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Now I find that Justin's penis is not just a huge distraction but a huge distraction. There are all kinds of pictures of his crotch, especially in sweatpants. Let's have another look. You know what, I don't like this penis. What is it doing? Why is it down there, did it fall?

Where's the rest of it? And why can't he wear underwear? I'm starting to hate him. This looks more Michael clarke duncan penis. Renaldo and Beckham aren't bad either. I don't think we girls like men for their silhouette in sweats or briefs. A man's brain is so important when it comes to real attraction. A hot guy who says something stupid is a waste of hotness. Justin Theroux needs to stop giving interviews so I don't Michael clarke duncan penis to feel worse about him than I already do.

He needs to put up or shut up, with regard to Jennifer Aniston. He needs to stop talking about his clothes. He needs to stop hanging out with Terry Richardson Michael clarke duncan penis he needs to give up that whole biker charade.

Justin Theroux's Bulge. Previous Next. Ben Affleck. I was not impressed at all. Or not, as the case may be. Shia LaBeouf.

The year-old told Playboy the first time he slept with a girl, he put a pillow underneath her to maximize penetration. Enrique Iglesias. Colin Farrell. On the subject of his manhood, the year-old Irish Lothario once said, "Let me tell you, it ain't nothing to fucking write Michael clarke duncan penis about!

Jude Law. For someone with such a tiny todger, he sure gets a LOT of action. The actor racked up some sizable column inches—albeit not the type he would likely want—back in after he was snapped in the nude stepping into a pair of swim trunks.

Nick Lachey. In a uncharacteristically bawdy moment… sarcasm folks…sarcasmJessica Simpson disclosed that her ex-husband "didn't pack too well, if you know what I mean. Johnny Knoxville. The Jackass has compared his less-than-impressive schlong to a light switch and "an egg in a nest". Nick Cannon.

Once Michael clarke duncan penis, a disgruntled ex is the one stirring up the teeny peen rumor mill. Howard Stern. The always self-depricating King of all Media has confessed to having a borderline micro-penis; claiming it is actually the size of a large clitoris.

Ashton Kutcher. When Kutcher first started dating Demi Moore back in the day, his obviously not bitter ex, Brittany Murphy, sniped, "To him, age doesn't matter, and to her, size doesn't matter. Danny Bonaduce. Sorry to shatter your dreams hetero ladies, and gentlemen of a certain persuasion, but…the troubled child star sports a dick the size of a child star. But he sure loves taking off his pants and waving it around. Fred Durst.

The year-old sued Gawker Media after they posted the leaked Michael clarke duncan penis. Ex-wife Kim bitched that Em had a small wang and that he sucked in bed! Dustin Diamond. Old Screech is rumored to be so poorly endowed Michael clarke duncan penis he used a cock double for his revolting sex tape…Ewwwww…just…. Daniel Radcliffe. Bless his little Harry Potter penis!

Yeah, Danny boy…nerves…. Daniel Craig. The junk jury is out on Maybe I shouldn't have said that. How uncouth of me! Mick Jagger. I should know—I was with him for 23 years. Keith is just jealous. Jon Gosselin. The Jon and Kate Plus 8 star was inducted into the teeny peen team back inafter his ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman dished on his dick. Tom Arnold. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnie discussed his package back inbemoaning to French magazine, Oui, "You can't make Michael clarke duncan penis bigger through exercise, that's for sure.

Last and most definitely least, is a non-Hollywood star DUH! The peen was chopped off by a disgruntled doctor during autopsy and has since travelled the world.

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