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The East has always been the fountainhead of prayer, mysticism and meditation. Ideas like commercialism,…. When a group of nine electronic media outlets agreed that their coverage of terrorism needed….

Imtiaz Gul is a well-known and highly respected journalist who has covered Pakistan in general…. Creativity in learning is about fostering flexibility, openness for the new, the ability to adapt…. Mature pakistani women nude there is….

Victorinox of Switzerland combines practicality and innovation in each product line that it offers, from…. When society is passing through a transitional period, and centuries-old social and cultural institutions are…. The government tabled the much-awaited Balochistan package in a joint session of parliament on November….

Running a gallery in these times is undoubtedly a high-risk venture, yet unless new initiatives…. A group of well-heeled, sophisticated young adults are at a party, thrown by the host to celebrate her upcoming winter wedding. Mature pakistani women nude a quieter corner sits an all-female quarter, aged between 25 and One of them talks about a recent sex survey undertaken by an Indian magazine.

They do one every year, in collaboration with a local NGO. I wonder what the findings would be Mature pakistani women nude they could do one in Pakistan?

Have you forgotten what happened to that poor girl who was flogged in public in Swat. Can you imagine what would happen to anyone who talked about sex in a public domain! But I did read somewhere that Mature pakistani women nude woman was charged with sexually immoral behaviour at least three times a day in Pakistan. Her ustani at the Quran class she had recently attended warned her to not talk publicly about shameful things….

She thinks she is about to faint in pain, it is so intense. Her clothes are stained with red, she thinks she is about to die, what on earth is happening to her? She is about to call her mother, but thinks better of it.

Perhaps Mature pakistani women nude friend Anum can help; she picks up the phone and starts to dial …. The setting is a low-income katchi Mature pakistani women nude in Karachi. Six-year-old Sara wakes up in the middle of the night. Her mother is not lying on the floor next to her, as she usually does. Ten-year-old Hafsa is also watching, one eye closed. Why, she wonders, is her mother being hurt, and why does she voluntarily go to the charpoy? When both Hafsa and Sara wake in the morning, their mother is sleeping right next to them on the Mature pakistani women nude. Neither of them dare ask her if she is alright; she seems perfectly normal, as she always does.

Mature pakistani women nude very different groups and lifestyles coexist in urban Pakistan. All three groups speak different languages, the Mature pakistani women nude English, the second Urdu and the third Katchi. All three live completely different lives — they attend different schools, dress differently, practice distinctively different moral policies and philosophies.

All three, however, have one thing in common — the same outlook when it comes to what, in Pakistan, is still the one taboo topic of discussion: sex Mature black stockings nurses women.

Another report stated that a woman is raped almost every half Mature pakistani women nude hour somewhere in Pakistan. According to interior ministry documents placed recently before the National Assembly, a staggering 7, women were raped in a mere month span betweencoming to a shocking rate of rapes every month. The Punjab topped the list, with a total of Mature pakistani women nude, women reportedly raped.

And these are just the official statistics. But hardly any forum exists in Pakistan to discuss the status of women and their sexual issues, their sexual rights, their sexual health or just simply their Mature pakistani women nude. All this while, neither religious edicts nor preachers condone or encourage silence over any Mature pakistani women nude on sexual rights.

The confusion regarding the topic of sex and the Pakistani woman is evident Mature pakistani women nude their conflicting realities. More specifically, who is the real Pakistani woman? Is she just a pawn, to be used and abused at patriarchal will?

Or does she, in modern day urban Pakistan, enjoy a modicum of liberation and empowerment? From teacher-preacher, fundamentalist icons such as Umme Hassan or Farhat Hashmi and her unswerving disciples, who inspired a generation of women to cover head-to-toe in billows of black, to sassy supermodels, such as Iraj and Gia, clad at select fashion shows in just thongs and a bikini, Mature pakistani women nude images depicting the Pakistani woman, equally as compelling, have been vying for supremacy in urban Pakistan for a few years.

Take for Mature pakistani women nude, the daughter of privilege. Her daytime pursuits include a few select fashion shows, or exercising her toned and exposed limbs at a zealously private club. She works in a bank or a multinational, drinks, smokes, has boyfriends. At weddings, she wraps herself in her latest Indian Satya Paul sari, a garment which was banned in government offices in the Zia era. For more casual dos she dares to bare in always western-wear.

This class of Pakistani woman is out there, and in your face. She is the role model of the young and trendy. She acts in plays commissioned by Pakistani channels with plots of sexual intrigue and adultery. As a model, she struts on foreign and local runways. As a beauty queen, she is the princess of a Canadian pageant. Fashionistas on talk shows Latest naija nudes com lyrical on how they have a right to wear what they want, and that it is for those who harrass them to grow up and accept the change.

Will she talk about sex openly? Is she even informed on issues that affect Mature pakistani women nude sexual biology? The findings of a recent study show that a majority of respondents in the upper crust of society were unaware of the dangers of unprotected sex, which can cause HIV or Hepatitis C. Almost none had received any counselling from their mothers, schools or family on basic biological changes such as puberty, and most felt embarrassed to discuss sex or their bodies openly with a health worker, their husbands or their families.

And according to a leading psychiatrist at the Aga Khan University, a high percentage of women in the elite class are beaten and exploited both sexually and physically.

They have the basic level of education about sex or even basic biological health, such as the changes that occur during puberty, than those in the privileged socio-economic communities. Due to the social stigma surrounding sex and sexuality in Pakistan, there is very limited access to correct information Mature pakistani women nude normal physiology, sexual and reproductive processes, and healthy and safe practices among the educated Pakistani women.

Ask the educated Pakistani woman about what the term sexual rights means and most would link it to sexual needs, preferences or habits. While sexual rights pertain to the right of the woman to make her own decisions about her body including her reproductive capacity, health and right to privacy and informationsexual habits is the term given to the specific types of sexual behaviour, needs are based on libido and preferences on individual tastes.

Mature pakistani women nude is part of being human and, hence, the notion of sexual rights is part of the larger body of human rights. Human rights affirm the dignity, worth, respect, equality and autonomy of all people in all aspects of their lives. Sexual rights do not only mean the right to have sex. They are based on certain ethical principles that ensure a healthy and happy life for individuals and couples. The lack of informed knowledge about sex, given the taboo nature of the topic, and the misinformation that men, women and adolescents receive, perpetuates myths and misconceptions about sex and serves to reinforce messages of shame, fear and guilt.

This can lead to issues such as sexually-transmitted infections, sexual dysfunction, gender-based abuse and violence, including sexual violence. In an era driven by unlimited Mature pakistani women nude of disseminating information, a vast majority of young Pakistani women resort to gossip to answer their queries about their own sexual health.

Mature pakistani women nude so, notes Hadi. Interestingly, she says women from very low income communities have a higher level of sex awareness. Not everyone in these households has the space for a separate bedroom. It was this lack of privacy for sexual activity that caused a higher awareness level of sex among teenage girls in these communities. Women here were concerned about privacy and embarrassment when their own daughters were becoming sexually mature.

Demands for what they termed excessive sex, caused them to dislike and abstain from relations altogether. For some middle-aged women, refusing sex led to desertion. My refusals led to physical violence and forced sex. When I tried to be more Mature pakistani women nude and started saying no to sex on demand, my husband abandoned me for another woman. But I was unable to tell anyone the real reason why I was divorced. In communities where lack of privacy was not an overpowering issue, Aahung field workers find that information about sex and sexuality is almost never passed on from mother to daughter.

The most common response was of fear. So then we asked them if they had educated their daughters about menstruation before time. All of them always said no. Why not, we asked them, did you want them to feel the same level of uncertainty and fear that you did when it happened to you?

The fear was that women somehow would be led astray if they were informed in advance about sexual reproduction and health. The same problem reared its head when we asked women about child sex abuse Mature pakistani women nude if it was a source of concern to them.

Mothers in almost every locality we work with said they knew of at least one incident or one sexual predator. Once again, the answer was overwhelmingly negative.

Not one mother had talked about the issue with her daughter until she was married. And it was never discussed before. According to Sara Khan, a local advertising executive, because it is considered so shameful, women never discuss sex with their daughters. Even doctors, who should know better, embarrass the women who seek their medical help. The first question they ask a woman coming in with a gynaecological problem is Mature pakistani women nude she is married.

However, marital status, for example, does not validate the existence of sexual activity or lack of it, in cases of abuse. Also, girls in this society Mature pakistani women nude not to discuss their sexual history before their mothers-in-law who often accompany them, which means few of them seek out professional medical help.

Researchers Rafat Hussain and Adeel Khan of the school of health at University of New England, Australia, conducted a study in two low- to middle-income areas of Karachi.

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