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Top definition. Pancake Nipples unknown. Nipples on a breast that are at least 10 inches in diameter. Areola or tissue around the nipple of gargantuan proportions, see silver dollars. Not to be confused with flap-jack tits which is a natural phenomenon of pendulous and flabby tits looking like 5 pounds of shit in a ten pound bag see hangers.

That bitch was fine, but her pancake nipples are fucking nasty! Her pancake nipples resembled parabolic satellite dishes. Extremely oversized nipples, typically seen on overweight girls with orangutan titties. When I removed her braPancake nipples naked girl was apalled to see that she had pancake nipples, so I improvized and poured maple syrup on them before sucking on them. Big fat round tribal titties. Joe: Your girlfriends nipples look like a helipad.

Johnny: Yeah I know, she has those big fat pancake nipplesand they are heli-a-good. You asswipe. Nipples that Pancake nipples naked girl often 2 inches or more in size and width usually, once referred to as Silver Dollar Pancake Nipples and then over time shortened to just Pancake Nipples.

That girls tits are Pancake nipples naked girl big she has pancake nipples to go along with the size. Velvet hattrick Nico and the Niners Turtle Time Catamount Phonetically Shaker Boogaloo Boys PCA Roxs

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