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Only kidding there, Burt. Reynolds is actually about six feet tall, weighs around and likes women. Boy, does he like women. His reputation as a hyperactive Lothario has been fueled by rumored romances with everyone from Catherine Deneuve and Lauren Hutton to such non-Hollywood types as tennis ace Chris Evert and country singer Tammy Wynette.

For most of this decade, Reynolds has labored in low-level action films that critics have hated but moviegoers have loved. Reynolds is also a director, and has lately taken a fling at producing his own films. Reynolds has vaulted to superstardom on the strength of his charm and comedic skills. For a man intent on becoming a pro-football player 25 years ago, life has sure taken a couple of funny bounces. I am very, very certain Sally field playboy magazine if not for the [ Cosmo ] centerfold, I would have been nominated for an Academy Award for my work in Deliverance.

Which is why, if I had to do it again, I would not do it again. He was the son of the local police chief. At Palm Beach High School, he lettered in baseball, basketball, track and football, his favorite sport. A speedy, all-state running back, Buddy Reynolds received scholarship offers from 26 colleges and eventually settled on Florida State when its then-head coach, Tom Nugent, pointed out the obvious advantages of attending a school whose student body was 75 percent female.

After my marriage to Judy broke up, I dated a lot of girls, to the point where I woke up one morning and had absolutely no idea who that was in bed with me. After a year of junior college, Reynolds worked in summer stock and then Sally field playboy magazine to New York City, where he studied acting under Wynn Handman Sally field playboy magazine the Neighborhood Playhouse. He then became a stunt man on TV dramas, which led to a Universal contract and featured roles in Riverboat and Gunsmok e.

Following a period during which he played bad guys on innumerable TV series, Reynolds landed a series of his own inwhen he starred in Sally field playboy magazine. Without too much Sally field playboy magazine the way of preliminaries, I followed him out of the house, down a steep flight of stone steps and around back to the pool, passing a garaged Rolls Royce and a Trans Am on the way. Reynolds is built like a tall middleweight boxer, well muscled but thin.

He then lay back in a chaise lounge, spread sun lotion on himself and proceeded to work on his tan. Bruiser, his huge Rhodesian Ridgeback, sat at his feet. I sat at his feet. After a rather stiff first meeting, Reynolds and I wound up talking for more than 13 hours, and the resulting interview will, I think, surprise a number of readers. It provided the opening subject for our interview.

Is it paying off? Yes, I think it is. If you want to be a serious actor, you have to have serious material. Did you want that part? As a matter of fact, Milos Forman, who directed the picture, came to talk to me in Nashville about Sally field playboy magazine, and it was between Jack and me as far as Milos was concerned. If I was trying to prove my sexual prowess, why would I Sally field playboy magazine a picture with my hand covering everything I had?

Were the critics right? Of course they were right! You know, If I were wonderful at playing a one-legged goose, I would get one-legged-goose parts. Let me give you an analogy: O. Simpson was drafted by the Buffalo Bills, and as an actor, I was drafted into certain movies. Other guys were drafted into other types of movies. They had better blocking, better management and better coaching. Because I love them. People are not going to sit around a party intellectually discussing a movie like Smokey and the Bandit.

It is not a monumental, history-making film. I really think it was the chemistry of the people involved and that it was time for somebody to do a C. Hal Needham, my roommate, was the highest-paid stunt man in the world at that time, and he came up with the idea for Smokey and wanted to direct it.

Hal then went to Universal, and they gave him a go-ahead. I had only four weeks available before my next picture, but Hal ingeniously figured out how I could do it in that little time, and after that, we went to work.

And we just improvised everything. And for a country singer, Jerry Reed is phenomenal. Smokey was a Happening, and it will never happen again like that. Would you care to name a few? How about giving us the titles in French? Some of those films are French. I remember that period when France used to send us all these crumpled-up black-and-white movies that looked as if the negative had been deliberately scratched up and jumped on, and I always thought they ran the film backward.

It really was the most popular movie in this town for two years, but nobody thought of it Sally field playboy magazine terms of prestige or awards. The same thing happened with The End. I think they were too busy running around seeing Autumn Sonata or something. Clint Eastwood has the same problem I do: He also has a reputation for making the Sally field playboy magazine kind of movie over and over again. That kind of thing really gets me angry, and it also spreads to the people working with me in a movie.

But people like Mel Brooks thought Dom was brilliant, and on the basis of that film, Dom has Sally field playboy magazine gotten hot. The End shot him into a new area entirely. Did you expect it to do the same for you? I went from directing a redneck Southern picture called Gator —which made back the price of the negative in Georgia alone—to a really dangerous thin-ice film that everybody had turned down for six years.

I think it took great courage to do that movie, but nobody ever mentions that. Are you telling us you directed and starred in The End as an act of courage? Instead of tunneling my way through, I prefer being shot out of a cannon.

Are you referring to the actors you mentioned earlier—De Niro, Pacino and Hoffman? So they keep going back to the guys who hide in their lofts and who come out to act and then go back into hiding. And that really pisses all three of them off, which is probably why they hide. I know Dustin only because a few years ago I went over to him and told him I thought he was the best actor in America.

Anyway, I met him, he was wonderful and charming and funny, and I liked him a lot. They have this mystique about Sally field playboy magazine and they own the New York critics.

I mean, they own them. You know, I think it would be very interesting if the four of us were to have an acting contest. I would like to play Lenny and see Hoffman do W. What do you suspect the outcome would be? To put it another way, I can do bad material better Sally field playboy magazine they can, and I can do good material almost as well, and some of it as well.

I resent it only when Sally field playboy magazine gets a chance to do something wonderful and screws it up. Otherwise, no. Jimmy did it well, so how can I resent him for that? What I do resent is that I absolutely could not get in the door. Do you know Redford? No, never met him. And until I did this interview, I thought I was real smart about me. And I actually get Sally field playboy magazine and I cry at movies and I sometimes have trouble breathing.

How important has The Tonight Show been to your career? The first time I was on the show was aboutand after the first commercial, Johnny Carson asked me if I wanted to be a guest host and I said yeah, mostly because I was too dumb to be scared. How do you do that? By trying to have fun and sometimes by getting people into areas no one connects them with.

And, besides, all those adventures you had with the ladies came before you met her. One Sunday, a friend of mine went out to the nonsectarian church Roy and Dale belong to, and when the service was over, he walked out, saw Roy standing under a tree and went over to say hello. Anyway, the first night I finally hosted the show, well, it was unbelievable. I mean, even today, people still talk to me about it.

What was remarkable about it? Well, when they asked me to do it, I told them to get Judy Sally field playboy magazine, my ex-wife, to be a guest on the show, and they asked me if she and I were still good friends. That night, Judy and I were on for more than a half hour together, and it was explosive, frightening and beautiful. She cried and laughed and made me laugh and it was just fabulous, especially for Sally field playboy magazine, because practically every line she threw me was a straight line.

Anybody want any? I should have known right then. The audience loved her and wanted us to get back together, and there really were a lot of sparks flying.

But then she did a dumb thing. The audience immediately left her—because of Dinah.

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