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I appeared on the cover of PlayboySpain edition last August. I think everyone and their mothers know about that if you live in Indonesia. Lets just get that fact out in the open. Now, I have this Mastech power supply schematics for a reason and one of them is to be a medium for my voice for matters that concern me most.

This is one of those moments. Tiara lestari playboy naked have been asked by a Tiara lestari playboy naked number of Indonesian media about two things: 1. How do you Tiara lestari playboy naked about Playboy being published in Indonesia?

How do you feel about potentially appearing as the first cover of Playboy Indonesia? I respect Playboy as an internationally known publication.

Everyone from legendary Marilyn Monroe to Pamela Anderson to Madonna to Cindy Crawford have benefited from their professional relationships with the magazine. I have made a personal decision as a model to also follow that route last year. This decision certainly wasn't popular in my own country. Heck, it was a huge disappointment for my parents too.

I regret that part of it. For that, I am sorry. For my parents who I love very much, and for them aloneI have made another personal decision to not pursue that line of work anymore. Being on the cover of Playboy Osiris next door ebony blade be considered peak of any model's career.

As they say, "Been there done that. My appearance was never intended for consumption Tiara lestari playboy naked Indonesia. How many Indonesians do you now read Playboy Spain? My pictures circulating on the internet happened without my being consulted. I do not have rights to those pictures.

Not offending my countrymen was one of the criteria of my decision making process in appearing in Playboy Spain. So now we are going to have Playboy Indonesia. It's hard to imagine a magazine with a very specific and uncompromising character published in a country where the same character is considered taboo. Why I ask? I am just a model, but when people ask my personal opinion about Tiara lestari playboy naked Indonesiathat would be my short answer.

I mean really, what kind of content adjustment do they need to make so Playboy can be accepted by Indonesians? Not gonna happen. If you were to put gado-gado in McDonald, they would probably call it Mac-Gado-gado. Whatever content adjustment that is planned for Playboy Indonesiait is still Playboy magazine. Should Indonesian Government stop Playboy from appearing? Especially if Playboy Indonesia already have legal documents to publish the mag. Should Indonesians who are unhappy with having Playboy in Indonesia voice their opinions?

I am proud the fact that IndonesiaTiara lestari playboy naked many cases, can be considered more democratic than even the US.

Heck, we vote our President directly, Americans do not. So let us debate without hurting each other. Be angry using our voice instead of Tiara lestari playboy naked fists. You don't like Playboy in Indonesiaspeak with your wallet. Don't buy it. So, should Playboy be in Indonesia? In my personal opinion, I do not believe they should until TIME magazine started to write about Hollywood celebrities only : How do I feel about potentially being on the first cover of Playboy Indonesia?

Just like my pictures circulating on the Internet I do not have rights of my old pictures, so they can requests Tiara lestari playboy naked pictures without my approval. If Playboy Indonesia ask me to be on the first cover, I will humbly decline such request. There ya go.

PS: Teman-teman press Indonesia, untuk tambahan, bisa dilihat disini. As an Indonesian girl, you have a unique personality Kamu tidak mau tampil di Playboy Indonesia?

Saya harap itu bukan keputusan final. Tiara,you are Hot sexy lesbian seduction a walking contradiction. Been there done that yes woman we comprehend but how an impression left. I mean personally respect your personal choice in life and hell ya but the world is so small not everything could be deleted even nudees of you will be fondly remembered i say.

There was a line in all choices and as long u Tiara lestari playboy naked hit the wrong nerve. Modelling is short lived but if u could prove many of the masses who had misinterpret since Playboy Spain bet u still clean the stain that linger.

I agree with u. Tapi bangsa ini tetap Indonesia. I've trackback, check this here. I have read in the press that the publisher has agreed to do without any nudity in the Indonesian edition of Playboy as they respect the fact that Indonesia is a Muslim country and its people generally have very conservative views concerning pornography.

If they won't shoot you in the nude, will you still decline to appear on the Indonesian edition of Playboy? Hi Tiara, Where did you get the idea that Americans don't vote their president and vice president? They heve been voting their presidents since a long time ago while Indonesians have had just started 2 years ago.

Don't get me wrong, I said this not because I am not proud of Indonesia, Tiara lestari playboy naked really am. I just want to Skinny japanese girls fuck some facts, that's all.

Greetings from NYC. You have a beautifull Heart. I Respect your choice, but you also respect other Indonesian's view about nudity. Sorry OOT, Map dibawah cukup mengganggu karena menurutku itu view untuk visitor www.

Sorry kalau tidak berkenan Tiara, nudity or no nudity, I'd love to see you on Playboy again. All the best. And thanks for linking to us. They can't fool us though, we know what's under those bikinis, right fellas?

Indonesia needs another one of these vapant rags like I need testicular cancer. Guy from NYC, American people don't put their president in office, the electoral college does. I love reading your blog, but for the love of christ man, are you still all wound up because Tiara didn't link back to you way back when?

Quit being such a trite little crybaby. Everyone, Thanks for all your comments. And I do mean ALL. For me, this whole thing simply Tiara lestari playboy naked down to two things: 1. My Personal Opinion about Playboy Indonesia. Hell, what do I know I'm a just a model : I do know that censorship is wrong from any point of view. You see the way I run my Blog; people can say whatever they want to say.

Even the stupid ones…. I cannot wait until Playboy Indo launches I am sure millions other horny Indo muslim men feel the same. Indonesian girls than Tiara. Tiara who?? Tiaraif Adam Yurman never discovered you and posted your photos on www. I don't look at you as Playboy model, but you were just one of "click to pay" model on website Tiara lestari playboy naked miliion others.

Once adam Yurman finds another hot Indo girl, she will be just the same as you Saya yakin majalah tersebut akan masuk juga ke indonesia cepat atau lambat ciri manusia indonesia ,harapan saya cie You have a lot of weight on your shoulders! Tiara lestari playboy naked wanting to offend your parents and your countrymen. I am an asian-american that grew up in the US so I understand the conservative nature of asian parents, Tiara lestari playboy naked I am not familiar with living in a conservative country.

Personally, as a parent, it would be difficult to see your child nude on the cover of a magazine, but if they truly love you, they should get over it. As to your countrymen, well, you can't make everybody happy as you go through life. It is impossible.

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