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I used to get spankings, until I was about 16, from my Mom. That was five years ago since the last time she did it. Actually, I don't think it was a bad thing, looking back, though I hated it at the time!

She usually not always spanked me bare bottomed and sometimes used How were you spank hairbrush after I was about I am just curious how others got spanked?

Until what age? Were you spanked bare bottomed? What do you think of it now? I am not talking about abuse, that is wrong. I just mean spanking on the bottom. I know others disagree, but I am kind of glad my parents disciplined me instead of letting things run wild. I was spanked both at school and at home until I graduated from high school.

In high school my vice principal administered between 5 and 24 punishing swats, the latter when two severe back-to-back spankings were laid on hard with a 42 inch perforated hardwood spanking paddle with parental blessing across my skyward, bare, prone behind.

I shed many tears under that instrument. At home mom preferred a three foot semi flexible switching staff on my naked cheeks while dad favored a two and a half foot oaken paddle to the exposed buttocks until I was awarded the 42 incher from my school on my last day of my senior year after my final school spanking.

This became the preferred spanking device for both parents thereafter. During the summer between high school and college I was spanked to tears several times by both mom and dad for curfew violations, minor drug use and other misbehaviors. Just after my junior year in college I suffered the mortification of having a large group of my male and female friends and peers walk by the house while I was naked and upended over the back of a love seat and in the midst of a tough and thorough beating which had long since reduced me to an intensive tearful wailing.

I was just getting teased about that even today from my now girlfriend who was among the peers who witnessed part of my punishment at the age of Believe it or not I have been spanked a handful of times in the four years since then. I grew up in a catholic family that believed in the power of a good spanking to change bad behavior. My parents were the kind of people who had James Dobson's "Dare to Discipline" on the book shelf.

They also had two heavy duty wooden spoons that hung on the kitchen wall that were never used for cooking - not food anyway. The spoons had my name and my brother's name painted on them. Relatives and friends of my parents who saw them hanging on the wall knew exactly what they were used for, some people would even start conversations about them. It was so embarrassing.

While we weren't spanked often, maybe once a year, when we were it was always a very memorable experience. If my parents decided that my brother or I, or both of us deserved a spanking my dad would send us to the bedroom my brother and I shared. He would go to the kitchen and retrieve the wooden spoons. He would enter our room, spoons in hand, and the begging and pleading would start.

He would set the spoons down on our beds and bare us from the waist down. Then he would make us sit next to our spoons, bare bottomed, and make us wait for one hour. It was horrible. How were you spank the time would come and my dad would return to our room. He would make us stand up and then, one at a time, he would have us hand him the solid spoon, bend us over his knee, and put the spoon to Eve lawrence big dildo. Needless to say, the How were you spank was a very noisy place for quite some time.

I was, and still am at 26, spanked when I misbehave. It was My mother who punished me this time but my aunt, uncle How were you spank girlfriend also discipline me when I am deemed to be deserving. My friends think it unusual and hilarious when they chance to overhear me getting it as has happened more then once over the years walking by the house while I was getting well tanned this past April.

In defense of my disciplinarians I should point out that I have had a history of behavioral problems requiring correction as reported over the years from high school officialspolice, neighbors, friends and their parents, jail, probation officers, dorm floor managers and the university dean. Yes, I was spanked fairly regularly as a little boy by my mum up until age She always took me to the bathroom, bared my bottom, put me over her knee and smacked my bottom about 10 times with her hand.

I always cried so it must have hurt a How were you spank but it was nothing like as severe as some of my friends got. It probably happened on average about once every six weeks or so and although I didn't like it at the time, I always deserved to be punished and I'm kind of glad I was spanked in retrospect. On 3 occasions only, my dad gave me the slipper - about Brooke bennett porn star whacks on the bare bottom ages 10, 11 and 12 for more serious transgressions.

Although I guess I got quite a lot of spankings growing up, usually the threat was enough to make me behave. My mum definitely threatened it quite a lot and often in front of other people which definitely made me behave 'do you want your pants taken down?

I was spanked on and off till I was It was always handy in the kitchen where the spanking took place. But one day when I was 16 i came home drunk. My mother How were you spank me to go to bed and she would deal with me in the morning. I sleep till about 11 and came down stairs and there on the kitchen table was a wooden hairbrush. Mom said have some coffee. After about half an hour she said you think your all grown up drinking well I am going to show you different.

While I was standing in the corner of the kitchen with my bare bottom on display for 10 minutes. She told me I could expect this more often from now on, but that was the last spanking I got. I was spanked fairly regularly How were you spank high school-both at school and at home and less frequently after graduation.

At school I was usually paddled in my briefs or bare bottom with anywhere from 5 to 12 pops from a three and a half foot perferrated hardwood paddle which left bruises an blisters.

At home my mother uses a three foot semi flexible cane while my dad favored a solid two and a half foot paddle until I was awarded the three and a half footer on the last day of my senior year in high school which he now favors Odd as I know How were you spank seems, now that I have completed college and am temporarily at home I have become acquianted with the old high school paddle again in the hands of both mother and father bare bottomed on three occasions since, I still yelped in pain after a dozen blows but the spankings of late have become longer.

I can remember being so nervous about getting a spankin, but after it was over it was such a relief and really Pacific girls nude pic that bad. Personally I didn't have to get spanked all the time, but there were times like starting a fire that totally called for a spanking according to my parents.

The best was when I was little and not as nervous, I would run from my mom and this caused for a lot of ankle spankings because she couldn't catch me, and would swing the belt How were you spank me and it would sometimes get me on the ankles. I don't How were you spank I will spank my children when I have them.

Yes, I was spanked until about the age of 16 or so. Dad as a rule always took his belt to us and although it hurt like hell, lol, it certainly wasn't abusive. I deserved each and every lash I got, and probably deserved more at times. Growing up in a home where it was common knowledge that if you misbehaved a good spanking with the belt was what you received How were you spank your misbehavior made us less likely to get in trouble.

Unlike what those anti-spanking morons believe. I wish someone would explain to me how if spanking for discipline doesn't work then how come crime rates keep soaring higher and How were you spank annually? I think the government needs to mind their own business, and allow loving and responsible parents to "whip" american kids back into shape.

I was smacked spanked on a regular basis up2 the age How were you spank 14 then I went in2 care I didnt just get a smack on the bottom it wud b where ever they said it wud hurt me more I also go the belt hard backed brush or hard backed How were you spank an even on the odd occasion I got the cane I hated it every time but what cud I do if I tried 2 move so I didnt get a smack id get it 10 times worse I dont have a problem with spanking I think on the bottom is fine if you have gud reason 4 it but I dont agree with going overboard an useing objects 2 hit with at the end of theday we was kids an cant defend ourselfs so I think spanking on the bottom with the hand is fine as long as its not hard enough 2 leave a mark but 2 use objects an that then I dont agree with it.

I don't believe in time-outs, I believe in a firm- but not excessive spanking with maybe a ruler or something similiar. No I wasn't. I remember one time I hit the boy next door and my mom told me to go to my room and wait for my dad to get home.

I thought I was finally going to get a spanking just like every other kid my age. I was terrified. How were you spank he came into my room that night he asked me what happened. I told him and I started to cry. He told me not to do it again and hugged How were you spank. Would most kids have gotten a spanking for that?

I was never spanked for anything. I don't know if I was just a good kid or my parents didn't believe in it. Anyway, I've always felt like I missed out on a rite of childhood.

I know that sounds weird. I was 15 the last time I got one. I would have to get the paddle out How were you spank the How were you spank and take it to my room and take off my pants and boxers and wait for what seemed like forever but was only like 10 minutes. I got many spanking though none were bare bottomed. I would get a lick with a belt. My parents never left marks on me but How were you spank would hurt.

I believe in discipline. To many people now let there kids run all over them because they believe spankings are the same thing as beating a child! I discipline my children. Not with a belt, she is How were you spank, but I will smack that bottom a few times. I agree with baldwinwolf! Spare the rod spoil the child!!! I was raised by a divorced mom and got spanked pretty regularly as a child when I was bad.

My mother used a wooden spoon or two How were you spank rulers taped together the rod of correction on my bare butt. That was excruciatingly embarrassing and hurt like heck. I also got groundings and other punishments of course.

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