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While she never mentioned Scooter or Big Machine directly, it's hard to imagine she wasn't referring the situation. It's also worth mention that Taylor's outfit at the beginning of her Colts pornstar dave angelo official site had the names of her old albums She opened the set with her new song, "The Colts pornstar dave angelo official site. Swift got huge applause and thanked just about everyone in her life, but no mention about her raging dispute with B.

Our sources tell us We're told there are no plans to meet. Fredro Starr was in the hardcore hip-hop group alongside Sonny Seeza and Big DS for a portion of their rap reign but has maintained the Queens base Onyx with his longtime partner in rhyme, Sticky Fingaz.

Guess what he looks like now at 48 years old! Instead, he played narrator for the show from behind the scenes. As you can see, the visuals were stunning, with most Colts pornstar dave angelo official site on Kanye's choir. We're told Brad Pitt was among the celebs in attendance.

Kanye West 's opera, Nebuchadnezzar, is officially underway at the Hollywood Bowl -- and based on what we can see so far Ye's got his Sunday Service choir collective gathered at the Bowl, as well as singer Peter Collins and the music group Infinity's Song on hand Longtime collaborator Vanessa Beecroft is directing the opera. Early footage we got a hold of shows Kanye bringing the dialogue This, of course, comes after Kanye and his choir put on a stupendous performance last week at Joel Osteen 's megachurch in Houston.

That show went on for 2 plus hours, but there was never a dull moment. It also brought in a record number of viewers across the board. Invite artwork by Nick Knight pic. Ye's opera is based on a biblical story of the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar from the Book of Daniel. He's often remembered as the destroyer of Solomon's temple, who went on to hold Jews captive in the city after taking Jerusalem by siege. The AMAs are in full swing, and while things might look pristine on TV and onstage -- wait 'til you get a load of what the stars are doing behind the scenes Selena, Halsey and even Shawn and Camila were added to the performance lineup just over the past few days -- but everyone will obviously be waiting to see Extreme objects in the ass do her thing.

As we reported Of course, she griped about that recently, claiming Scooter Braun and other Big Machine honchos weren't letting her. That's all been resolved Colts pornstar dave angelo official site though -- Scooter and them gave Taylor's people the licensing rights to her old songs for this performance and any others that get rebroadcast from it -- but as to whether she'll bust out songs like "Shake It Off" or not One thing's for sure Scooter won't be in the building should Taylor decide to unload on him in her acceptance speech.

Kelly allegedly once impregnated Joycelyn and then forced her to have an abortion procedure in his own home Per CST, Joycelyn wrote that by Colts pornstar dave angelo official siteshe became aware that she was knocked up -- going to describe it as "I realized I was pregnant by this monster Eventually, I ended up getting an abortion I was forced to get the surgery done at his house.

On another alleged occasion, Joycelyn reportedly writes on Patreon that she Colts pornstar dave angelo official site R. Kelly "babe" instead of "Daddy" or "Master," and as a result She writes, "He grabbed me and choked me until I blacked out.

Kelly "numerous times" and also allegedly being used as a "punching bag. She also reportedly describes being constantly monitored by R. Kelly's handlers, including during media interviews Joycelyn reportedly says she was once starved for days to rehearse for an on-camera statement. Joycelyn also goes on to describe other women R. Kelly would allegedly bring home that stayed there "just like me, and they were definitely younger then me" As we mentioned Joycelyn's first post on Patreon reportedly described how she initially met R.

Kelly in and got sucked into his orbit. Kelly's attorney, Steven Greenberg, cast doubt on her allegations and suggested she was only out for money by coming forward. Best life. Harry was a visionary and restaurateur ahead of his time, and his contributions, both professionally to our brand and personally to those he worked with, were numerous. Our thoughts and condolences are with his family and friends during this difficult time.

Harry Morton -- the business tycoon and son of Peter Morton -- has died TMZ has learned. Law Colts pornstar dave angelo official site sources tell us that Harry was found unresponsive Saturday afternoon at his Beverly Hills home by a family member.

Paramedics were called, but we're told Harry was pronounced dead at the scene and was then transported to the coroner's office -- where an autopsy is pending. Our sources say no foul play Colts pornstar dave angelo official site suspected at this point.

Harry is perhaps best known as the founder of the Pink Taco restaurant chain, which blossomed on the Sunset Strip in L. He is also part of a very famous family of restaurateurs. His grandfather, Arnie, cofounded the incredibly popular Morton's The Steakhouse chain inand his dad, Peter, cofounded the Hard Rock Cafe empire in Harry worked at HRC for years, and later headed up the business's development wing.

He founded Pink Taco in when he was just He's also the owner of the Hollywood nightclub the Viper Room Colts pornstar dave angelo official site where Joaquin Phoenix 's brother, River Phoenixdied of a drug overdose in Harry bought it in -- it appears he still owns it to this day.

Harry recently made headlines for buying Elvis Presley 's former Bev Hills estate the singer bought the year he married Priscilla Presley. We're told that Harry did not die there though -- he was found at a separate Beverly Hills residence of his.

It should also be noted that Harry was a volunteer sheriff's deputy in and around L. The station says he had dedicated hundreds of hours a year in support of the station's Detective Bureau. In other words, he was big on giving back. Harry dated Lindsay Lohan back in the s.

It doesn't appear he's been married or has any kids of his own. Both of his parents -- Peter Morton and Paulene Stone -- are still alive today. Joe Giudice went from mansion living in a ritzy area of New Colts pornstar dave angelo official site to a holding cell and now He ain't complaining though. The former 'RHONJ' star recently gave a tour of his modest digs in Salerno, Colts pornstar dave angelo official site, where he's currently living as he tries to get back to the States amid his deportation case.

It's a cozy 1-bedroom, but Joe was happy to take fans through every nook and cranny of the place. He's got a bedroom, a kitchen with a tiny table, a living room with a couch and TV, a washer but no dryerand a toilet with no seat and a bidet nearby.

Welcome to Italian living!!! That's not to say that Joe's griping about his living situation -- if anything, he says it's much better than where he was being detained by ICE And besides, Joe lives right next to a gorgeous mountain range. Not too shabby all things considered. It is interesting though, considering what he was used to about four or five years ago The house above is actually one of the Giudices' only properties they kept Colts pornstar dave angelo official site they were in the middle of legal trouble a few years back.

It initially went up for salebut Teresa got to hold onto it in the end. Other properties of theirs were either sold or demolished. Sources with direct knowledge tell us Kim's massive restock release on Wednesday was actually more successful than the initial launch We're told that over a million people were on the wait list for the restock, and that almost instantly Like we said, nearly the entire new batch of SKIMS left the digital shelves like hot cakes, and Kim issued an apology to those who were once again left empty-handed.

We're being told part of the reason it takes a while to get more SKIMS products out to the world is because Kim and co. Our sources say there's plenty more to come from SKIMS -- Kim also released body tape -- and they'll continue to introduce new products. With Christmas quickly approaching, we're told Kim and team are gearing up for yet another massive push, and aren't expecting anything less than a total sell out. Hara was found dead at her home Sunday in South Korea.

Authorities have not released the cause of death Hara reportedly attempted suicide in May and was hospitalized for a time. It occurred after an ex-boyfriend tried blackmailing her, threatening to release a sex video.

Hara's death comes a month after another former K-Pop singer, Sulliwas found dead and authorities suspect that was suicide. Hara joined Kara in She released a solo hit in and released another song -- "Midnight Queen" -- a few weeks ago. Michael Strahan and his ex-wife hired someone to help them work through their conflicts so they can parent better together Michael claims she's abusing the arrangement by engaging in a "pattern of conduct designed to increase unnecessarily the involvement of the PC and to significantly increase the fees charged by the PC.

For example Michael says Jean threw a wrench in their plan for their teenage twin daughters -- Sophia and Isabella -- to attend a Peis sensitive after orgasm in North Carolina, so the PC had to step in and tell her to stick to what they already agreed on.

Michael says another example is Jean being uncooperative in scheduling his visitation with their girls, which again required the PC to intervene. According to the docs

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