definitely found it here. Cheer Fact: While cheerleading is thought of as being primarily an American sport, it has increased in popularity in countries like Australia and China. Coming up with the perfect cheer face can be more of an art than a science. Still, you would think one of her teammates would at least be nice enough to help her fix her hair. Where is the team spirit here ladies?

This is another case of the camera catching someone at an inopportune moment. The film features two squads from different backgrounds battling it out for cheer supremacy. The movie is also considered to be something of a cult classic. There are several downsides to wearing white pants when performing in front of a large audience; this is definitely one of them. Unfortunately, someone took a picture at the worst possible moment. Hopefully, her gorgeous smile will help distract fans from her noticeable mishap.

Cheer Fact: Cheerleading is a sport that is most often associated with females. However, organized cheerleading started as an all-male activity, inat Princeton University. According to the University website, their very first cheer was, "Hurrah! This Dallas Cowboys cheerleader looks way too surprised in this photo. Cheerleader panty crotch shots would have to think she knows, that by standing next to the sidelines, that there is a good chance this sort of thing could happen.

However, the look of disbelief makes for a pretty entertaining photo. It looks like she is okay, which is a positive takeaway. This image proves that cheerleading can be a dangerous sport at times. Cheer Fact: The Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad is one of the most popular squads in the world. This girl has impressive abs, but her cheer face definitely needs a little work.

The expression needs to be fixed, Cheerleader panty crotch shots her flexibility is on point at least. Who knows? With Cheerleader panty crotch shots little work, this girl might have a future in the sport if she can just try a little harder to smile. Cheer Fact: Princeton is credited with having the very first cheer from the stands.

However, the University of Minnesota is credited with having the very first cheerleader who directed the crowd.

This Model young russian boys pioneer was Minnesota Gopher Johnny Campbell. According to Findery. Ski-u-mah, Hoo-Rah! Varsity, Minn-e-So-Tah! That being said, the frightening gentleman on the left makes this photo all the more memorable. That guy looks as though he is ready to quite literally devour his opponent.

Perhaps this fellow is taking cheerleading just a bit too seriously. Cheer Fact: Besides having had the very first cheerleader, the University of Minnesota made history again, by being the first school to allow women to participate in the sport.

This happened way back in These women were still often referred to as chaps or men in their school newspapers. The look of sheer terror on the poor girl's face has been captured for the world to Cheerleader panty crotch shots, in a pic of a cheer-disaster waiting to happen. Cheer Fact: Female cheerleaders rose to prominence in the s. A large number of college aged Cheerleader panty crotch shots men were off fighting in WWII; this created an opportunity for women across the country to participate in the sport at the collegiate level.

By the time rolled around, cheerleading had been largely taken over by female participants. This has to be one of the most unorthodox cheerleading moves ever seen. It almost looks as if the male cheerleader is getting ready to catapult the girl on his back across the room. Moreover, the girl Cheerleader panty crotch shots the front of the photo might not appreciate his tongue so close to her face.

There is definitely a lot going on in this memorable image, as this is one of the more bizarre cheerleading photos you will ever see.

In those days, pro cheerleaders were selected primarily for their looks, though the ability to dance was also a key factor. This incident looks like it was painful for more than a few of the participants Cheerleader panty crotch shots. A cheer-pyramid gone wrong in not a pretty sight as we can see from this image.

The poor blonde girl face plants into the guys below her, who appears to be in the process of dropping a different blonde gal. The female on the right looks to have braced herself, after landing on the girl beneath her.

Cheer Fact: While the Baltimore Colts were the first pro team to utilize cheerleaders Cheerleader panty crotch shots the NFL, other teams would eventually follow their lead. In fact, bythere were 17 professional football teams who had their own cheerleading squads.

This guy looks way too excited to have someone sitting on his head. Even the girl on the right seemed to notice the goofy expression on his face. That being said, the girl being held is actually able to pull off an impressive split. It was invented by a man named Fred Gastoff back in and was sanctioned to be used in competition by the World Cheerleading Association.

Next time you pick up a pom-pom, be sure Cheerleader panty crotch shots pay your respects to Gastoff. Prestige aside, having to lift your fellow squad members requires a great deal of physical strength.

Cheerleaders tend to be short and petite. That being said, the guy in this photo appears to have his work cut out for him, trying to get this young lady on Cheerleader panty crotch shots shoulders. There is supposedly an unwritten rule Cheerleader panty crotch shots cheerleading which states, if you throw someone in the air, be sure to catch them. It looks like three of the four girls were able to make the catch.

This photo shows what can happen when a cheerleader loses his or her focus. While they were able to keep the girl being Cheerleader panty crotch shots from hitting the Cheerleader panty crotch shots, this incident still must have been a tad embarrassing. Cheer Fact: The first nationally televised cheerleading competition in the United States aired back in The University of North Carolina became the event's first champion.

Having a ton of school or team spirit is essential for any cheerleader who hopes to get the crowd on their feet. That being said, it could be possible to have too much spirit. If such a thing is indeed possible, then the gentleman pictured here might be a perfect example. I suppose if one had to choose, it's probably better to have too much spirit as opposed to not enough.

Whatever the case may be, this guy definitely Cheerleader panty crotch shots it to this particular competition.

Cheer Fact: Several Cheerleader panty crotch shots the most famous celebrities around were cheerleaders before they hit it big. Interestingly enough, Bring it On stars Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union both had prior cheerleading experience before making the film. Via Pinsdaddy. Leave A Comment. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to Cheerleader panty crotch shots.

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