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Gender discrimination in sports has long been a controversial topic due to unequal wage, unequal viewership, and unequal opportunities between men and women. Unfortunately, gender discrimination is still an issue in the 21 st century. However, we strongly believe that we, collectively, men and women, can do more about gender equality supporting the promotion of women in sports. One of the essential conditions for Sexual descrimination sports australia effective exercise of human rights is that everyone should be free to develop and preserve his or her physical, intellectual, and moral powers and that access to physical education and sport should consequently be assured and guaranteed for all human beings.

This means that women still have fewer opportunities to play sports and are paid meager sums as compared with the wage of men. Doing so, they will discover such great names as Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Ana Ivanovic tennis playersSimone Sexual descrimination sports australia gymnastDanica Patrick racing car driverand many more. Looking into statistics and bringing examples can help us understand how to eliminate the root of inequality in sports.

Statistics have proven that women in sports are generally ignored and are given very little importance when it comes to media coverage. Second, the lesser viewership ultimately leads to less advertisement and sponsors, which on the other hand results in a lesser pay. Hopefully, this unfair treatment towards women in sports will gradually become a rare phenomenon.

It hurts to say that even in the 21st-century Sexual descrimination sports australia gap is still a BIG issue.

Women still earn less than men, even when they have similar levels of education. The wage gap in sports can be explained by a zillion examples. According to Forbes Magazine, the U. Everything looks all right here until we compare this victory to the U. When it comes to women, tennis is by far the most money-making sport for female athletes. In fact, all grand slam tennis tournaments have paid male and female champions equally since Wimbledon begun doing so in According to Forbes Magazine, the gender wage gap for coaches is extremely high as well.

What did the Sexual descrimination sports australia of Olympics mean by this statement? Perhaps he wanted to say that women are too weak for sports? Whatever he meant, one thing is clear and indisputable.

Even though there are famous female weightlifters, boxers, swimmers, basketball players, etc. However, the data available suggests that women derive many health benefits from participating in sports.

Girls and women who play sports HAVE:. Simply put, physical activity and sport can enhance the mental, psychological and spiritual health of girls and young women. So girls, if you have decided to become a sportswoman do not give up on your dreams. Girls never lose their beauty because of sports. On the contrary, they become even more gorgeous, sexy and confident. Surf the internet and find the photos of Sex image of aliya player Maria Sharapova, soccer player Alex Morgan, basketball player Skylar Diggins, cross-fit athlete Camille Leblanc Bazinet, another tennis player Eugenie Bouchard and many others and you will understand what we mean.

Lilit is an avid translator, content writer, and editor. Lilit holds Sexual descrimination sports australia in Linguistics and Translation Studies. This idea was suggested by an Indian economist and Unfortunately, in many cases, women are mistreated badly and very often the role of a woman is being underestimated.

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