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Cfnm on the beach gone to the clothing-optional beach near the villa as I usually did -- late in the afternoon, wearing nothing but some suntan oil. I walked down to the water by the front of the house, a rocky area where I lay my towel and beach sandals down, and then waded into the water.

It was cool Cfnm on the beach not cold, and I enjoyed the sensation as I slipped in. I swam with the current towards the beach. It was early and there was almost no one there -- a few families at the near end of the beach, and Cfnm on the beach a large empty stretch.

I saw a pair of girls wearing tiny bikinis all the way at the end of the beach, on two green lounge chairs, and made my way towards them. One girl was wearing a pink one and Cfnm on the beach a green one.

I moved closer, bobbing in the waves--one had a beautifully curved ass, and the other a nice set of tits. I decided they were who I'd expose myself to today. I had always enjoyed occasional clothed female nude male fantasies and walking naked in front of bikini-clad women on a clothing optional beach Cfnm on the beach a pretty safe way to enjoy the fantasy -- as long as I didn't get too excited.

I walked out of the water and up the beach. The heat of the sun Cfnm on the beach good on my body, and immediately began to dry me off. I figured I'd walk up to the edge of the beach towards the bushes like I was looking for something. They had turned over and were now on their backs. One was reading and the other looked asleep, but I couldn't tell because of the sunglasses she wore. As I got closer Cfnm on the beach slowly started to recognize the girl in the pink bikini.

Oh God! It was Kikka, the German girl from dinner the night before! My wife and I had eaten at our favorite restaurant with some friends we'd made a few years ago. They had introduced us to a young woman who had come on holiday from their home town.

She was 21, a student, and traveling after leaving College. She'd really flirted with me the night before. She had been full of that volatile early twenties energy -- and that wild naughtiness that is hot, but a little scary. She had a tight, athletic body which I'd enjoyed looking at, and her attention had turned me on. She'd rubbed her leg against mine at the restaurant, which had jazzed me even more, and I had enjoyed it, and pressed back, but felt bad about it, confessing to my wife later on what had happened.

She'd laughed and told me she'd thought I'd been feeling something, but to enjoy the attention if I ran into her again. It was too late to turn back. I was nearly past them. Best to act natural and then head straight back to the water. The beach was empty at this endthere were no umbrellas to duck behind, or people to look like I was going to join.

I was exposed on the beach, naked, and very likely to be seen by a hot woman I knew! The idea was kind of sexy. Don't think THAT! I briefly thought about trying to go through the grass surrounding the beach. I walked towards the water, a near erection at the thought of being caught by Kikka--she had small, well-shaped tits I could see now.

It had been her backside I had admired earlier. Is that you! Club peter north swallow turned, bending my body a bit to hide my semi-erect state. From last night? She jumped up and ran over to block my way to the water. I saw her glance down and my penis twitched. She grabbed me by the wrist and tugged me over to their towels. I didn't have a towel with me, so I Cfnm on the beach next to Martha stewart nude fakes porn in the sand, which left my penis clearly visible.

Nixie was the one with the big tits I'd noticed earlier. She smiled at me, and I could feel her eyes raking over me as I knelt there, naked. I'd shaved my hair down to a tiny square patch that was only millimeters long -- a thin tuft over my cock, and my balls were bare. They both giggled. I laughed, maybe a bit too hard. I could see the outlines of her labia.

My self control was evaporating. My dick was definitely stiff. Almost hard. She seemed to be reading my mind as she spoke. She smiled at me and looked down at my cock, not hiding her glance. My favorite. And the more I thought how embarrassing it was, the harder I was getting. Oh my God. Your shaved hair makes you all the more exposed.

They knew I liked it! She licked Cfnm on the beach lips and smiled again. I blushed, feeling my face get red. Fuck, they were turning me on. Kikka was feeling my fantasy exactly and I was definitely responding. And had Nixie said it was her Cfnm on the beach She was right. I was hard, in front of her, because of her. I squirmed a bit, shifting my legs, leaning forward a bit to hide it. Kikka waggled her finger at me.

You want us to see, so let us! Enjoy your position! I knelt there in front of the two of them, my hard cock throbbing helplessly. My face must have shown my shock—I didn't think my wife would mind, might actually get a kick out of it, but I didn't know.

Kikka smiled, a slow, cat-has-the-canary smile. Posing would be okay, wouldn't it? And there weren't too many people on the beach -- and most of them on the other end. Both girls stood up and moved the sun loungers into an L shape with the point aiming towards the water and me in the middle of the L. They then sat, one each on the loungers looking down at me, on my knees. What now, I wondered?

I leaned back and Cfnm on the beach my knees wide, feet still together. My cock was totally hard by now and it was totally exposed to them.

I moved my feet apart. Now I was totally open. I did, letting my back arch and my head hang back. Shocked, I looked up, in time to see both girls aiming cell phones at me, clicking away! My cock throbbed harder at the thought -- captured forever by these two sexy hotties. I groaned a bit, but nodded.

My mind whirled, Cfnm on the beach turned Harry potter and hermione porn and mind fucked. I complied, wanting to touch myself in front of these hot girls -- and they wanted me to!

Plus I had no choice -- they were blackmailing me. I took my cock in my right hand and began jacking off. I hesitated. The short strokes let me tease myself by rubbing the most sensitive Cfnm on the beach of my cock for maximum stimulation but without enough time per stroke to easily come.

I groaned and shuddered as I did it, and I could feel the two girls' energy -- Cfnm on the beach that I was torturing myself for them and that they were controlling it. They turned me on too, and it seemed like they could feel that, that there was a connection being made where they were excited by me being excited and me by theirs, looping and looping.

I was silent for a bit, barely able to think straight about her question, and then I though, 'What the hell, they're seeing everything, might as Cfnm on the beach tell them.

She was breathing heavily as she stood right next to me, her waist right at my face level. I could tell she was turned on, her clit looked big and was poking out of her labia Cfnm on the beach bit, and I could smell her arousal. Her belly was moving as if Cfnm on the beach were breathing harder, and her hands fluttered with her bikini bottoms, holding them down.

Nixie stood too and came over.

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