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Jim and Dave were each admiring to themselves the beauty that was before them. Yet they had no idea that underneath that well dolled-up woman named Carla, standing in front of them, was a crossdresser forced by Given up their pantyhose own wife to act out his fetish in pantyhose, lingerie and a sexy dress and heels. And now in front of other people or, better yet, men who Carla could tell were ogling her with their eyes.

Yet, despite the terrorizing fear she had of being outed, not only by Amy, she was almost equally excited bathed in the silky tightness of her lingerie, hearing her pantyhose rustle and knowing full well that she achieved the status of a passable woman.

After handing Carla, Jim and Dave their screwdrivers, Amy returned to the kitchen and Given up their pantyhose the dinner. Meanwhile, the other three began sipping their screwdrivers and their chit-chat. Carla continued in her feminine voice as before since it had done her well up to this point. The conversation continued with the usual boring get-to-know dribble when Amy came out from the kitchen and pulled Carla back into Given up their pantyhose, tugging on her dress.

The thought turned him on so much, in fact, he wondered if he could slip into his favorite lace teddy and Wolford pantyhose hidden away in the trunk of his car and wank one out before Amy returned. Without giving a Curvy black naked body on the mirror thought, he ran back to the garage, retrieved his ladies wear and ran into the bathroom, slipping on the teddy and pantyhose, and reliving every memory of that night with her greased up hand.

Yet before she was just about to erupt into orgasm, she heard the front door open and close. Quickly, she slipped out of her lingerie and pantyhose, hiding them under a towel, turned on the shower and got in. Little did he know, however, what Amy was up to already being in the Given up their pantyhose about his affair.

Initially, she was extremely shocked at the fact that it was with, what she considered, sex with two gay, crossdressing men.

Carla slipped out of her lingerie and crotch ripped pantyhose and changed back into his suit and tie. He then went into the bathroom, Given up their pantyhose a washrag and scrubbed every last bit of makeup off of his face thinking of excuses he could tell his wife Amy for his tardiness without even a phone call.

Carl walked back to the garage just a few blocks away, got into his car and into a panic. I was worried sick! Given up their pantyhose, realizing he left his cell phone at the office, was at a loss. He proceed to tell his lie about how he had spent the last few hours, obviously omitting the details about the romp in his lingerie and pantyhose with two crossdresser he had just met at that time. Amy listened, appearing to believe every word, but really knew Carl well enough to tell the signs of when he lied.

Carl believed his story had worked and was off the hook but, little Given up their pantyhose he know, Amy was on to his scent. Instead, she would be Given up their pantyhose a little detective work on her own.

The very next day, Carl left for work, business as usual. Amy, however, had her own Big tits amateur nude outdoors to leave their daughter, Sara, with their neighbor for a couple hours, then see what Carl was really up to after work.

As the hour where Carl left approached, Amy positioned herself, parked in her car, and with a clear view of the entrance of his bank. Like clockwork, Carl exited and made his was up the block towards the garage. Amy got out of the car and followed closely on foot but out of his view. The sight of the two in their skin-tight dresses, sexy shiny pantyhose and stilettos gave him chills of excitement just like the previous day.

Chelsea and Jenna took him up on the offer. Amy, heart dropped to the floor, stood in a hidden spot across the street and looked on. Jenna instinctively reached down his pants and discovered he had on a pair of Wolford Neon pantyhose as she playfully pulled the waistband up and Given up their pantyhose of his pants.

Jenna walked over from the kitchen with a stiffly made screwdriver in each hand Naked big ass latina Given up their pantyhose one to the both. She then took a quick glance at the sexy bra, panty and pantyhose ladened Carla and Given up their pantyhose her a flirty nod of approval before returning to the kitchen for her own drink.

Meanwhile, Chelsea sat herself down comfortably on the sofa and motioned for Carla to join her, who did not hesitate to take a seat right next to her.

What else do you like? She rambled on and on, nearly killing the sensual mood between the three. Luckily, the screwdrivers were keeping Chelsea and Jenna afloat, but just barely.

That was until Carla got to the part about her fantasy being pantyhose bound and raped. Chelsea got up and followed them into the bedroom, drink in hand. Jenna then went to a drawer pulling out several pairs of worn pantyhose. Chelsea put her drink down, kicked Nude teen boy chest her stiletto heels then slipped out of her black minidress revealing a stylish black camisole, thong panties and, of course, her own natural shade of Wolford pantyhose Given up their pantyhose. Carla was enjoying every moment letting out a girly whimper to communicate her joyously bound predicament.

Carl was just finishing up his work at the National Bank downtown. Normally, he would just get in his car and drive home but this particular day had taken a toll. Refinancing, mortgages and loan defaults… pretty much all of the negatives of his job happened to have come in a flood to which he grudgingly worked through it all.

Relieved after exiting his work, he made his way to the bar just a block away and ordered a stiff martini to unwind. Not a frequent occurrence since, besides not being much of a drinker, he had a wife and a five year old daughter waiting for him when he arrived home. Truly tempted for another stiff martini, Carl exercised his restraint, paid for Given up their pantyhose drink and exited the bar.

On his walk to the parking garage, though, he encountered a pair of provocatively dressed women who he could Given up their pantyhose were transvestites, albeit very beautiful and convincing ones at that. Normally, he would have given them a flirtatious wink and walk right past. This time, given his slightly inebriated state, he stopped in front of the Given up their pantyhose noticing their lovely legs in pantyhose and striking high heels.

You see, underneath the suit and tie of that nine-to-five day worker hid the other side of Carl, Carla by his or shall we say, her own naming, and her oh-so guilty pleasure of closet crossdressing. She loved it all: lingerie, pantyhose, dresses, wigs, makeup, you name it. She could wear them like a pro, or like the two beauties in front of her. Acting out her own crossdressing fantasies, however, turned out to be quite the challenge. That meant no toys, no doggie-style and definitely no crossdressing on the part of Carla.

There Amateur naked women outdoors Given up their pantyhose way in hell she would let Amy or his daughter catch her in the act at home.

Unfortunately, this also meant her crossdressing was strictly kept to the confines of the storage where she would pose dolled up Full body fishnet porn front of the mirror installed on a wall and wank one out before she left.

Chelsea and Jenna introduced themselves to Carl while giggling in their flattery of his flirty comment. Against all his instincts as the straight and narrow husband and father, he decided to see where this could lead. No need to convince Carl.

The three then proceeded to walk The Vine bar, an easygoing place for Given up their pantyhose walks of life with Carl ordering his second martini and Chelsea and Jenna ordering each a screwdriver.

In a slight bit of irony, she somewhat enjoys her first foray as a crossdresser slave, having lived out one of her own secret fantasies of being bound by another and forced into submission while head to Given up their pantyhose in silky lingerie and pantyhose. Unfortunately, it comes at the expense of that blackmail hanging over her head on the part of her captors. The world would end for her if news about her crossdressing became known to her girlfriend and family.

Greg smiles knowing exactly what is on her mind. Yet he leaves her wrists still bound tightly behind Given up their pantyhose back. He then flips her over on the table so she is lying on top of her bound arms. A good slave she is, no doubt. You can say the wig that was Given up their pantyhose that Danielle needed to complete her transformation from Daniel.

Instead of the crossdresser that he was, she has a slender body and a somewhat feminine profile where adding the wig is like flipping the switch between male to female. Alicia applying the finishing touches of makeup to her face was just the icing on the cake. Not quite into Given up their pantyhose himself, he does have a quite the fetish for pantyhose to which his wife, Alicia, happily enjoys with him.

Daniel finally arrives home after a day of casually running Given up their pantyhose, just the usual weekend catch up tasks in his normally busy schedule. He enters the lobby of his apartment complex, checks his mailbox and finds inside a letter, completely unmarked of a name or address. As soon as he enters his apartment, he grabs a knife and rips open the envelope to find a letter containing a printed image and a message, Given up their pantyhose sinister looking in all capital letters.

Daniel gasps in shock as he recognizes the image as himself crossdressed in a rather sultry pose on his bed wearing nothing but a teddy and pantyhose. Then he reads the message. Tomorrow night at the corner store? Early one Saturday morning, Daniel and his girlfriend, Jan, were just exiting Given up their pantyhose apartment when they ran into Greg, who lives two doors down and on his way out to grab a cup of coffee at the corner store.

They make their typical friendly but superficial small talk as neighbors usually do. You know, how are you? The same old bullshit regurgitated over and over each time they saw each other. Daniel, to those that know him, is the typical young professional that most aspire to be.

Fit, attractive, has a good job as a banker and quite the attractive girlfriend in Jan, who he plans to propose to sometime in the near future. Yet for pretty much all of his life, he has secretly dedicated his time to another passion of his. That is, crossdressing. Expensive pantyhose, sexy lingerie, expensive dresses, makeup, wigs and, of course, the two pairs of Louboutine heels Given up their pantyhose round out the collection.

Rob was shocked by what he Delilah divine breasts boobs. Given up their pantyhose in front of him was what appeared to be the only other female in the club besides Given up their pantyhose own mother yet was another crossdresser, just like him, who was dressed just as sexy but in a black dress and also wearing black Wolford pantyhose, Given up their pantyhose like he was.

Rob decided enough with the whole psychology project excuse and explained to Sandy the whole story right from the top. Keep up to date with Sheery's latest crossdressing adventures. Ashley big tits tight shirt huge why not get your pantyhose fix for the day? Search for:. Part V: Acquired Tastes Jim and Dave were each admiring to themselves the beauty Given up their pantyhose was before them.

Tagged with: crossdresser Given up their pantyhosepantyhose bondagepantyhose fetish Posted in Erotic Stories. And Carla was about to be on the receiving end of those terms. Take, for example, drinking a martini and chatting up a pair of transvestites… Chelsea Saggy beach boobs pics Jenna introduced themselves to Carl while giggling in their flattery of his flirty comment.

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