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German culture is perfectly open to public nudity. I disrobed twice—once in a German spa and again in Berlin's Tiergarten for some Nude women in berlin sunbathing in Berlin. Travel has done some tremendous things to my life. Traveling for so long and to so many new places has certainly transformed me. It continues to push me to try new things—which keeps my life exciting and interesting.

New things as simple as trying yoga for the first time or eating Sudanese food. Or, like I tried for the first time in Berlingetting naked in public! An article from YoungGermany. Germans prefer to be nude in the Nude women in berlin. German culture as a whole has no problem with nudity. Nudity in the sauna is not about sex, but about relaxing and health. Everyone else in the spa was naked and Nude women in berlin one seemed to care.

So after maybe 30 seconds of initial worry I was quickly over it. Not over it enough to frolic naked around the spa, but enough that I was comfortable. Nude women in berlin feeling fresh off my nude spa experience, I took my bike and found a nice Nude women in berlin corner in Tiergarten to disrobe. It Nude women in berlin quite comfortable. There were probably a few sketchy people around, but I was focused on Nude women in berlin my book and trying to look as sexy as possible without attracting any attention.

And yes: I used sunscreen! Health is important, yo! So that concludes my first naked experience in Berlin. Follow me on Instagram for my silly selfies and other photos from around the world: instagram. Looking for a place to stay? I use HotelsCombined. Please note some posts do make me some money but I never sacrifice my integrity in exchange for a favorable review. Read the full disclosure policy.

Sign up for exclusive destination guides from the trendjetter bi-weekly digital magazine. Nude women in berlin on you for fitting in with Nude women in berlin local culture! Not something I would be comfortable doing — even though it is so accepted and normal here in Germany — also in the changing rooms and showers at swimming pools for example. Sandy In Berlin. Pingback: The Tiergarten andBerlin.

Hi Adam, im in berlin and Today o looked for a sauna bath and the only one Personals erotic services seattle found was closed, tomorrow Ill try to go to tiergarten and i want to know the spot on there i can do it, bcause the park is huge!

Im from Brasil and Ill stay in berlin just for 2 days. Hope u can go with me. Cheers Fernando. Very nice! I love hearing about getting out of your comfort zone! I was only there for a few days, and I wish I knew!

My boyfriend and I had our first naked in public experience at Burning Man festival. Funny enough! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to reading more of your articles! Good on you, Adam! Interesting to read about your experience — mostly interesting due to how, well, Cute young girl strips for boyfriend it is!

But interesting in how such a thing that would be a big deal in other countries read, our home countries is just, well, life in Germany. Very interesting, Tom! And thank you, this explains a fair bit about Nude women in berlin German I dated.

Once in a while we need something like this. Although this should be done in certain places like in Germany where it is very open to stuff like Nude women in berlin. I did not know nudity was so accepted over there.

Thumbs up for public nudity! I stumbled onto one years ago with some friends and we were all pretty quickly weirded out. I remember reading about this before though. Good for you for going one step beyond normal travelers to fit in with the locals! Sorry we missed each other, too, Suzy! And amazing that you did it again so easily and without shame. North America needs to take note and loosen up a bit.

Thanks Cheryl. Well done! It looks like fun. Funny to hear about the sauna culture in Nude women in berlin, I thought it was only a crazy Finnish thing. Booooys… you know. Oh man — I know about the crazy Finnish nudity culture, too. Funny stuff. I always thought it was a very Scandinavian thing, but was surprised to learn about it in Germany myself. Keeps life interesting! Get a robe and join a Nude women in berlin Getting naked in Berlin German culture is perfectly open to public nudity.

Why did I get naked in Berlin? Getting nekkid! See all those pale white folks sitting in the open lawn? I was naked. Read more of my Berlin stories hereor check out my free travel guide to Berlin here. Yes, please also send regular blog updates!

Follow travelsofadam on Instagram. This would have been so funny but also an amazing experience. Armands Balodis. So you were standing in the fountain naked while reading book? LOL adam — bravo!! Emme Rogers Roamancing. Good for you Adam! Very confusing sometimes :P. George Barley.

Scott - Quirky Travel Guy. Ha ha ha! Otherwise congrats on taking the plunge! Hahaha Giulia — that is so true! Definitely plan to check out a spa here soon. I could use a mini-vacation :. Hey Sara!

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